David August
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David August

Bozeman, Montana, United States

Bozeman, Montana, United States
Band Americana Acoustic


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"Linda Alexander, Weekly Music Columnist"

August is a solo singer, songwriter and guitarist. He plays a pleasant mix of folk, rock and pop, something comparable to the Goo Goo Dolls in style. Many of his songs are high energy and loud, but there are some that are more quiet and thoughtful.

--Linda Alexander

- Idaho State Journal


Waiting for Tuesday, LP, 2005, on CDBaby.com

Out of Place, LP, 2007, on iTunes and CDBaby.com



Hi, I'm David August. I play music that I feel is meaningful. Sometimes I look back and realize that what I wrote was selfish and cliche, sometimes I look back and wonder if I could ever be that good again. The best compliment you can give me is an open ear and a sincere critique. I play music because it allows me to express myself; I play acoustic because it feels good in my hands. I split my time between scientific books, a beautiful girl who is way out of my league and my unquenchable craving for more and better music. I've spent my entire adult life (and a long time before that) caught in the clutches of this precarious love triangle and I don't believe that I shall ever escape. To choose between them would be to sell my soul; and what is a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his soul? Not much my friend, not much. But I guess this is mostly about music so... I perform solo acoustic. I play in bars, back yards, coffee shops, theaters, street corners and other venues wherever, and whenever, the occasion arrises. I play folk/rock/roots music with as much energy as it takes to make your ear prick. I am influenced by many modern and not so modern performers but most of all by the raw emotional state of being that is experienced by normal people, children especially, who are lucky enough to to still have feelings. Life is the deepest, most entertaining thing that there is and I try to write in a way that reflects that. I am quite aware that attending a concert or listening to a cd is an investment of ones life that can never be returned, and I take that very seriously. If you come to my show and you feel like a human being when you leave, then I've accomplished my goal. If you leave feeling as if your time investment was not worth the return, my sincere appology and I pray that the good Lord may extend your life long enough to make up the difference.
--David August