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David Crews

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The contemporary electronic and ambient music of David Crews has been called "film music for the soul." His music ranges from deep ambient spiritual journeys of human emotion and universal splendor, to fully orchestral multi-award winning compositions and performances for film and television.


Multi-award winning composer David Crews has been involved with electronic music since 1974, when he bought his first synthesizer - a MiniMoog - which he still owns. This instrument, along with another now vintage synth, the Arp 2600, have a place of honor in Jaguar Feather Studios and are still sampled and used in the modern computer-based instruments that form the heart of the Studios.

Following his heart, David makes music and soundscapes in the territories pioneered by Steve Roach and Tangerine Dream, making ambient worlds that speak to the soul.

David also works in fully symphonic mode, having recently won three international awards – a Silver Telly Award, and Moondance International Film Festival’s Calypso Award – for his original symphonic score to his film, "Big Bend - A Landscape Romance." He has also won his second Silver Telly Award for the music to his new film, "Ancient Songs & Green Magic."

In other modes, he creates unique and fun dance and instrumental music in world/electronic/retro styles.

David comes from a musical family and, following early piano lessons, spent six years with drums and percussion in Jr. High and High School bands. The latter was the very highly regarded Permian High School “Mojo” band from Odessa, Texas (yes, THAT high shool of 'Friday Night Lights' fame). During this time, David specialized in Tympani, and was once conducted by Frederick Fennell in the All State Band.

In college, David started a broadcast career in radio and television by becoming the Classical Music Director of his college radio station, and director at a local TV station. He has been making commercials and programs for more than 35 years in a career that somewhat sidetracked him from pursuing electronic music. The advent of modern, computer-based total music production made the difference to set up a professional studio and jump back in to music production with full energy and attention. The possibilities with these new tools are endless and infinitely compelling. The time for making music has come.

David has many other interests and achievements. He is a published author, award-winning television director, and world traveler. He is a staff announcer for KMFA - one of the last purely classical radio stations. David also has a special interest in traditional shamanism and has traveled to the Amazon to work with indigenous healers. He lives and works in Austin, Texas.


"Cave of the Jaguar"
"Songs of Day – Songs of Night"

Film / Film Score:
"Big Bend - A Landscape Romance"
(Winner: Silver Telly Award; Moondance Intl. Film Festival Calypso Award)

"Ancient Songs & Green Magic"
(Winner: Silver Telly Award)

Set List

David is a studio artist.