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"Review - ChristianMusic.com"

David describes his music this way."I would describe my music as rhythm and praise music. The message is there but it still has a feel that sounds mainstream, so that most everyone will listen and like it."

This reviewer heartily agrees with the above description. This collection of songs found on GIVING ALL MY PRAISE is great Contemporary Christian music which both pumps up and lifts the spirit, soothes the nerves, feeds the soul and puts the listener in another world of well done and interesting music, yet is convicting and encourages us all in our daily walk whether a believer or a seeker!

David Dowlen and his partner / producer on this project, composer Eric B. Jackson have put together quite an inspiring MUST HAVE CD, which so beautifully mixes and blends a variety styles of music, with lyrics and well done vocals and even rap which has the effect of encouraging the listener, whether a seeker or believer to become closer to the Lord. Whether the listener is encouraged to begin a walk with Jesus through accepting him as Lord and Savior, or a believer who is inspired to be thankful for what the Lord has personally done for his / her life, as well as reflect on areas of their own behavior which need some work, this CD will bless the listener and spur on the type of spiritual growth which can embolden and evolve one's relationship with the Lord. - Julie Carr

"David Dowlen's CD "Giving All My Praise" Offers Up Good Vibes"

It's refreshing to hear someone that while writing Christian hip-hop doesn't sound too condemning but instead offers up good vibes. His vocals are more R&B than hip-hop but the beats and rhythms give it that hip-hop feel. This brand of urban contemporary hasn't gone many places recently so it's nice to see an artist try to rescue the genre from extinction. - Editor Smother.net

""I Need You" probably one of the best I've heard"

I played "I Need You" last night on the show I think it’s great. Do you classify him as Hip-Hop? If so, I would say it probably one of the best I've heard. There was interesting instrumentation, a great beat, and an attractive structure. Honestly, it stirred me inside when I was listening to it. - Rick Cupoli / www.deltawav.com

"WOW! AMAZING! Your lyrics are wonderful, the music is great!!!"

WOW! AMAZING! These are things that all of us go through. They are realistic, and I don't think many people talk about it. Your lyrics are wonderful, the music is great!!! Wow. It's obvious that you have been blessed by the Lord with an amazing talent! THANK YOU for sharing and getting out there! - Ruthie Smith

"Well-Produced CD"

David Dowlen - Giving all my Praise. I really enjoyed the production on this particular CD. You just don't find many Christian CDs around that is this well-produced. This album is a good project to help you get into the mood of worship. This is a very solid CD especially if you enjoy well-produced CDs
- K Dockett - Word Magazine

"Rhythm & Praise – Making It's Mark in Cleveland"

Cleveland, OH - There is an exciting and uplifting genre of music that is emerging on the scene. It is called Rhythm & Praise (R&P). It is a subset of contemporary gospel music. R&P is "Good News" music incorporating urban influences that can be used for worship within and beyond the walls of the traditional church.

The term "Rhythm & Praise" was originated by recording artists with Ohio roots, Eric & Anson Dawkins in 1995. They wanted to have a term to describe the type of music they were making, since it was vastly different from Gospel and Christian music at that time. Today, some of the more notable artists that fall into this category are Kirk Franklin, Mary, Mary, and Stacie Orrico. R&P provides an alternative to mainstream songs that do not have family-friendly lyrics. Evidence that the genre is achieving a fair amount of success is that many of the all time best selling Gospel releases contain R&P tracks.

There is a new artist that is gaining notoriety in the R&P genre, and his name is David Dowlen. David, a Cleveland Ohio police officer, has just released a nationally distributed CD entitled, "Giving All My Praise" and it is making a strong impact. What makes "Giving All My Praise" so special is that it has many of the elements of mainstream music – attractive urban beats, catchy hooks and beautiful melodies. However, the message in the lyrics hit home with just about everyone. The songs are about everyday life and how God is present in everything we do. The CD is not only selling domestically, but in the UK, Japan, France, Spain and Germany.

David's brand of R&P is not only being heard by fans of Christian and Gospel music, but by consumers of mainstream urban and pop music. In addition, churches that feature Christian Contemporary Music (e.g. Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant) have embraced David's style of music as well.

David wrote all of the songs on "Giving All My Praise," and is also writing songs for other artists that are set for release in 2006. In a town that is desperately seeking to redefine itself, this emerging genre can possibly give Cleveland an identity in music.

