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"SXSW Day 2: Reflecting Eternally on a Night of Degeneracy (Excerpt)"

Afterwards I rolled with Philly beast Icon the Mic King to the Back Alley Social Club, where I made my first big discovery of the week. New Zealand MC David Dallas – who “raises more hands than Hitler” – is someone to definitely listen for.

- Chris Faraone (March 20, 2009)
http://thephoenix.com/BLOGS/onthedownload/archive/2009/03/20/sxsw-day-2-reflecting-eternally-on-a-night-of-degeneracy.aspx - The Boston Phoenix

"Newsletter volume #112: MP3 of the week"

You’ll enjoy if you like: Rap music that isn’t harmful to your ears

Why we picked it: Caught him performing at The Viper Room last week as he got a standing ovation, figured we would share

Notes: David is currently working on his debut album, Something Awesome, which is scheduled to be released this year.

(March 2009)
http://www.hushhushattack.com/archives/20090324112.html - hush hush ATTACK!

"David Dallas"

With a heap of successful singles and an awesome album under his belt, David Dallas is one of New Zealand’s hottest rappers. After high school, he went to University to pursue a degree in Computer Science. During his studies he had the opportunity to kick-start his career as a rapper who’s vibe, in tracks like “Indulge Me”, “Big Time” or “Front To Back”, is truly distinctive. So much so that we believe this guy has a lot more to look forward to in the future. After his debut album Something Awesome hit the New Zealand Top 20 charts, and with a few shows in the US, Format jumped at the opportunity to talk with him about his music and career in the rap scene.

Moritz Schuermann (November 2009)
http://www.formatmag.com/features/david-dallas/ - Format Magazine

"What you expect?"

Something Awesome is the most accomplished release Dave's put his name to, and its very title is aspirational. As part of Dirty Records' small but great stable, Dave shares space with the most commercially successful artists New Zealand Hip Hop has produced - and that means his benchmark for cracking it is set high.

Sam Wicks (June 2008) - Back 2 Basics

"David Dallas - "Front To Back""

What he brings to the table is a distinct flow & an ear for solid production. Production may be an understatement. Let’s say “musicianship” (give part of the nod to the production duo Fire & Ice) to give it a more fitting tone.

Try listening to his “Front To Back” with your eyes closed. Same thing for “Big Time” and “Indulge Me.” You can front on the fact that he’s melanin-challenged or that’s he’s not American. You may even try to front on the slight accent. But what you cannot dismiss is the kid’s sound. While so many artists come onto the scene seemingly trying to find theirs, David’s got his.

The NZ homie’s album, Something Awesome, will be dropping on iTunes @ the end of August. Cash in those gifts cards folks.

- Gotty (August 2009)
http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2009/08/david-dallas-front-to-back - The Smoking Section

"Whitelabel Profile - David Dallas"

As a rapper, Dallas is one of New Zealand's finest and has consistently impressed critics since day one. I think a lot of people will agree that his topics of awkward bar conversations and university degrees are far more relevant than the "lets have sex, spend money that doesn't exist and set-up our children for failure" rap music that is everywhere these days.

Four singles have been released right here on Whitelabel.net, and Front To Back reached #1 on the downloads chart last week.

- Brigid Gilbert (August 2009)
http://whitelabel.net/blog/comments/?id=4985 - Whitelabel Blog

"David Dallas @ Red Bull Space, October 20, 2009"

David Dallas, another Auckland, New Zealander (damn, they are edgy over there), boasted fantastic energy and stage presence, and had the crowd grooving in waves. If you came to the Red Bull Space for a full-fledged club vibe, David Dallas assured you that you were in the right place. His rhymes had a direct and impactful energy and assurance, with a sunnier, classic hip-hop energy. In terms of soulful delivery, this guy has got it. There is definitely a touch of early Kanye influence in there (pre-egomania and award swiping), so let’s hope Dallas keeps it that way. His was an impressive set.

- Christine Griffin (October 2009)
http://www.cmj.com/relay/?p=8298 - CMJ.com

"Review: David Dallas | Something Awesome"

The great New Zealand rap hope cuts reclined boom-bap that reminds me more of L.L. Cool J than Eminem or Asher Roth, and without ever getting corny. Regardless of how naughty or nice the land down under the land down under may be, the last thing heads want are rugged Kiwi rhymes. Dallas delivers nothing but sweet panache, from the soul-kicked "Ain't None Left" to the anthemic "Like Me."

Since he has clear control of his mic device, it would be a bonus to hear him charge harder; to gauge by his performance at South by Southwest this year, the kid absolutely has adequate gusto. I can't predict whether Dallas — who plays the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC next month — will penetrate the American consciousness. But with the right money and marketing, he could easily become world hip-hop's white Fabolous.

- Chris Faraone (September 2009)
http://thephoenix.com/Boston/Music/89425-David-Dallas-Something-Awesome-2009/ - The Boston Phoenix

"Riding Dirty"

Something Awesome delivers big hooks by the dozen, the ground shifting between Fire & Ice’s wall-of-horn assault on Front to Back, to Forty One’s xylophone-powered head nods on Runaway. The West Auckland duo and Dallas’ Frontline partner go halves on production and all 12 of the tracks are custom-fitted, offering breathing room for Dallas to display a gifted way with melody.

- Sam Wicks (September 2009)
http://www.realgroove.co.nz/Features.aspx?id=548 - Real Groove

"David Dallas' Something Awesome a diamond in the rough"

All too often NZ hip hop artists are labelled as being 'good for New Zealanders'. With Something Awesome, David Dallas, is proving he's world class and can stand up to any worldwide release. The only reason it's not getting a 10/10 is that I'm too stingy, have a nine Dave.

- Joachim Hackshaw (September 2009)
http://tvnz.co.nz/entertainment-news/something-awesome-diamond-in-rough-2986548 - TVNZ.co.nz


David Dallas - Big Time SINGLE (2009)
David Dallas - Indulge Me SINGLE (2009)
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David Dallas - Get Out The Way SINGLE (2008)
David Dallas - The Artist Formerly Known As MIXTAPE (2008)
Frontline - Lost In Translation (2006)
Frontline - Hold 'Em SINGLE (2006)
Frontline - Borrowed Time LP (2005)
Frontline - What Was You Thinking? SINGLE (2005)
Frontline - Breathe With Me SINGLE (2005)
Frontline - What You Expect? LP (2004)



Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, the biggest Polynesian city in the world, David Dallas is an artist with the rhymes and the universal appeal to take his hip hop tales from South Auckland to the world.

Formerly known as Con Psy, and one half of award-winning New Zealand Hip Hop group Frontline, rapper David Dallas is the full package.

Thoughtful lyrics, an effortless feel for flow, rhythm and delivery, and a smooth, distinctive voice - this half Samoan half European MC has created a style all his own.

An eighties baby raised on a diet of Pop, R&B and a strong helping of US Hip Hop. David Dallas’ sound combines his love of East Coast lyricists of the '90s with the melodic stylings and song-writing of their West Coast counterparts. Interpreted through the voice and slang of a Polynesian New Zealander, and with stories grounded in the normality such a far off country affords. He brings a fresh take on Hip Hop which all can relate to.

Fresh from wowing US crowds at SXSW '09 and LA's infamous Viper Room, Dallas' momentum shows no signs of slowing up with the impending release of his solo debut simply titled "Something Awesome". With first single "Indulge Me" and it's accompanying video already creating a buzz across the globe, David Dallas is proof that quality hip hop can come from outside of America.