David Boyles

David Boyles


From looping solo to slammin' 4 piece, db brings his exotic blend of Southern-Fried Soul with passion and style. Always humble and hungry to play, db respects the stage he's on, or the corner he's in...


This is always the hardest part...rooted in North Carolina, loved the Hip-Hop, dug the funk, went to school (literally and culturally), came out cookin' up my own blend of Southern-Fried Soul.

My music is a connection to the experiences that I've had with people and places, which move me at my core.

After I moved to Venice CA, I produced my first independent cd release "Bedroom Demos"on a 2-track M-Box in my (wait for it) bedroom. Vocal tracks done in the closet, panty-hose pop-stopper, the whole nine...The cd was picked up by DIAA/Domo records in 2005 and got the attention of Columbia Music Entertainment in Japan.

In 2005, I signed with CME and released the cd "Thank You", which, combined with the "Bedroom Demos" import, sold 23,000 copies in the first six weeks and yielded a #1 record at Tower and HMV stores throughout the country. The record also produced four top-ten singles to radio, with two tracks "Sunshine" and "Thank You" reaching the number one position. "Southern Fried" my latest offering for CME, was released in September 2006 with "Home to Stay" debuting at number 21 to radio.

Recent placements for my music include penning the title theme for MTV's "Becoming", and "Good Thing" featured alongside Coldplay on NBC's "Scrubs"


Independent Release "Bedroom Demos" 2004
Imported by DIAA/Domo in Japan in 2005
Major Release "Thank You" CME 2005
Major Release "Southern Fried" CME 2006
New Independent release "egoZentric" coming soon...

Set List

"Typical" set list varies with every room and performance requirement. I play a different set for 10 people than I would for 100, 1000, or ten thousand. It really is about the venue and the people in the room. I've found one of the most important things to consider for a great night is the vibe in the room, and how you can take it and make it work for everyone...what I give is typically a reflection of what I'm given.