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"Cave of the Jaguar Review-Ambient Visions"

David Crews’ Cave of the Jaguar is a journey for the listener through the inner realms of the spirit via the ebbs and flows of the drifting music that moves the journey forward from track to track on this release. As David states in the album notes on his website this CD represents the base storyline of his shamanic dream that he had while vision questing in the deep deserts of Utah and New Mexico.
The music at times is rhythmic and dramatic pulling you into the unfolding story and at times it allows the listener to drift in otherworldly synth washes in reflection of where they have been. The music also alternates between the light and airy feeling of floating to the dark realms of deep ambient that surrounds you but does not oppress you with so many shadows that you lose your way on the introspective journey.

David states on his website that his earliest influence in the realm of “space music” was Tangerine Dream circa Phaedra which he was exposed to while working at a radio station. When TD began to move away from their original vision this influence in his life was taken over by Steve Roach and the music that Steve has created over the past quarter of a century. The music that comprises Cave of the Jaguar indeed bears the marks of these influences and yet the style is distinctly David’s as well it should be.

I confess that in my past listening habits I have been more than a little partial to the tribal music of Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf so it comes as no surprise that two of my favorite songs on this CD are the opening track called Moving Above It and of course the song called Ritual. Moving Above It with its repetitive rhythm always present in the background creates the perfect canvas for the sythns to weave the storyline that begins the journey inward and away from ordinary consciousness. While this track is not as airy and drifting as later pieces it is a perfect piece to begin this kind of introspective journey with and certainly one that bears repeated listenings. At seven minutes it allows time for the listener to enter into the spirit of the journey and prepare themselves for the more open and spacey pieces that follow.

Ritual which is further along in the CD again adds a beat but more along the lines of the beat you might find during shamanic rituals and features a rattle and other less electronic sounding instruments to offer the listener a sonic landscape more consistent with sitting around a fire in the desert a meditating on the dancing flames while moving inward. The synths are there as always providing the atmosphere to the rattle and the beat and always pointing the listener to deeper inner realms.

Cave of the Jaguar is a fine effort by David Crews to put into music the feelings that he experienced during his shamanic dream questing in the deserts of Utah and New Mexico. This CD falls between drifting space and tribal oriented music with equal dashes of both during the 52 minute journey that this CD takes you on. There was a certain cinematic feel to a couple of the songs most notably A Place Within which reminded me of the music from the movie The Abyss when Ed Harris had reached the aliens below and was moved by the communications he had been having with his wife while falling into the abyss on his one way journey. Light and positive and very much a song that takes you to a place inside. All in all this is a CD that would make a great addition to your ambient library of music and one that I would recommend.

Reviewed by Michael Foster for Ambient Visions
April, 2006 - Ambient Visions

"Listener in Ohio"

I am totally blown away by David Crews' music. David Crews' work is more than amazing, it is fabulous. What a magnificent talent! I am so in awe of your work. I'm a Kitaro fan but I believe your work has a much wider emotional and musical impact.

L.S. - Lima, Ohio - CrewsCreative


"Cave of the Jaguar"
"Songs of Day – Songs of Night"

Film / Film Score:
"Big Bend - A Landscape Romance"
(Winner: Silver Telly Award; Moondance Intl. Film Festival Calypso Award)

"Ancient Songs & Green Magic"
(Winner: Silver Telly Award)



Multi-award winning composer David Crews has been involved with electronic music since 1974, when he bought his first synthesizer - a MiniMoog - which he still owns. This instrument, along with another now vintage synth, the Arp 2600, have a place of honor in Jaguar Feather Studios and are still sampled and used in the modern computer-based instruments that form the heart of the Studios.

Following his heart, David makes music and soundscapes in the territories pioneered by Steve Roach and Tangerine Dream, making ambient worlds that speak to the soul.

David also works in fully symphonic mode, having recently won three international awards – a Silver Telly Award, and Moondance International Film Festival’s Calypso Award – for his original symphonic score to his film, "Big Bend - A Landscape Romance." He has also won his second Silver Telly Award for the music to his new film, "Ancient Songs & Green Magic."

In other modes, he creates unique and fun dance and instrumental music in world/electronic/retro styles.

David comes from a musical family and, following early piano lessons, spent six years with drums and percussion in Jr. High and High School bands. The latter was the very highly regarded Permian High School “Mojo” band from Odessa, Texas (yes, THAT high shool of 'Friday Night Lights' fame). During this time, David specialized in Tympani, and was once conducted by Frederick Fennell in the All State Band.

In college, David started a broadcast career in radio and television by becoming the Classical Music Director of his college radio station, and director at a local TV station. He has been making commercials and programs for more than 35 years in a career that somewhat sidetracked him from pursuing electronic music. The advent of modern, computer-based total music production made the difference to set up a professional studio and jump back in to music production with full energy and attention. The possibilities with these new tools are endless and infinitely compelling. The time for making music has come.

David has many other interests and achievements. He is a published author, award-winning television director, and world traveler. He is a staff announcer for KMFA - one of the last purely classical radio stations. David also has a special interest in traditional shamanism and has traveled to the Amazon to work with indigenous healers. He lives and works in Austin, Texas.