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David Curtis

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Dave is the quintesential performing songwriter. His music is primarily a collection of introspective, poetic and soul searching ballads. Dave's strong tenor vocal coupled with a relaxed, comical yet commanding stage presence really reaches out to his audience. Always a good show!


Dave has been playing guitar since the ripe young age of 12 when he first heard the Beatles sing, “She Loves You.” Two years later he was the rhythm guitarist for the "Blues Crusade", in the Allegheny foothills of southwestern New York. Over the years he has showcased his talents at such venues as Bud Friedman’s "Improv,” in Hollywood and the famous “Studio Café” by Balboa Pier in sunny Southern California. He currently dedicates the majority of his time to writing music. He keeps his guitar in tune by playing in the duo, Wood & Strings, with lead guitarist extraordinaire Jim Hintz, mainly at locally well-known coffeehouses like Java Roasters, in his hometown of Brighton, MI. His new CD is a compilation of heart-touching ballads that weave together the best of folk, and light rock and blues, to create an “in between” place, a place where music and poetry unite to reach deep inside and grab your soul. “Poor Boy's Love Affair” is a rebirth of all the passion and feeling that comes from experiencing life - good and bad, happy and sad. It truly tells the tale of a poor boy's soul, love and the reflections of a life being lived.


Bring Me Home

Written By: David Curtis

When I love you, I love you
And when I don't
I'm just a fool
And if I stop thinkin of you
There's nothing left for me to do
Thinkin of you brings me home
Just thinkin of you brings me home

When you were closer I felt stronger
Now you're gone I'm fallin apart
I'm just sittin out here in the desert tonight
All alone with this broken heart
Darlin you bring me home
Just thinkin of you brings me home

I don't know what to do, don't know what to say
I'll try to make it through one more day
And I'll pray that today you'll bring me home

Million stars out in the sky tonight
I named the brightest after you
Can almost reach out and hold it in my hand
But I'd rather be holdin you

Cause darlin you bring me home
Just thinkin of you brings me home

Poor Boy's Love Affair

Written By: David Curtis

I can hear your heart beat
I know that you're near me
and I don't need no one else to tell me how I feel
You are the beginning and the end
Of this poor boy's love affair

I don't want to hide it
I'm burnin up inside it
You're the only thing that keeps me breathing in the air
You are the sun and the moon
Of this poor boy's love affair

I've been around this world too many times
Lost my soul with too many lines
But in that moment you first came into my life
You made everything right, rgiht
I know I'm just a beat away from rollin up and dying if you went away
You are the beginning and the end
Of this poor boy's love affair

I Bring The Heartache

Written By: David Curtis

I Bring The Heartache

It’s been a long time since your name has caught my ear
And there’s a reason that I keep you out of here
All of these times I can’t regret
And all of those feelings I can’t forget
I just bring the heartache darlin’
You bring the tears

You wanted heaven, I wanted fame
You lost your direction, and I was to blame
I tried so hard to believe
I was so in love, I couldn’t see
I’d only bring the heartache darling, you’d bring the tears

Don’t make no sense to call me a friend
Cause if I ever see you again
I’d just bring the heartache darlin’
You’d bring the tears

It’s been a long time since I tried to see your face
And there’s a reason that I keep you out of this place
All of those years that passed us by
All of those times I made you cry
I bring the heartache darlin’
You bring the tears


Poor Boy's Love Affair - CD released 7/25/2006

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Currently, Dave plays an acoustic duo with guitarist Jim Hintz called "Wood and Strings". For live performance they play originals and some covers of Bonnie Raitt, Shawn Colvin, Eagles, Edwin McCain, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Crosby, Stills & Nash, John Lennon and many more.