David Bowden

David Bowden


Structured stream of consciousness songs, imagined confessions set to music with various colours, sometimes acoustic with strings, often not, melodies sung into mobile phones turned into multitracked masters by memory.


David lives in the upper Blue Mountains west of Sydney in Australia. He writes & records at his own studio. He previously recorded & released material as space remains & now uses his own name. He also has been known to write poetry & the odd shopping list. He spends a lot of time on trains wearing headphones. His influences are many, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, The Church, Beatles, Eno, Scott Walker, Jacques Brel, Nick Cave,



Written By: David Bowden

Have you ever tried to measure
the colours of the evening sky,
the number of leaves
that the autumn thieves
or the pain
of that last kiss goodbye?
& have you ever really wondered
as you try to outstare the sun
why magic springs
from the silliest things
& how love leaves you
nowhere to run

But people like you & me girl
were just born out of our time
& if I never see you again
at least keep this thought on your mind

You're beautiful
You know that
You're beautiful
& good
You're beautiful
You know that
& if you don't
you should

& have you ever imagined my love
as you lie awake on your bed
how the stars in the sky
are for just you & I
& that distance in all in your head?
& have you ever comes to a crossroads,
been made to choose black or white,
only to find
that what plays on your mind
is how both were 100% right?

But people like you & me girl
always have mountains to climb
& if things should ever get you down
let this thought stick on your mind

You're beautiful
You know that
You're beautiful
& good
You're beautiful
You know that
& if you don't
you should

My Love It's Late

Written By: David Bowden

My love it's gettin kinda late
& I've got too much on my plate
but I believe in fate
tomorrow & the world will have to wait.
Oh baby can't you tell
I've fallen deep under your spell
The way you look, that fragrant smell
Is the magic there for you as well?

I'll sever the connection
Wth the troubles of my past,
Break the shackles
To that brutal mast,
Throw it all away
Well aware of what it costs
& I'll know exactly what it is I've lost
In order to be free

& though the night's not all that young
It's somehow barely just begun
The promise on the tip of your tongue
Has put me in the mood to succumb
But you remind me of a song
That's over quick & lingers long
& though I'm hopin that I'm wrong
Tonight I'm happy just to play along

& I've waited half a lifetime
A little more can't hurt
& the wilderness your eyes suggests
No man should desert
& this warmth will surely compensate
For any future loss
I'll be smiling as they
Nail me to the cross
Convinced I'm really free.


As Space Remains - Telepath (EP) & a track on "Multiplex" a tribute to Bill Nelson.
As David Bowden - "Monday - Radio edit" is available for download from main ISPs worldwide via the Orchard (from forthcoming album "Invisible People")