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David Bradstreet

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Misc. Press Reviews"

"Songwriting is a dedicated skill, and having honed that skill over three decades David Bradstreet continues to produce wonderful vignettes that are extremely enjoyable to listen to. But that’s not quite enough to be considered for the Golden Quill award. One also has to have written memorable songs, songs that linger in the mind, songs we can all go back to. Like Renaissance, a Valdy hit that he penned in the 1970s. He has done a mountain of work writing music and songs for TV and Films as well as for commercials."
- Steve Fruitman, The 17th Annual Porcupine Awards - 2006

David Bradstreet - Lifelines - "More Great Stuff - Music to Hear"
“This independent CD is a mix of acoustic ballads, folk songs and jazz/blues-layered numbers recorded live in Toronto.”
Canadian Living, September, 2006

"David Bradstreet just keeps on getting better like fine wine!! His voice seems to be at it's best ever and he left them wanting more! He was not just a performer, he was an "entertainer" with the strength and presence to invite the audience to sing along for the occasion. Also - his new songs were very strong indeed!"
- Jim Marino, Freewheeling Folk Show / CFMU Annual Benefit Concert, 2003

"David Bradstreet is an engaging reminder of the best of 1970s acoustic folk-rock. It ("David Bradstreet A&M sp9026-CD") sounds surprisingly fresh 25 years later, and via the Internet, it has become a classy collectible."
- Greg Quill, Toronto Star, 2002

"It's interesting to hear Bradstreet in the late '90s. Though his songs haven't changed in theme or texture, it's easy to detect the influence his music has had on later artists like Jane Siberry, who in turn influenced current diva Sarah McLachlan. Bradstreet still plays guitar with a dexterity reminiscent of another jazz-reared folkie, Bruce Cockburn..."
- Craig MacInnis, Hamilton Spectator

"On a few rare occasions one hears a song that touches a chord and becomes instantly memorable. For this reviewer that occasion took place when I heard David Bradstreet perform Beresford Street (Concertina Man) at the Mariposa Folk Festival some years ago. It was simple, poignant and joyous. Enough to make you shed your jaded outlook, if only for a moment, and be transported back to childhood innocence. Without a doubt, a classic folk song in any era."
- David Bray, DABzine, July 2002

"There's a sense of calm that spreads through these songs - filmic contrasts of elemental images of earth, sea and fire."
- Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star

"Bradstreet possesses a smooth, immensely musical tenor voice that's been sensibly augmented by crisp semi-acoustic arrangements and tasteful production."
- David Freeston, The Montreal Star

"His newer material has a sophistication and drive - there's more propulsion, more energy. And it looks good on him."
- Greg McMillan, Hamilton Spectator

"Bradstreet has put together an exceptional work. In voice, musicianship, writing, indeed, in all the elements that together make an album, Bradstreet has achieved a level few performers ever reach."
- Tim Whelan, Regina Leader Post

"David Bradstreet has been missed. He knows how to write terrific, thought-provoking lyrics and match them to beautiful, well-played melodies. Also worth noting is the overall sound of the CD. It is beautifully recorded, while still maintaining a welcoming warmth. This is the type of CD that allows listeners to discover something new with each listening. Highly recommended."
- Aaron Badgley, All-Music Guide

"Bravo Bradstreet" "There are lots of musicians around who are deserving of wider recognition but certainly none are more deserving than Toronto's David Bradstreet"
- Chris Cobb, Ottawa Citizen

"... one of the most potent breakaway albums ever..."
- David Farrell, The Record

"Bradstreet has combined composing, arranging and lyric-writing skills of the highest order. The result is masterful."
- Randi Spires, The Ontarion

"...songs soft and low - with power"
- Richard Christy, Kingston Whig Standard

"It's Saturday night in Barrie and there's a rap on my basement apartment door. I open it and find an attractive bearded stranger standing there with a guitar case, casually dressed in khaki shorts, sandals and a t-shirt. While I ponder my good fortune (it is date night after all!) I realize this wandering minstrel is none other than Juno award-winning musician David Bradstreet arriving to perform for the Barrie Folk Society at my humble place of residence. I invite David in and he proceeds to set-up for this evening's performance. As he tunes his guitar and I cut vegetables, we spend the next half-hour chatting like old friends (somehow I don't remember him being this attractive when I saw him perform at the Eaglewood Folk Festival in Pefferlaw). As guests begin to arrive, David effortlessly slips into the role of doorman and greets everyone. The next two hours pass by quickly as he spellbinds the audience of 30 people with his wonderful music and humourous stories spanning a career of over 30 years in the music trade. During the intermission and after the concert, he mingles with the crowd and autographs CDs. Such is a typical evening at a house concert..."
- Elaine Murray, The Barrie Folk Society - www.davidbradstreet.com


2010 - "08.20.10" - David Bradstreet w/ Carl Keesee - #SR-006 (artist, producer, composer)
2006 - "TheraCalm" - TheraMusic #TM102 (producer, composer)
2006 - "Lifelines" - David Bradstreet - Bradstreet Mus!c #SR005 (artist)
2005 - "TheraSleep" - TheraMusic #TM101 (producer, composer)
2003 - "Music to Enhance Concentration" - Avalon #28030 (co-producer, co-composer)
2003 - "Good Night, Sleep Tight" - Fisher-Price #22972 (producer, composer)
2002 - "Carolina Calling" - Avalon #SOLCD70 (producer)
2002 - "Walkin' on Sunshine" - Avalon #24548 (producer)
2000 - "Healing" - Avalon #19520 (producer, composer)
2000 - "Angel's Embrace" - Solitudes #CDG181 (producer, composer)
1999 - "Mountain Sunrise" - Solitudes #CDG166 (producer, composer, engineer)
1998 - "Natural Concentration" - Solitudes #CDG158 (producer, composer, engineer)
1998 - "Renaissance" - David Bradstreet - Street Records #SR004 (artist, engineer)
1998 - "Natural Sleep Inducement" - Solitudes #CDG150 (producer, composer, engineer)
1997 - "Natural Stress Relief" - Solitudes #CDG143 (producer, composer, engineer)
1997 - "Whispering Woods" - Solitudes #CDG139 (producer, composer, engineer)
1979 - "Black & White" - David Bradstreet - Street Records #SR001 (artist, producer, engineer)
1977 - "Dreaming in Colour" - David Bradstreet - A&M #SP9032 (artist)
1976 - "David Bradstreet" - David Bradstreet - A&M #SP9026 (artist)



DAVID BRADSTREET is best known for his song ”Renaissance” (“Let’s Dance That Old Dance Once More”) - a hit for Canadian icon, Valdy. He has been recognized for his work as a singer/songwriter, composer and producer, twenty albums bearing his name; a high profile Juno Award early in his career; three subsequent Juno nominations and music credits including a Gemini nomination; film and television soundtracks and scoring; talent discovery and record production for numerous artists including Jane Siberry, Colleen Peterson, Jason Fowler and Robert Priest. He has toured extensively and is a veteran of many coffeehouses, concert halls and folk festivals.
"Renaissance, about the endurance of love, remains one of the best songs ever written by a Canadian."
- Robert Reid, The Record, March 2011