David Buckingham

David Buckingham


Acoustic Guitarist and Composer. My playing blends Contemporary classical, flamenco and latin jazz.


Born in Southend-on-Sea, England in 1981, David began learning the classical guitar at the age of seven. He later gained an interest for traditional Spanish music, studying the intricate rhythms of flamenco. He won his first guitar competition award at the age of 10.

In 1997 David enlisted to study jazz and classical music at Leeds College of Music, England. He studied here for three years under the tutelage of Luigi Palumbo(classical guitar) and left with the much coveted college guitar prize.

David then went to further his studies in Seville, the capital of flamenco with guitarists such as Fran Cortes, Miguel Angel Cortes and Manuel Berraquero. David still studies the accompaniment of Cante and Baile in Seville.

David has performed in England, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Spain Germany and France with shows such as Fame, Sisters of Soul, Carmen, and West Side Story as well as performing as a solo artist and guitar demonstrator.

He has made numerous television appearances and appeared at the Dundee Guitar Festival, Rhythms in the City Festival, Leeds, the Funk, Soul and Jazz Festival, London and the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland.


The View - 2006

Set List

30m, 45m or 1hr sets