David Byrd & Byrds of a Feather

David Byrd & Byrds of a Feather

 San Francisco, California, USA

These Byrd of a Feather flock together in consciousness.
Their sound healing will put a smile on your face, and they have carved out this unique sound by building a meaningful bridge between jazz , blues and reggae music; with conscious words and wicked rhythm that make the peoples body move.
Original soundscapes for the positive mind; it is a life affirming Jazzreggae journey to your sacred space.
Unique and authentic music that inspires and uplifts.


Jazz and reggae meet for the benefit of every conscious mind. Traveling around the country has taught us there is a great thirst for the wellspring of creativity that this chicago band brings. Your body will move to the reggae groove as your mind hears jazz changes with thought provoking lyrics.
Carving out a unique musical niche by releasing five compact discs over a fifteen year period, David Byrd and Byrds of a feather is an all-star group of chicago musicians that have played with a who's who group of top performers, and have toured relentlessly.
They are about to release their sixth cd for a September 2012 release date! With a working list of much more than 60 tunes, including covers by both jazz and reggae Masters. you will never hear the same show twice.


wave surfin

Written By: David Byrd/ Earnest Ranglin

Oh! your so Fine!
like some sweet and tasty summer wine
Oh!your so good!
I want to wake up the whole damn neighborhood
Oh! your so sweet!
I'll love you from your head to your feet
woo- your the one
I want to xx with when the show is done
every day and every night
I want hug you close and squeeze you tight
there's only one thing that I want you to know
woman I am crazy about and I'll make your juices flow
I'm surfing out here on the waves of your love
got to watch for sharks and UV rays from above
surfers all over the planet know
you got to ride those waves and let the body flow
Oh! your so hot!
like a sweet and ripe young apricot
woo- your so nice!
I want to hit it once then wax it twice
just so you know
I love you real real deep so you can let it flow
woo-that's the spot!
you done layed the trap and now your caught!
everything is everything hot chicken wing
I feel you and I know what to do
a pair of eyes that look feel heaven
is just what I see from you

Later will be greater

Written By: David Byrd

Later will be greater now
leave behind those doubts and fears!
Later will be greater said
yea you earned the right to shed all those bitter tears
its so much greater
you learned just how to take your time
later will be greater so
get ready for the cosmic mind!
Later will be so much greater
no more worries for what's in store
later will be greater cause
don't you know you've seen it all before?
later will be greater said
not fooled by the illusions you see
later will be greater so
content to let the blessings be
later is so much greater
life wlll make you take the test
later will get greater cause
JAH made you so different than all the rest
later will be greater said
though you know its there deep inside
leter will be greater now
there's no place for you to hide!
Later will get greater
no matter what the hell they say
later will be greater so
go ahead and do it your own way
Greater so much greater
just be sure to leave no regret
later will be greter so
this day will be the best night yet! (break)
later will be greater
your time is now don't be afraid!
a quitter will seldom ever make the grade
though blown around like in a gail
Later will be greater
and a winner can never fail
Later will be greater
be glad you are not the way you were
when you think of pain you will think of her!
the pain you felt is now release
Later will be greater
turning music into weapons of peace!
see your forest for your trees
Later will be greater
all those sins are just disease!
so much more than what you think
Later will be greater
showing love till the sphinx can wink!


1. In Consciousness- 1992 -cd
2 Chi-town Reggae- 1994 -cd
3. Shockproof- 1996 -cd
4. Soul Devolopement 1999 -cd
5. Jazzreggae.com 2006 -cd
6. Soul Journey-2012-cd
All have had lots of radio airplay

Set List

Typically we play the most popular original selections with a few covers.
covers by Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Lucianno, Horace Silver, Hank Crawford and many others.