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David Elias

Hilo, Hawaii, United States | SELF

Hilo, Hawaii, United States | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"High Fidelity Review - The Window"

Every “great” recording requires “great” music, and that’s what this disc is all about.

The result can truly be considered a work of greatness. From the moment the disc begins, one is instantly grabbed by the intimate soundstage; Elias sings the majority of lines no louder than a whisper, almost as if all the songs are lullabies, but it sounds as if he’s doing so while sitting on your lap, such is the feeling of a real, confined acoustic space and a close proximity to the performers. The experience is startling, even to a hardened listener such as myself.

So to summarise, while it is true that the recording is ‘pure’ DSD and a superb example of the art, that aspect alone is not what makes it great – arguably, and depending on your allegiance, 192kHz PCM or vinyl could’ve achieved an equal or higher level of fidelity – the real stars of this disc are, in no particular order, the wholly-realistic multi-channel presentation, the superb, intimate performance by David Elias and his band, the production and the music. To suggest that the magic of the disc stems predominantly from the DSD recording and delivery chain is both unfair and possibly misguided, it would’ve been an outstanding work and wholly recommended regardless of format. ‘The Window’ is definitely one for your collection, even if all you have is a humble old Compact Disc player, the fact that it is also available in high-resolution is just the icing on an already scrumptious cake.

http://www.highfidelityreview.com/reviews/review.asp?reviewnumber=17575041 - Stuart M. Robinson

"Oasis SACD Demo"

"The Window's music and lyrics are just fantastic! And needless to say the recording is just extraordinary. Great stuff!" - Micah Solomon, CEO/President Oasis CD Manufacturing

("The Window" is the official Demo SACD from Oasis CD Mfg., selected for its musical and packaging quality.) - Micah Solomon

"High Fidelity Review (news)"

"A Reference Quality Recording Often owners of new SACD players and systems seek out reference quality SACD discs to really see what their system is capable of. After listening to The Window, I'd have to say that this SACD falls into that category.

The detail of the instruments and vocals on the album are outstanding and really show what a well made high resolution audio disc can sound like. This one is bound to be a favorite of folks music and bluegrass fans as well as SACD fans who want to listen to a well recorded album."

http://www.highfidelityreview.com/news/news.asp?newsnumber=19392028 - Brian Moura

"Take This Road - David Is Going Places"

David Elias' is just really something! He is a true, classic American Singer/Songwriter. He should be on the cover of Sing-Out. Or has he already? I don't know but he should be, and on a bunch of others.

"Take Me Down The Road" is one more great song by an artist who seems to have an treasure trove a great songs in his catalog.

This was recorded live and if you listen to the sound of those wonderfully played guitars, you'd almost not believe what you here. What a perfect sound! Those two guitars and that bass playing create a sound that you will grow to love with each time you listen to this little gem of a song. How those two guitars play cannot be overemphasized. Fingerpickin and strumming that complement each other with the bass playing some very tasty lines throughout the song. A Holy Trinity of Folk players has just shown up on your speakers or headphones. They are the three men I admire most!

David's voice is so personable, warm, lyrical and friendly. You can't learn that. That is an inborn gift that David just has and that the rest of us wish we did. You will always have a smile on your face or a lump in your throat when you hear David sing his songs.

David and his music are so the real deal, in every way. This music is, and I hate labels but folk music in its truest sense. There is a pure feel to everything David does. And it constantly amazes me. Please David put up more music will ya?!!

Or you can just go to his website.

This is one artist that you really should just go out and buy his CD. I did and I think you should too!!
- Guy Michetti - Review Crew/Mixposure.com

"Muzik Reviewz"

David Elias and his CD 'The Window' is the most spectacular and superb piece of art I have ever heard. Like a fine painting, he has taken and put all the strokes of the brush to the canvas and the outcome of this is the production of 'The Window'.

An Art collecting friend once commented that every home should have at least one piece of art in it, that is when you come to appreciate the talents, love and energy that an artist puts into his work. Well Folks! This is that piece of art you need, and believe you will appreciate every second, every minute, every instrument, every verse, every lyric.

David has the most unusual voice I have ever come across, he has a softness yet almost angelic-like sound and at the same time he brings in a bit of raspy tones. You can not help but fall in love with his voice. David Elias totally grabbed my heart and soul with his vocals, instruments and lyrics. What a awesome experience.....

http://www.muzikreviewz.com/DavidElias_cdrev.html - Mary Rudy

"UltraAudio Review"

Heartfelt. Heartland. Heartbreak. Honesty. Simplicity. True blue. Sure as an arrow. Right as rain. The real deal. These words and phrases rushed through my head as I listened to this disc.

David Elias sings in a voice somewhat reminiscent of Eric Andersen’s, and writes beautiful songs devoid of anything false -- his sincerity as writer and singer shines quietly through. He is backed by some wonderfully subtle virtuoso musicians on dobro, lap steel, mandolin, guitars, drums, double bass, harmonica, accordion, and keyboards. In this age of sound bites and political mudslinging, Elias’s music is refreshing. He doesn’t hit you over the head with it, but seems to say: "Come in, sit a while, and listen. Be at peace within yourself and with everyone else."

