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The Blue

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The Blue
The Blue
David C Kennedy

If most modern rock is a plate of Ding Dongs that kids cram down in 10 minutes, The Blue is a homemade coconut cream pie you linger over while staring introspectively out the off-road diner window. Patient, confident and solid as, well, a rock, the Blue's debut album is a winning set of adult rock 'n' roll. Part of it's winning strategy lies in the clean, shimmering tones of both acoustic and electric guitars throughout the nine tracks - tones whose clarity and space create the perfect architecture for lyrics laced with caution and humility. The opener, "Undertow", inches up to you with a bass riff, like it's clearing it's throat, a steady, soft rhythm and an acoustic guitar murmur before you even hear the vocals, which are effected as if they're over in the corner of the bar. The band sizes you up carefully before throwing at you the barrage of the refrain. So goes this entire, smart record, all the way through to the truly beautiful acoustic ballad, "Wallflower".
A fantastic debut.

-Thomas Conner
World Entertainment Writer
- World Publishing Company


- Released LP- The Blue, self titled, 2000
-*nominated for BEST LOCAL ALBUM 2000 SPOT MUSIC AWARDS, Tulsa World*
-1 add- Tulsa OK, 2001, 4 months @ 4x a day, X101.5
- 1.5 min. playtime in indie film "Liars Poker" starring Flea from Red Hot C P's
-Featured band on the now deceased web label SPIN RECORDS. COM
-Rotation on "Local Licks @ 6", 97.5KMOD Tulsa, OK
-Rotation on "Homegrown", 104.5 The Edge, Tulsa, OK



There was a time in which you could catch David C Kennedy with his band ,the Blue, playing the Tulsa Pavilion to 3000 people during the towns Marde Gras celebration.
There was a time when you could catch a show in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, or all around Tulsa.
Go to any Blockbuster video and rent "Liar's Poker" starring Flea from Red Hot CP's and listen for my song "Undertow".
Quite simply, life is one wave after another. Being at the right place at the right time as well as the strength and determination with which you swim governs you catching the big one.

hoping the path taken at the crossroads was indeed the correct choice.