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Behind The Black Veil

Written By: David de Vries

Behind The Black Veil
© David de Vries

How must we act when the voices sing clear
Of a people lay wasted by bloodshed and fear
Will we be tempted like many before
To lash out in anger when reason's ignored

They show us the mobs and the madmen enraged
They tell us they won't be appeased or assuaged
Will we be persuaded by what we've been fed
Or can we look further to see past the headlines we've read

Behind the black veil they speak of their shame
They whisper dissent and they fear terror's reign
Behind the black veil they ache for their sons
And they pray for a savior to silence the guns
And to break down the gates of their jail
Behind the black veil

Sandmen with gasmasks, ready to strike
Threaten our precious vehicular life
We'll do what we have to to see freedom's sewn
It's worth sons and daughters to keep our cars going

They tell us we wear the white hats once again
But hidden agendas can make colors bend
We shelter our motives with dark words of might
The curtain hangs ready to fall on the peace of the night

Behind the black veil there's more to the plight
It helps feed the monster grown restless to fight
Behind the black veil they're biding their time
'Cause the fat cats grow fatter when interest is prime
And us dogs will be wagged by our tails
Behind the black veil oh oh oh

Behind the black veil oh oh oh
Behind the black veil oh oh oh

Lessons of history fade with the sun
Like the hues of a bloodshot horizon undone
Have we not come farther from all that we've learned
To know losses outweigh the victories earned

Just listen to those who have learned it too well
The voices that sound in the distance will knell:
"Beware true believers no matter their cause,
The mountain top's view can be trapped in a blindfold of gauze"

Behind the black veil they see without sight
They hear without hearing the thunder and light
Behind the black veil they reach out their hands
To the thousands they know soon will fall in the sand
Just to touch bitter lips to the grail
Behind the black veil

Behind the black veil oh oh oh
Behind the black veil oh oh oh