David Daniel

David Daniel


I would have to say that my style relates to classic aussie rock and country rock. A cross between Keith Urban and Jimmy Barnes.....


I have been writing music for 10 years now. I went into a studio in 1997 and layed down 7 tracks which became my first album Honky-Tonk Through The Night. I never had a great deal of success with this album due to the fact that I didn't have enough industry knowledge and was not aware of how to promote yourself within the industry. The album is available through an independent label in the US called Statue Records. Influences range from Aussie rock icons such as Jimmy Barnes through to Country greats such as Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, Keith Urban.


Fallen Angel

Written By: David Daniel & Sophia Marie

Twisted in a wreck of emotion,
Falling from the point of grace,
Finding comfort in each other,
Is it wrong to be in this place.
You might not see it the way it presents itself, but what would you do, oh what else would you do.

What do you feel when you kiss a fallen angel, do you feel the tremble down inside.
Is it something that you thought would last forever.
Has she stolen your pride, made you hungry inside.

What is it you see in each other, what makes you who you are, do you dare to feel this emotion, or have you taken this to far.
You've travelled the darkness to see the light is it good for you, is it good for you

Repeat Chorus

The feelings of pleasure surround you but the pain is not far away.
Will she take you under her wing or leave you with your dismay

Repeat Chorus


Honky-Tonk Through The Night