david calamoneri

david calamoneri


Honest, heartfelt folk. In the tradition of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Woody Guthrie, I am a performing songwriter, singing songs about life, love, and politics. A strong voice, a solid guitar strum, and some good old folk harmonica.


I've always loved Dylan, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Harry Chapin. I dig Woody Guthrie, the Kinks, Johnny Cash, Beck, Townes Van Zandt, and Devandra Banhart a lot, too. With their help, I've been able to find a voice. My voice. Where I profess my love, vent my anger, and have some fun. I play harmonica and sing over chords and rhythms I find walking down the street or along the water. My songs are simple, not shallow. Inspired by the poetry of train whistles and street traffic.

Over the past five years, I've recorded four albums, guerilla style, in my apartment on 4-track and G4. I live in , NJ. I've upgraded since then. I've played at the Goldhawk, and Maxwell�s, here in town, and the 169 Bar and Parkside Lounge across the river in NYC. I�ve performed in shows with Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets, the incomparable Alejandro Escovedo, the mighty Stephen Malkmus, among others.

I've recently been selected for a Stump Junction Records Compilation titled "Heroes of Suburbia" and Crusty Records� �the Acrustic Age Vol. II� compilation.


the World Keeps Spinnin'

Written By: David Calamoneri

We're blowin' through time like a plate through a wall.
The trees of summer springin leaves that fall.
Just one last shot and hey that's all.
What if they don't like me at all?

Well then the world it just keeps spinnin'
Twirlin' around the sun.
Doin' just what it's doin'.
Long after we're all gone.

We're blockin out the sun as we're flyin' to Mars.
Smaller tv's teachin' in larger cars.
Breathe in the air, while its still Ours.
My feet are both planted, how do I reach the stars.


And the world just keeps spinnin'
Twirlin' around the sun.
Doin' just what its doin'
Long after we're all gone.

Hopeful Man

Written By: Dave Calamoneri

I'm a Hopeful Man
That's what I am
About where I go
About where I'll land
I'm a Hopeful Man

See him out on the street
He ain't got nothing to eat
Yet all I offer, is my, change
He was ten feet tall
Built Maxwell's wall
And now his bench
is out in the rain
He was Ten Feet Tall

Now I'm a Hopeful Man
About where I stand
In that Our future is not ordained
I'm a Hopeful Man

He came in on a train.
A back pack and no name
Tryin' to make his way
Through the fields of gray.
Started strummin guitar
and before very long
found himself a Voice
with something to say
He Came in on a train

We all write on the wall
We rise and we fall
Can soar like an eagle
if left, Unchained
We all write on the wall

Now I'm a Hopeful Man
That's just what I am
In that my future
will not be too late
I'm a Hopeful Man

Avert My Eyes

Written By: Dave Calamoneri

Like a garnet in the rough
a flower growin' up
from a crack in the road
She slid right into the door
I tried to avert my eyes
but i watched as she's crossin the floor

I took a drag from my cigarette
a pull from my beer
I could feel her drawin' near
I looked up and she's comin' my way
I tried to avert my eyes
but I looked up and she's comin' my way

She pulled up a stool said
Hey How are you?
Are you in here all alone?
Ya in here hidin' out from someone
I fumbled for something to say
No I'm in here by myself havin' fun

She asked, Where do you come from?
What do you like?
I live just up the road.
I used to like myself a good fight
I don't like mornin's
I much prefer nights
and I like to hang left 'stead of right

I like my coffee black
with my peppers and eggs
I like the length of your legs
I like myself a real bar
Where there's a woman
that's way to drunk
And a dangerous man's
eyein' me up from a far

She finished a beer said
Well I'm outta here
Nice talkin' to you
She got up from her stool
and she's walkin' away
I try to avert my eyes
but I watch her as she's walkin away

I sure like beer.


Written By: Dave Calamoneri

I met a nice girl in Brooklyn.
Turned out I met her before.
It turned out I met her before.
A long long time ago
but we sure had our fun
Yea, yeah
Yeah, me and the one
yeah me and the one

Sometimes passions never fade away
Past come up full circle
and today holds the future at bay
but it'll be okay
You see, I met a nice girl in Brooklyn
She called me up said
she's on her way to my place today
It's gonna be okay.


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