David Cosgrove

David Cosgrove

 Los Angeles, California, USA

"Brilliant and Witty" - Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull


David cultivates artichokes for the hoi polloi.

David became a rock star at the tender age of 6 when he performed "The Big Red Bus" for his kindergarten class - then he threw up.

Has a cat named Snoofus.

David knows what "proslambanomenos" means.

If you made a wax mold of the inside of woman's reproductive system, would it resemble a moose's head?

Enjoys fighting with and cursing at his chainsaw.

Has a killer recipe for balsamic chicken with artichokes.

Likes Pepe's better than Sally's - Modern's a very, very close second however.

Lives on a farm in upstate CT and raises bloodthirsty chinstrap penguins.

Mushroom yogurt.


Gift Of Time - 2007
On The Big Island - 2007
Diamond People EP - 2007
Grape Philosophy - 2006
Always Chasing Sunshine - 2006
Radio Asia Unlimited EP - 2005
Reachback - 2005
Encroachment of Civilization - 2004
His Name Is NNNNNN - 1996