David Byrnes

David Byrnes



You might think a twenty year old wouldn’t know what he wants to do for the rest of his life. David Byrnes is not your typical twenty years old. Born in Sherwood, Arkansas, David has known what he wanted to do since the age of three when his parents took him to his first George Strait concert. During his senior year of high school, David took his first trip to Nashville Tennessee. If there was ever a doubt it was washed away as the sounds of country music flooded his heart and soul all up and down the night spots of Broadway and Printer’s Alley. He went back home and immediately started his first band. Instead of spending his senior year going out to parties and doing normal teenage activities, he spent it playing local clubs in central Arkansas. Finally, on graduation day, came the sign that his hard work was paying off an opportunity to be one of the opening acts for Hank Williams Jr. After selling out local clubs in Arkansas such as the Hollywood Country Club, Bad Bob's, and The Rock City Lounge and with the help of local legend Disc Jockey Bob Robbins, David has been able to play many Clear Channel events for KSSN 96 and Classic Country 106.7 to spread his name throughout the entire state of Arkansas.

Early in 2007 he loaded his truck with all his personal belongings and headed for Nashville. He got to Nashville and immediately started turning heads with his traditional voice, entertaining stage presence, musicianship, and songwriting abilities. At such a young age he is an old soul in a young man’s body. He can sing “I Never Go around Mirrors” to “Working Man Blues” to Honkytonk Heart” with the passion of a seasoned singer and performer. He quickly picked up gigs at the Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar and all along Broadway in an amazingly short time. People in the crowd are mesmerized by his confidence and talent. Quotes such as "David is a superstar waiting to happen" and "David has the whole package, it's just a matter of time till everyone knows his name" can be heard from established Nashville musicians, industry professionals, and people who have seen him perform live. Just ask anyone who has experienced David's pure country voice and wonderful, exciting show and you too will hear the same thing.

David's goal of building his career as a singer/songwriter in the Nashville music industry is coming true. He has recently signed an exclusive recording contract with Better Angles Music group and an exclusive publishing contract with Better Angels Publishing. He is completing his upcoming album project due out sometime in August and should be releasing the first single from that project in July. He continues to perform around town as well as beginning to get calls from fairs, festival, and other venues in states all across the south who has heard him play live or via the internet. His love and dedication to country music is contagious and energizing. It just makes you want to be apart of what this young man has going on because he is so sincere in his desire to continue to carry the torch that performers like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Charlie Daniels, George Strait, and a host of others lit many years ago. He hopes and dreams to one day play the Grand Ole Opry, tour the world, and have a top selling country album but more than anything he just hopes he can play and write country music for the rest of his life. So how do you describe David Byrnes? Well listen to his four song demo and you can get a picture of what this young man is about musically and personally. He loves a bar room band, has worn a cowboy hat, cranks his music up loud, loves his family, respects his country, has known heartache, has been called a backwoods redneck, and can say “now that I am here, I’m more dedicated and in love with country music than ever!!!!


Down Home Grown

Written By: David Byrnes


Southern twang
Cherry red lipstick
That’s my thing
She good as gravy on a biscuit
Makes you wanna sing
Them hillbilly girls are gifted
If you know what I mean

Long neck
Pressed against them lips
Two step
Wigglin’ them hips
Makin’ me sweat
She got my poor heart ready to skip
A couple of beats

Maybe I’m just good ole white trash
Backwards redneck
Backwoods reject
One branch on my family tree
I go hog wild for that farm style kind of Ellie Mae Clampett
Man I gotta have them
Straw hats, boots and cutoff jeans
If you wanna know what really turns me on
I like ‘em small town down home grown

She ain’t afraid to fight
If a butt needs a kickin’
That’s my type
She’s up for goin’ fishin’
If the fish don’t bite
It’s time for skinny dippin’
One two three jump




Written By: David Byrnes

Bartender pour me another round
Fill her up, set her down
And I’ll take one more for the road
One more time before I go

