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"Bamberg native David Cooler paving way to fame with music true to his Southern roots"

BAMBERG, S.C. - The city of Bamberg is known for its relaxing air and charming scenery. Recreational opportunities like hunting, fishing and golf attract retirees and hometown folks alike. The countryside is abundant with wildlife, and the atmosphere in Bamberg can only be described as "Old South."

So it should come as no surprise that David Cooler, one of South Carolina's most talented performers and a self-proclaimed homegrown country boy, is a Bamberg native. A gifted musician, singer and songwriter, Cooler is making his formal debut in the music world with songs about love and life, Southern-style.

With the release of his latest CD, "Country to the Bone!" Cooler's musical style and talent have begun to attract the attention of some of the most recognized names in the music industry. His first CD, "Back to the Country," was released in 2004.

"Currently, I am working with Steven Wrench of Jacksonville, Fla., who formerly managed Lynyrd Skynyrd for 21 years," Cooler said. "We are in the beginning stages of a distribution deal. I never dreamed my music would create this kind of buzz."

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CLICK HERE to watch a video interview with David Cooler as he discusses his recent success and inspiration as a country music musician and song writer.

Since the release of "Country to the Bone!" music promoters are recognizing the performer whose music and rhythm flows abundantly from his soul. One of Cooler's songs, "Dog Huntin' Man," has even attracted the attention of a Georgia group.

"'Dog Huntin' Man' is a really fun song and is appealing to the Georgia Hunting and Fishing Federation folks," Cooler said. "They have invited me to perform at their conventions. The GHFF stands up for dog hunters and is an organization I fully support, so that means I'll sing for them as long they'll have me."

His next performances with GHFF are March 15 at the Northeast Florida Fairgrounds in Callahan, Fla., and April 25-27 at the Waycross fairgrounds in Waycross, Ga.

"Country to the Bone!" features 11 original Southern rock-country songs that showcase Cooler's talent. Cooler played all the musical instruments on the album, with the exception of the harmonica, and performed the harmony vocals.

"My brother, Howard Cooler, is a big blues fan," Cooler said. "He came in (and) added a special touch to the CD with his harmonica. James Griffith of Orangeburg, a former drummer, cowrote four of the 11 songs.

"Making this CD was a lot of fun, and I think people will recognize that the songs go a little deeper into country music than what everybody is listening to these days."

Cooler's musical journey began when his parents gave him an acoustic guitar when he was 13 years old. He taught himself to play it and quickly mastered other musical instruments, including the bass, drums and keyboard.

Cooler's versatile musical ability is well-known in the Orangeburg community, where he often lends his talents to worthy causes.

"David Cooler performed in concert at the (Orangeburg County) Fine Arts Center a few years ago, and it was evident that he is a very talented young man," said OCFAC executive director Beth Thomas. "At that time, he was virtually a one-man band, providing all of his own back-up music.

"However, last year, when David performed at Showcase Orangeburg, I learned what a fine musician he really is. And just as important, I realized what a really nice person he is. He was so accommodating as a member of the team that comprised Showcase Orangeburg and was willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure the success of the program. He was respectful of the other entertainers, showing appreciation and support for their talent. And what's great about David Cooler is that he's just having so much fun!"

Cooler's songs appeal to people of all ages who enjoy soulful, Southern rock music with a country rhythm-and-blues style. Cooler said his music is a form of self-expression and communication based on true-life experiences.

"The music and lyrics flow from within," he said. "Once a melody plays out in my head, the words come almost magically.

"I like to the write story lines of our lives and play them with a passion and purpose."

Songs that people can relate to are like memories set to music, and Cooler's latest CD covers topics like love and good times shared with family and friends.

"I think my music lets people know that I am just like them," he said. "The CD is actually selling itself, and I find this truly amazing."

Cooler said Carl Gooding of WDOG 93.5 FM in Allendale has

been instrumental in getting airplay for "Country to the Bone!"

"I can never thank him enough for promoting my music," Cooler said. "And, thanks to the efforts of Ronnie Gaskins of the GHFF, 'Country to the Bone!' is being played on four different radio stations in Georgia. Radio stations in a number of other states are now airing the CD, and many people who hear it on the radio are - Times and Democrat

"David Cooler - Rising Country Music Star71"


Who Is David Cooler?
Only one of the hottest and fastest rising new country stars today! David is a native of Bamberg , South Carolina, a quaint old southern town nestled into the untainted countryside where hunting, fishing, and loving family life is still not a thing of the past. The experiences of life, love, and family in this rustic southern setting serves as the inspiration for this truly gifted songwriter, singer,and musician.

David's parents gave him his first guitar at age thirteen. From that point, he taught himself to play and soon after began composing songs. His natural musical talent became evident as he also became adept at bass, drums, keyboards and other musical instruments. His music is a mix of southern rock, country and blues. He really falls into a category all his own, and this will be reflected in the success that is quickly gaining on him.

His first CD, "Back to the Country", released in 2004, sold out in a very short time. His latest work,"Country to the Bone" is now on the verge of worldwide distribution. This album has gained David the attention of some of the biggest names in the music industry.

David is well known and performs in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Northern Florida. He has performed at a variety of venues and has opened for some big shows such as Kenny Chesney. One of his songs,"Dog Huntin Man" has even been adopted by the Georgia Hunting and Fishing Federation as an unofficial theme song.

David Cooler was awarded "The 2008 Country Male Artist of the Year" at the Carolina Music Awards in july of this year. He is very grateful and dedicated to his fans, and has not let his quickly unfolding success ruin his down home attitude.

If you would like to hear some of David Coolers Music just Click Here.

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My musical inclination got its start beginning with my first guitar given to me by my parents when I was only thirteen years old. I am a self-taught musician and released my first CD, Back to the Country, in 2004. This CD sold out within the first few weeks of release. I write story lines of our lives and play them with passion and purpose. Songs like The Good Times and When My Eyes Saw Your Eyes tell the stories of the good ol' days and of life as it happens, my life and ultimately our lives, as well. I like to think that I have the ability to eloquently convey what is important and do it in a song. I am somewhat of a modest guy, but have been told that I have the charisma and charm to go along with my talent and that those characteristics formulate what I call a recipe for greatness in this particular industry. My music spans several genres and my "stories" churn out a soulful southern rock music mix which has a country, R&B and bluesy style. "My music is a form of self-expression and communication, not style." "It flows from within." I would have to say that my family has been my biggest influence or inspiration, particularly my mother. For anyone that really knows me, it would not surprise them much. This is because I am not unlike many other country boys who are themselves because of where they came from, is a self proclaimed "mama's boy." Yep that's right, I admitted it and with no reservation! Now don't go pointing any fingers, whoever met a good ol' country boy that didn't love his mama! I would like to express my gratitude to all of my loyal fans and to all of the businesses for which I have entertained in the past year or so for giving me the opportunity to do what I love best. From me to all of you, "Thank You".