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hold on to me

Written By: david brook

show me what you want cause I cant seem to make up my mind
tell me why our love's seem to be cut off by time
be careful of your words cause my toungue seems to be tied
be careful of what you see cause my eyes have seemed to go blind
be careful of who you love cause my heart just cant sympothize
Be careful, teach me to always be alive....
Don't move to fast cause my hands, my hands are tied behind my back
dont let me stray, if you do than we'll never get the chance
to live our lives like we used to do so well.

verse 2
what is it that you hold onto when you think of me
Im so scared I cant keep up with the pressure of your dreams
i feel like the end of this is coming closer w/ every night i sleep



What is it that you depend on?
(depend on me)
What is it that you believe in?
(believe in me)
What is it that you hold on to?
(hold on to me)