David would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your article and talk about the impact that R&P music has, and how his CD is delivering words of encouragement to his listeners. With David being in law enforcement, he sees the influence of mainstream music everyday. He desires to provide a positive effect on those who listen to his music so that people can see that they have hope in Jesus and not in things that can land them in prison. - Sheilah Belle / THE BELLE REPORT

"Review- Kay3music (Home of A-Blazin Grace Radio)"

It is declared in the Word, that King David was a man after God's own heart, well along came David Dowlen to continue the legacy. Hailing from Cleveland, Oh with his freshman project, Dowden clearly desires to exhort the body of Christ to give God what He is due and encourage the lost to surrender to Him.

David's distinctive voice, psalmist ministry & executive production skills showcase the gifts of God within him. This project has the quality of most major label productions and feels like one too. Notable tracks: 'Quality Time" ( a moving ballad of God speaking to His child), 'Forgiveness' (gospel/blues flava), 'I Need You & You Get Me'(urban contemporary), the mellow, yet intense,'Giving All My Praise'. David closes out this disc with an altar call, as any time of ministry that has ended should!

Check out what David has to offer, for you may very well find your heart of praise joined in faith with his. Dowden has given his best to this project, but one can only think that there is still more from him to come. And we look forward to it!
- Regina K Foster

"Review- GOSPEL Flava.com"

Many Gospel artists are moving to really discuss the day-to-day issues of the believer. Newcomer David Dowlen does this in an urban contemporary setting, inviting the listener in on a ride that can only be made smooth by the foundation of God. That's the theme evident in each song on his debut album, Giving All My Praise.

CDThe project opens with the heartfelt, yet bumping, “I Need You”. The edge of the song drives home Dowlen’s message of pressing forward in God. He paints a picture of how important it is for us as believers to allow the Father to continue to be our source of strength and guidance.

On “Quality Time”, Dowlen addresses the Father’s desire for us to spend time with Him so that He can pour out His love onto us —another high-quality track to keep the album's groove riding strong.

“Consequences”, perhaps the project's most thought-provoking track, explores the results of various life-and-death decisions that we make. Set on a slow groove complete with strings and pan flute, this cut is one of many songs on the album that can be listened to repeatedly, primed for meditating on due to the depth of its message.

Dowlen enlists the talents of producer Eric Jackson on Giving All My Praise. The anointed chemistry of Jackson’s production and Dowlen’s songwriting creates an album that will easily reach and change those who take a listen.

Make no mistake; Dowlen is giving up all of his praise on an album with an anointed message for the people of God. - Andre Mullen

"Review- SoulTracks.com"

Cleveland-based singer/songwriter David Dowlen is a police officer by day, but you wouldn’t know it by his sweet first tenor voice, somewhat reminiscent of Tevin Campbell. And on his debut album Giving All My Praise, he shows himself to be a solid modern Gospel performer.

The opening cut “I Need You” is a bouncy, melodic number that is the most obvious single for Gospel radio, but there’s more to recommend on this album, especially the nice urban ballad “Quality Time,” the excellent, bluesy “Forgiveness,” and the danceable “Shout Praises.”

Overall this is a very nice debut and a great recording start for Dowlen. Recommended. - SoulTracks.com

"Gospelcity.com Review"

For the first twenty-two years, David Dowlen’s life included lots of singing and dancing. But the highlight over any accomplishment was his acceptance of Jesus, thanks to a particular family member.

The Ohio native shares his joys, struggles, and adoration on his debut CD, Giving All My Praise. Dowlen’s parents instilled strong work ethics and appropriate behavior, and by all accounts was a happy child, never being a troublemaker. He even won a regional Michael Jackson contest. That said, Dowlen lacked a relationship with Christ. Yet sister Janice, who died fifteen years ago, never relinquished her prayers and testimony. After high school, Dowlen served his fellow man in the Marines. Utilizing the values from his upbringing, he raises a teenage son. And continuing his childhood love, Dowlen sings his heart out each week with the New Community Bible Fellowship Church’s worship team, and has been featured at the annual River Concert Series, both in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Our dependence on Him can cleanse our souls, so states the opener, I Need Him. Dowlen shifts between vocalizing and a sharp rap break passing on “knowledge from the knowledge tree.” Got busy? Remember to put Quality Time with the Lord on your daily planner, because He hurts when you keep away: “It breaks my heart when you put things before me.”

With a dose of the blues, Forgiveness finds Dowlen’s pleading voice aiming to repent “despite my failures.” When we serve a God unhesitant to forgive, why not Shout Praises? Just “come grab a friend” and ride the funk and grind.

