David Degge

David Degge


A solo performance of intense, original compositions blending unique folk and classical styles on hammer dulcimer.


David Christopher Degge was born in the fall of 1987 in DeKalb, IL. Overcoming life-threatening disease from the outset, his exceptional gifts, and indomitable "can-do" spirit has brought him far, even in his few short years. The "son of a preacher man," David has always had a mind of his own, and a faith in God his own, as well. He began developing a love for "anything percussion" around age 10, and was first exposed to the hammer dulcimer while his family was attending a Renaissance Festival with his eldest sister (a Madrigal Singer) in 1999. Legendary master of the hammer dulcimer, Jem Moore, was performing there, and David was immediately hooked. His dad told him that if his interest persisted, the necessary sacrifice to buy an instrument would be made. He received the Mike Rentz instrument played for this album as his birthday present from his parents in October, 2001. Already an accomplished and skilled percussionist, David poured himself into learning to play the instrument, all on his own, and was performing for others by Christmas, 2001. He has been composing his own music, in addition to playing more familiar tunes, since sometime in 2002. His unique style, dauntless energy, and exceptional appreciation of the music theory behind this instrument combine to forge compelling compositions you will enjoy for years to come.


"Escape" is almost an hour of music (11 tracks), and all can be sampled on CD Baby by going to: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/degge