The reason that I smoke two packs a day
And I drink all I can drink
Livin’ without her is livin’ hell
Lord why do I do this to myself
If I said that I’m not scared, I’d be lyin
I’m just more afraid of livin’ than dyin’

My bed’ll be the backseat of my car
Just put my keys behind the bar
And I’ll lay down holdin’ on to memories
Wakin’ up with only me


Could this be my last drink
Or my last cigarette
I pray someday I’ll get over her
And learn to live again


Bartender pour me another round
Fill her up set her down

My Kinda Crowd

Written By: David Byrnes

If you’re livin’ for the weekend
Boss man breathin’ down your neck
Then I’m with you
If a cold beer tastes better on a tailgate
If you still think Hank is cool
If you live more Wal-Mart than Wall Street
If you love to hear a Harley roar then
Stand up and scream

You’re my kinda crowd
If you ain’t gonna leave till they throw you out
If you crank it up when the sun goes down
You’re my kind, my kinda crowd

I ain’t the country club type
Always thought a black tie
Fit a little too tight around my neck
Botox, ballet, sushi bar, champagne
Hell no, I ain’t too impressed
But if you love a kick-ass bar room band
Or you’ve ever worn a cowboy hat
Then throw up your hands

My kinda crowd
If you ain’t gonna leave till they throw you out
If you’d stand up and fight for your hometown
You’re my kind, my kinda crowd

And ff you love your momma
Work hard for every dollar
Then let me hear you holler right now
And if you don’t do dress codes
You like dim lights and thick smoke
Then all my amigos gather round

You’re my kinda crowd
If the cops have ever showed up at your house
Telling you to turn your music down
You’re my kind, my kinda crowd
If you ain’t gonna leave till they throw you out
Well if you tell the world you’re country loud and proud
You’re my kind, my kinda crowd

When I Get There

Written By: David Byrnes

Rollin’ down the interstate
Just crossed into Tennessee
The only thing behind me how
Is the way it used to be
And I can’t go back
Not even for the fun I had
I left everything I own except for my guitar
Can’t make a livin’ workin’ in hometown bars
Where I made my start
That’s where she broke my heart
When she said

Why would you quit your job
And move to Tennessee
Give up everything you have
Just to chase a dream
I might not ever know
And really I don’t care
But I’ll give it everything I got
When I get there

I pulled off the interstate and took a left on Broadway
Found out the smoke-filled bars ain’t as big as they say
And that’s not it
The bands, they play for tips
The bartender says he sings Tuesday nights right here
But ten years in the alley
And he still ain’t got nowhere
I said that’s tough
When do you give up
And he said


Three years later I’m on sixteenth avenue
Just me and this old guitar
And my first interview
When he says, Son, what’s so special about you?


Now that I’m here


When I Get There (Coming Soon!)

Set List

Waylon type intro-
1. It Ain’t Just a Name- original song
2. Honkytonk Heart-Keith Whitley
3. Makeup and Faded Blue Jeans-Merle Haggard
4. Drinkin' Bone- Tracy Byrd
5. Broken Heartsville- Joe Nichols
6. Come a Little Closer-Dierks Bentley
7. Ramblin' Fever-Merle Haggard
8. There Stands the Glass-George Strait
9. When I Get There- original
10. Yee Haw-Jake Owen
11. Love's Gonna Live Here- Buck Owens
12. Country Boys Paradise- original
13. Dixieland Delight-Alabama
14. Fishin in the Dark- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
15. More Afraid of Living- original
16. Family Tradition-Hank Jr.
17. Long Haired Country Boy- Charlie Daniels
18. No Tears- original
19. Workin Man Blues-Merle Haggard
20. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off- Joe Nichols
21. Lay You Down-Conway Twitty
22. Unwound-George Strait
23. Lotta Leavin Left to Do- Dierks Bentley---into How Bout You- Eric Church