David Clarke

David Clarke


I am a songwriter. I was in a band and it ended a year ago and I have been writing ever since and jamming with a pro guitarist for inspiration for the songwriting

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Don't Let it Blow

Written By: David Clarke

Don't Let it Blow by David Clarke rock

I can see the pillars of heaven's gate
run for cover
what's my fate

There's a turn in the tide
I'm going out of my mind
On the edge of a barb wire rock tower
hold my hand cause I'm falling right down

It's easy don't let it blow , don't let it blow, don't let it blow

In a field of dreams
I am searching
for the jack of hearts
behind a curtain

Give me time to decide
as I put my life on the line
Screaming out at the blue sky blue sky
like a crashing wave breaking me down me down

It's easy dont let it blow, don't let it blow, don't let it blow


I want to be written
in the pages of history
part of a movement
of brothers and sisters

Give me a rope I can climb
Or this gun could blow my mind
hanging on to a ray of sunshine
an iron grip is closing me down

It's easy, don't let it blow, don't let it blow, don't let it blow