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The best kept secret in music


"In Hollywood Hills, a magicians' meeting grounds"

Nestled in the Hollywood Hills and accessible only to invitees and initiates, the Magic Castle has become hallowed ground and home to magicians eager to make their name.

The castle was born out of the vision of Milt Larsen, a television executive whose interest in magic inspired him to revitalize a fading Victorian mansion into a private club for dabblers in the arts of illusion.

For those who can get inside, the Castle boasts three distinctive theatres, a séance room, trick doors and surprises hidden in every corner. A "Close-Up Gallery" is the smallest showroom dedicated to the art of close-up magic while the two other theatres: the Parlour of Prestidigitation and Palace of Mystery, provide performance spaces of different themes for budding or professional magicians to showcase their work.

Members of the Castle’s Academy of Magical Arts can invite guests to dine, drink, and watch performances at the Castle. Guests are welcome to watch any of five magicians perform per visit.

Up-and-coming magicians like David Blatter consider performing at the Castle an honor. Blatter, who begins a two-man show on Aug. 30, will be standing on a stage once graced by the greats like Johnny Carson and Steve Martin.

“I know I’m standing on the shoulders of giants,” said Blatter. - Southern California Public Radio


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"Thank you so much once again for the SPECTACULAR show . . . You were awesome!"
-Theatre Unleashed

"David, you were amazing. Thanks again!"
-National Walk Manager, Lupus Foundation of America

"This guy is a really funny guy, performing mind bending magic and comedy . . . I'm here to tell you, he mystifies." -Through the Rabbit Hole Producer and Comic

"Thank you so much for coming out and donating your energy and talent to our camp!
The kids were absolutely captivated by your magic skills as were myself and many of the corps members.
Your personality and energy were awesome entertainment for everyone!"
-Operations Director, Camp City Year

Born and raised in the midst of Los Angeles, David Blatter was bitten by the entertainment bug early on. Since he was six, David has had a passion for making people laugh at his absurdist brand of humor and exaggerated physicality.

His obsession with entertaining audiences has made him into one of the most exciting and interesting performers of today’s new generation of magicians.

David has smashed the stereotype of the “Birthday Party Magician” by making his show not only baffling, but more importantly, entertaining beyond expectation.

What David lacks in rabbits and ruffled shirts, he makes up for with raw personality that bites into the audience’s funny-bone and constantly keeps them on their toes for what happens next.

David is exactly what the world of magic has been looking for to re-inspire the public’s interest not only in magic, but in live entertainment as a whole.

David Blatter lives on the stage, and is, quite simply, an infectious live personality.