In the opposite end of the spectrum, the title track slows the rhythm roll yet provides the same sentiment. Unanswered prayers can cause frustration or confusion. I’m Still Waiting dispels fast food faith, but realizing His timing makes the difference: “Lord, I know my answered prayer will come soon.”

You Get Me reminds us to keep priorities straight. Dowlen plays a rocking guitar solo that meshes well with the stinging keyboards. Spreading the Word and losing our selfishness, Use Me directs us to remain sincere in everything God represents: “Spread Your truth for all to see, live a life of victory.”

And now for the R. Kelly-esqe soap opera. Consequences tells a wicked tale of the sinful web we weave.

If the internal pain seems to be killing us, Jesus Is The Only One who will wipe it away because of Calvary. Then Dowlen initiates the invitation for those CD listeners to partake in an enriched life in Christ.

For someone who has not experienced a major concert circuit yet, Dowlen possesses a double-edged talent sword with songwriting dissecting the finer points of Christian walking, and impeccable phrasing with his vocals. On the production wizard tip representing Cleveland, Eric Jackson elevates his credible one-man band with R&B-soaked quiet swoops and banging beats. The only mishap is where Dowlen and Jackson’s interludes are flat, but the thirty-second “Nails”, depicting when Christ was nailed to the cross, makes the best case.

Be on the lookout for this future gospelteer to give all the praises he can muster, bringing crowds to their feet and knees. Complete information about Dowlen is available at www.daviddowlen.com.
- By Peggy Oliver for Gospelcity.com


"Giving All My Praise"


Feeling a bit camera shy


The debut release of David Dowlen's, Giving all my praise is proof positive that God can work through any vessel he chooses. With a voice that is both smooth and unique and a gift of songwriting that touches the soul, David Dowlen hits the scene ready to glorify our savior.

"Music is so powerful" he says. "I draw all my power from Jesus Christ which is the true source of that power. I have always tried to write songs that were a true reflection of the things I personally struggle with or have gone through. Being able to help influence change as well as being used by God as he transforms someone’s life is phenomenal."

David's songs will definitely grab your attention. On the CD Giving All My Praise, his catchy hooks combined with his powerful lyrics will draw you in. This is a man who is definitely being used by God.

The album's title song Giving All My Praise, written as are all the other selections by David, is a beautiful praise song with a mix of lovely harmonies and melodies. "This song brings tears to my eyes," David says.

"I need you" is an upbeat, extremely funky song with David showing his versatility by actually rapping on this single. "Consequences" has an R&B feel with a message that will make everyone, young and old stop and think. "You get me" is a driving song with a rock feel. David shows some of his guitar skills with a solo at the songs end. "It will definitely get you up and out your seat."

"Quality time" is a convicting song with a smooth groove and hook. "You will be singing this one even after the radio’s turned off." David says, "It’s time to slow down and reconnect with God and give him some quality time."

David was born in Columbus Ohio. As a child, singing, music and dancing was always a part of his life. Unsaved until he was in his early twenties David’s musical influences ranged from Stevie Wonder to Commission . "I have always just loved to sing."

David was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, without a relationship with the Lord until the age of 22. His sister Janice who passed away in 1991 would always speak to him about the Lord. "David says that he wonders if he’d even have a relationship with Christ had it not been for her prayers and preaching to him."

One of the more pleasant qualities about David is his humility. "David says that when you clearly have a God given gift, it is your responsibility to use it in its proper respect. A prideful or non humble attitude concerning any gift that God has given you is a slap in the face of God I believe. My prayer is that I will always remain a humble Godly man, ready and willing to be used by him."

David also plays the guitar a little. "He says with a smile" I'm not as skilled as I'd Like to be, but I can carry a tune. David currently works in law enforcement. He joined the praise team at New Community Bible Fellowship church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio about three years ago. Being a member of our praise and worship team, I believe was a platform that God used to prepare me for such a time as this.

"If you had said a year ago that I would have a debut release of a CD and that I would be ministering my music to the body of Christ and others, I might have laughed."
Well Lord I guess you got the last laugh {smile}. Praise your holy name. My service from this point on is to help encourage and lift up others using the gifts that God has trusted to me.

I heard someone say that," the talent you have, is a gift from God. What you do with that talent, is your gift back to God."

BUY David's CD: http://www.cdbaby.com/dowlen