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"one station away"

"One Station Away is a collection of haunting tracks, as dark as Elliott Smith and as political and lyrically driven as Neil Young." - Houston Press
- houston Press

"Birth of Wonder"

Listening to The Birth of Wonder with its haunted nostalgias and strings that somehow manage to sound like gypsy gulls, you start to get a feel for just the sort of wonder that obsesses Dave Doobinin -- a wonder about the other. He throws a wide swath of sympathetic imagination over the earth -- like a human lighthouse
-- calmly infusing his wonder into the lives of others. These songs are gorgeous escapes into unlit lives -- with moments of free sound in which your own wonder seems to fuse with his.
Priscilla Becker --- pop music reviewer (The Nation, Filter)

- Pop Music Review


"Doobinin's lyrics are poignant and often sad...i found myself humming the tunes hours after listening... this album captured me on an intellectual level unlike most popular music." -Left Hip magazine - Left Hip

"one station away"

"One Station Away is a collection of haunting tracks, as dark as Elliott Smith and as political and lyrically driven as Neil Young." - Houston Press
- houston Press


2002 Tribute to Big Star
2003 Sleepover EP
2004 What Your Money Wants
2006 One Station Away
2008 The Birth Of Wonder



David Doobinin is a songwriter, first and foremost. On his third record “The Birth Of
Wonder” (September 16 release) he proves his immense capacity for empathy, organic
emotion and the ability to perfectly capture a moment, set it to a melody and evoke
something in people. David Doobinin is a wandering spirit, hopeless romantic, world
traveler and artistic soul. He calls Coney Island his home, which is fitting for who he is
as an artist and a man. Like Coney Island, bright and alive and rough around the edges,
Dave Doobinin walks the board walk, his own minstrel show, lives next to a lighthouse,
and hangs out at the freak show sometimes. Born to immigrant parents, some may
say Doobinin still carries his ancestor’s ghosts with him. He grew up in New York and
remembers it as a time when there was some romantic grit left to it, filled up with tastes
and smells of his heritage. His love for the city didn’t stop his wanderlust, bringing him
to live in places like Greece, Germany, Italy, and Paris working on films and adding to
his victrola collection. It was while living over seas that a good friend handed Doobinin a
guitar, and there was never more of a natural fit.

The songs flew out of him, with such ease and heart. His first release, in 2003, “The
Sleep Over”, (mixed by Nic Hard, The Bravery) was a captivating breakout EP that got
him immediate attention from music industry and fans. He then went on to release “What
Your Money Wants” in 2004, which was recorded in Austin, TX with Billy White (David
Garza, Spoon, Pam Miller). “Billy really wanted to make the record after he heard me
play “14 Letters” one day up in Central Park while we were hanging out. This record was
a real departure from what I was doing before. It’s quiet and pastoral.” In 2006 Doobinin
recorded “One Station Away” in which The Houston Press said: “One Station Away is a
collection of haunting tracks, as dark as Elliott Smith and as political and lyrically driven
as Neil Young.”

Also produced by Billy White in Austin Texas, Doobinin and White spend two inspired
weeks tracking at a studio down in the south part of town. “Billy was great at keeping
an edge in the studio. “ Doobinin remembers. “With that edge we chased moments of
inspiration. We brought some players in to play keyboards and stuff but it was basically
him and I playing all the instruments. I’ve never met anyone more musical than him.”

The name of Doobinin’s new record “The Birth Of Wonder” is hauntingly fitting for the
eleven tracks he recorded.
Working with producer Don Piper (Robbers on High Street, Guster, Pete Salett, Bedsit
Poets, Oxygen Ponies) at his studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, A Birth Of Wonder” was
recorded primarily with the band playing live in the studio, capturing a true raw spirit. “I
brought some good friends in to play on the record. Like Byron Isaacs (Ollabelle, Ryan
Adams, Willy Nelson) Phil Kronengold (Golden Smog, Gomez) and Konrad Meissner
(Graham Parker, Syd Straw). Another highlight was heading down to Bowling Green
Kentucky to work with Chris Carmichael. He did all of the string arrangements and
performance on the record.”

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Songs like “Mind Down Here” and “Good Time” are a part of a voyeuristic collection of
songs that showcase his perspective of this rich strange world. “There’s a raw emotional
power that shines through on this record.” Dave says from the Dumbo studio. “The band
and I did a really amazing job at getting out of the way of the songs. I learned how to
really listen.”

Grasping at the true love of the art of the song, “The Birth Of Wonder” is a tapestry of
music that adds to his enormous landscape of songs. Since the release of his first record,
Doobinin has toured the country several times, in a van, in his car with a guitar, and
even with an ex girlfriend. He has also been warmly received throughout Europe, playing
shows in England, France and Spain. He has since been a featured artist on XFM radio
station in England. Doobinin has shared the stage with Ambulance LTD, Longwave, the
Silos, Moldy Peaches, David Poe, Rob Dickenson, and Pam Miller. He also covered “I’m
In Love With A Girl” (Big Star’s Alex Chilton) which appeared on a compilation tribute
record to Big Star (Lunacy Records).

With his restlessness temporarily quieted , he found New York again, and one of the gritty
soulful part left of this city, Coney Island. Brought home to the lighthouse, you may find
him somewhere in this city, probably with his traveling band, some artists, his friends, and
of course his guitar, telling his story and playing his heart