David Courtenay

David Courtenay

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

David's music is a unique blend of rock, folk, and reggae. With his roots in the vintage rock of the 60's and 70's, David's songs are an innovative twist on a classic era of music.


David Courtenay's passion is bridging the gap between generations through music with timeless appeal. In the tradition of the Doors, Jack Johnson, the Beatles, and Paul Simon, David sings soulful songs that celebrate life, question conventionality, and express the emotions that arise from living in intriguing times.
David began playing his unique blend of rock, folk, and reggae while majoring in theatre at UC Santa Barbara. As a trained and experienced stage actor, he naturally connected to his audiences with a strong and charismatic presence. After graduating from UCSB, he passed on a full scholarship for an M.F.A. at the prestigious National Theatre Conservatory and instead headed to Los Angeles to pursue his love of music. He quickly put together a band and played in clubs, restaurants, and lounges all over Southern California for over three years. Soon after releasing his debut album in the summer of 2007, David decided it was time to hit the road and try out an entirely new city. He headed east to Chicago, a city whose rich culture of performance fits him perfectly. There, he put together a new group with four other gifted Chicago musicians called Modern Conversation.
With his deep, powerful voice, keen piano playing, and solid rhythm on the guitar, David is a performer with variety and stamina. Each one of his shows is different, with a unique set of his many original tunes mixed with fascinating reworkings of his favorite artists' songs. Taking his music to the next level, David has recently been shopping his music to film and television production companies. The title track to his new album, Eloquent Cool, will be heard in the upcoming feature film Dark Honeymoon (starring Daryl Hannah, Tia Carrere, and Roy Scheider). With his increasing exposure and growing audience, you can expect to see David touring across the country in the very near future.


The Rhymes In My Head

Written By: David Courtenay

I couldn't tell you
All that I'm feeling
All that I hold inside
So I will show you
I'll show you a secret
It's something I always hide
These modes of expression
They lead me to question
Which avenue I should choose
So many directions
Deceptive reflections
Calling on me to lose

I can't figure out
All the rhymes in my head
I don't understand
How the world could fall dead

I couldn't tell you
All I envision
All that my mind can see
So I will play the notes in a phrase
And make it a melody
Here in the shadows
I'm fighting my battle
Vowing to have control
Of passionate places
With so many faces
Opening up my soul

In The Grayness

Written By: David Courtenay

Clouds form a shadow
That hides the light of reason
And all the thoughts that come
They slowly drift away
All through the morning
A foggy mist surrounds me
I try to look beyond
But nothing can be seen

From where I stand
I'll devise a plan
To move my feet
And make the path complete

I can't conceive of
The places I am headed
I try to call aloud
But nothing can be heard
With no solution
I brace for what is coming
But never will resign
From acting how I feel

I pray for the wind now
To clear a way of passage
Or for the sun to show
And rouse me from my trance
Yet in the grayness
I find a consolation
I have to look within
To radiate without


The debut full-length album, Eloquent Cool, was released in July of 2007.

Set List

Original Song Set list is approximately 2 hours and can be shortened if necessary. Songs are: Eloquent Cool, The Rhymes In My Head, Paying the Price, Mayaguana Isle, These Years, On My Way, In the Grayness, Giving All I Can, Higher Mind, Time It Takes, Hey Shirode, A Wiser Man, You I Saw, The Silent Seas, Take Me To This Paradise, Have I Found Her, Hear Your Cry, Come of Age, Diamond in the Rough, Faithful Ghost, Seize the Day, Just A Word, Faker's Row.
Cover song set list can be up to 3 hours long. Cover songs are generally played only at special events, parties, or anywhere only cover songs are requested. Artists covered include Bob Marley, the Doors, Paul Simon, U2, the Beatles, 311, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Neil Young, Elvis, the Band, Cat Stevens, Elton John, CCR, and Bob Dylan to name a few.