David Cosgrove
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David Cosgrove

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ian Anderson"

"Brilliant and Witty" - Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull - Ian Anderson

"His Name Is Nnnnnn... A Musical Extravaganza"

Where to start? Self-released in 1996, Makkiwhipdies' first (and only) album makes absolutely no sense. Rock band, synthetic orchestra, comic act, sound collage, conceptual album about nothing, His Name is Nnnnnn will have you scratching your head over and over again. Nnnnnn and his sidekick Clone are engaged in a quest for "something," as presented in "Increasingly Pathetic," (Track Seven) but "Chapter Five" according to the narrator. There is great electric bass work, catchy synth melodies, psychedelic rock, fragments of instrumental pop songs repeated over and over, musical developments that evoke both progressive rock and Frank Zappa's "Adventures of Greggary Peccary." The album is split into two multi-part suites, "Neglecture" and "Garkopelian Delight." "His Name is Nnnnnn," Part One of the first suite, is a 20-minute self-contained suite in itself, where a sloppy bass motif and a singing rabbi battle for your attention amidst tons of disconnected themes and asides. Two or three shorter tracks, like "Always Merry and Bright," "Kazoo" (hilariously insignificant), and "Nnnnnn Hibachi Salesman, Basketball Star" (please don't ask) can be seen as more traditional, single-minded tunes. But when listened to in one sitting, distinctions between tracks become tedious, and the album as a whole turns into a glorious pile of absurdities. Yes, glorious. Because the stupidest part of all this is that His Name is Nnnnnn is infuriatingly addictive. The mouth whistles the melodies while the mind desperately tries once more to make sense of these 70 minutes of music. And it fails. And that's why Makkiwhipdies succeed. Recommended, but only to the most warped, absurdist minds out there. ~ Fran├žois Couture, All Music Guide - All Music Guide


Gift Of Time - 2007
On The Big Island - 2007
Diamond People EP - 2007
Grape Philosophy - 2006
Always Chasing Sunshine - 2006
Radio Asia Unlimited EP - 2005
Reachback - 2005
Encroachment of Civilization - 2004
His Name Is NNNNNN - 1996



David cultivates artichokes for the hoi polloi.

David became a rock star at the tender age of 6 when he performed "The Big Red Bus" for his kindergarten class - then he threw up.

Has a cat named Snoofus.

David knows what "proslambanomenos" means.

If you made a wax mold of the inside of woman's reproductive system, would it resemble a moose's head?

Enjoys fighting with and cursing at his chainsaw.

Has a killer recipe for balsamic chicken with artichokes.

Likes Pepe's better than Sally's - Modern's a very, very close second however.

Lives on a farm in upstate CT and raises bloodthirsty chinstrap penguins.

Mushroom yogurt.