David Doig

David Doig

 Bayport, New York, USA

The David Doig-Paul Seal duet evolved from their collaboration in the progressive band "Cathedral" on "The Bridge" recording available through Musea Records. The duo features a unique style which blends elements of Classical, Jazz and Pop Culture. The vocal line is accompanied by a single nylon string acoustic guitar sounds like an entire group within these genres. Beyond anything else, the emotional content of these original compositions, never fails to captivate an audience. Bravo!!!


At a recent concert performance a fan made this comment about my performance, “you sound like a good dream� I like that description!

The integration of many musical styles and influences has been the inspiration for my journey to create a unique guitar style. These styles include Rock, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Country, New Age and World Music. Some of my favorite artists include The Beatles, Miles Davis, Segovia, and BB King. Some of my favorite composers include J.S. Bach, Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinsky.

My music fuses elements of traditional composition with improvisation. I usually "tinker around" until I have a basic sketch of a musical idea I really like. Then, I try to analyze the sketch to determine "the glue" that holds it together. Sometimes,"the glue" is the melody, the chord changes, the bass line, the musical form, etc. Once I have determined what holds the composition together, I base my improvisation on the key ingredient.

Bio Highlights:
I hold a doctorate in guitar performance from SUNY Stony Brook, performed a sold out debut recital at Carnegie Hall in 1991, was an associate professor of music at Five Towns College from 1991-1996 and I am currently the sole proprietor of the Bayport School of Music.


"Popular Guitar Classics" - David Doig Guitar, 1992
"Solo Music for Acoustic Guitar", 2006
"The Bridge", with the group Cathedral, 2007

I host a radio show called "Acoustic Eclectic Dream" on www.live365.com

Set List

My Repertoire consists of over 20 original compositions. I usually perform two 30-40 minute sets with a 10 minute intermission.

Some of the songs which are currently available through www.itunes.com include:
Kitahara Interluduim
Island Blues
The Jig is up
Passion Dance
Spanish Phrases