David Boyles

David Boyles


Organic Hip-Pop, baked in Southern-fried Soul


In a current pop climate that is chock full of sampled music and copycat artists, North Carolina native David Boyles breathes life into the music universe with his organic funk, spinning stories that draw the listener in with a spiritual, sexual, and original flare.

Boyles is a multi-faceted artist - he began his musical career singing in church choir. He played drums in high school, then went on to study music at Western Carolina University, majoring in jazz bass performance with a minor in jazz guitar.

His self-produced demo showcases David's versatility; writing, producing, and playing every instrument on every track, the cd is a never-ending journey through thought-provoking themes and genre-breaking sounds.

Like some of the contemporaries before him that he lists as influences (Prince, D'Angelo, Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder), David Boyles has a style that cannot be instantly categorized. A sonic hybrid of R&B, funk, reggae, acoustic, and soul all mesh together to create an atmosphere so vital that people keep coming back for more, as evidenced by his frequent sold-out shows at the Hollywood House of Blues.



Written By: David Boyles

Verse 1:
Would you like to be
alone in sympathy
to waste away the day
or would you let me stay
and we could both pretend
our love will never end
let me dream …

But all the dreams that we knew
seem to all be confused
with insecurity
and all the days that we’ve wasted
acting cool and so jaded
can we redefine our storyline again?

Verse 2:
I’d pay at any cost
Relive the moments lost
to see your face again
Feel your embrace, my friend
so come on and dream with me
There’s no place I’d rather be
than with you here right now …

All the dreams that we knew
seem to all be confused
with insecurity
And all the days that we’ve wasted
acting cool and frustrated
Can we redefine our storyline again?

Verse 3:
How great our lives would be if you were here with me
this life has got to be
one of God’s great mysteries
Without an end in sight our souls united
But I’m not sorry
for the silly things I’ve done
there’s a place under the sun
for the good and for the bad
Damn, I’m glad

Good Thing

Written By: David Boyles

Verse 1:
Take a trip inside your mind
to another space in time
where our souls align
As the spirits travel through
feelin’ me, feelin’ you
What a natural thing to do

Ya know, we got a good thing goin’ on …

Verse 2:
Now you’re workin’ nine to five
just to keep that dream alive
and to keep me high
but that’s OK for me right now
it’s temporary anyhow
just let go and allow

I never felt a feeling quite like this before
I wanna see you baby, walk right through my door
After you come inside, I take you straight to the floor
We both know what’s in store
Girl, if I could kiss you
I could make your lips quiver
You could be the taker
I could be the giver
If I was a bed
would you be the cover
you could be the either
I could be the other


Written By: David Boyles

Verse 1:
On Sunday I slept ‘til the afternoon
Monday morning came way too soon
up and off to work in a purple haze
Tuesday goes by without much to say
Wednesday, got to get over the hump
Thursday night I met a girl with some junk in the trunk
gonna take her out Friday to my favorite spot
whatchya got, baby doll, ‘cause I got a lot
to say about the state of affairs in which we live in
everybody keeps on takin’
what they need to do is be givin’ back
to the cause of universal law, ya feel me …
but let me get back to the subject at hand
Here’s the plan; how’s about me and you
takin’ it back to my place for a quick rendezvous
we can frolic there together ‘til the morning comes
or at least until you do …

Saturday is a perfect day
ain’t got no one to get in my way

Verse 2:
In case you’re wondering how the night went,
we spent most of the time massaging one another’s minds
Stimulating conversation of the purest kind
No pun intended, hydroponics tells the right time
but speakin’ of time, we lost most of it
but I don’t mean to boast about the many ways we played
as the night faded away
believe me when I say she learned a few new tricks
I learned a few new licks that I added to the mix
but enough about this, let’s talk about that
the cat in the hat with the fattest sackajaweeda
Anything that you need, you just let me know
have no fear the weekend’s here
it’s time to find a party, let’s go …

Set List

Set lists vary according to the venue; can play for 20 minutes or 6 hours - he has dozens of original songs in his repertoire. An occasional cover tune is usually in the set. Covers include: D'Angelo "Brown Sugar", Prince "Kiss", Beck "Nicotine & Gravy"