In tune with Elias’s musical approach is the honest recording. He recorded in live takes, without overdubs or splices. What you hear is what they got, and how wonderful it is. The sound is so natural, especially in the multichannel mixes, that I could swear the performers were right there in my listening room. The Window joins the exalted ranks of John McEuen’s Nitty Gritty Surround and Jorma Kaukonen’s Blue Country Heart as one of the best examples out there of acoustic high-resolution recording.
- Rad Bennett

"Audio Asylum Post"

"I love this disk. GREAT music and performances, very nice recording, both stereo AND surround!" - Micahel Bishop - Grammy Winning Recording Engineer, Telarc Records


The Window represents trips through Americana ala Guthrie and Lightfoot via loneliness and beauty. With an organic feel to the subtleties of the emotional strains of the instruments and providing the haunting ravages of time, David Elias becomes the voice of the soul in transit. Softly evaluating the feel of a summer wind and bemoaning the slides of seasons. With folk music as its braces, The Window becomes a bridge into the lore of life. - Matt Rowe

"Scout's Digest Review"

"I have played this album to a number of people, all of whom have different musical tastes and all of whom come from a wide variety of backgrounds..in Canda, in England and in Australia. Yep...I knew they'd be dumbfounded and as knocked out as I have been and it all goes back to what I said at the beginning of this review...this album's appeal goes far beyond the 'genres' it will be associated with..but that's quite alright!" - Colin Lynch, Scout's Digest Review - Colin Lynch

"Epinions Review #1"

After taking in about 20 seconds of The Window I realized just how mainstream my tastes have become in the past few years. Like someone walking into a theater after the flick has already started, I allowed my ears time to adjust. Now that I’ve had all this time to get acquainted, there are tracks that speak to me more than others. The Window is difficult to categorize, slapping it in the folk category is easy only because that is the nearest description, but it isn’t always completely fitting.

It could be a little bit of both, but regardless, the result is one of the most musical, detailed, and spacious recordings I've ever come across. I'm sure David Elias had a personal reason for using The Window as a title. For me however, the title is very fitting when referring to square hole in a wall with a band jamming on the other side. It sounds that good, and if you're a SACD fanatic, The Window deserves a slot in your collection.

http://www.epinions.com/content_114246323844 - Tony Flores


CDs and downloads online at http://cdbaby.com/artist/davidelias as well as iTunes and Amazon

Streaming on Pandora Radio
Streaming on www.davidelias.com

Elias Hi-Def downloads in stereo and 5.1 surround from www.iTrax.com

'The Window - Special CD Reissue' - May 2011 - includes bonus track 'Vision of Her'

'Live in San Gregorio', February 2009

'Crossing' [DSD/hybrid SACD], June 2005

'David Elias & Xing - Webcast Archive [DSD], Feb. 2005'

'The Window' [DSD/hybrid SACD]: 2003 (out of print)

'Illegal Copy #2': 2002

'Half An Hour Away': 2001

'The Blue Planet': 1998

'Time Forgets': 1997

'Lost in the Green': 1995


'The Window - Special CD Reissue' from 2011 includes award-winning songwriting backed by a stellar string band in Boulder, CO. Features Dish favorite Matt Flinner (mandolin/bouzouki), Sally Van Meter (dobro/weissenborn/lap steel), and John Magnie (Subdudes) on keyboards and accordion

'Live in San Gregorio' from 2009 features the large band (The CasualTees) including Roger Powell (Todd Rundgren/Utopia) on keyboards. Recorded to 24-track DSD.

'Crossing' is the second release as a hybrid multichannel (5.1 surround sound) SACD and has achieved high levels of critical acclaim in the professional industry for songwriting, performance and production. All star clientel from 'The Window' return for this studio recording directly to Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and mixed for both stereo and surround.

The 2005 Webcast Archive was promoted by Apple iTunes as "Tracks To Watch" and communicated to 2.5 million subscribers in the QuickTime newsletter.

'The Window' hybrid multichannel SACD was a final nominee at the 2003 Surround Music Awards in Beverly Hills, CA in the Horizon category for emerging artists. Winners in other categories at this pretigious event included Pink Floyd, Alison Krauss, Frank Zappa (honorary), Steely Dan and Queen.

Compilations included on:
- Oasis Pop Radio Sampler (track from Live in San Gregorio)
- Oasis Folk Radio Sampler (track from Crossing)
- Uncommon Ground/Oasis Indie disc for XM Satellite
- Computer Shopper UK (Cover Disc to 120,000)
- Oasis CD Mfg Radio Sampler Disc
- Best-Of CD Baby
- Best-Of EarBuzz.com
- Alive In San Gregorio (Vol 1 and 2)
- M.U.S.E. (Musicians United to Sustain the Environment).

Film Soundtracks included on:
- Jason Ward's "I Want To Blow Up Silicon Valley"

Current airplay on many public and college stations including Rich Warren's "The Midnight Special" in Chicago, as well as special shows on XM Satellite Radio.

David was a featured artist on Whole Wheat Radio in 2004 with Jimbob's comments "Every single one of David's songs blows me away!".

Digital Downloads available on all major sites including iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic, Sonify

Entire catalog of all independently released CDs online at http://cdbaby.com/artist/DavidElias as well as iTunes.



David Elias - Independent Acoustic since 1995

===== Recent Hightlights...

**** 2012 -- DSD Downloads -- Get the best in HD quality by downloading the DSF files directly from www.davidelias.com -- Original DSD master stereo mixes available as single tracks and as entire disc (DSD Disc).

****MAY 2011 - The Window - Special CD **** This award-winning HD 5.1 Surround Sound SACD has been remastered for both download as a DSD Disc for the audiophile community as well as pressed for CD using the highest quality single speed 1x mastering. Songs that many have found to be excellent examples of Americana, Folk, Country Folk or even Bluegrass are now online for CD/download at CDBaby. All-Star studio backing band complement the high imagery and poetic nature of these songs. Includes a bonus track also in stellar DSD sonic quality. Recorded in Boulder, CO and La Honda, CA.

***2011*** Creating and sharing videos on YouTube that are created using Elias HD photos of natural beauty (Hawaii and Calif/Oregon west coast) combined with both released and unreleased audio tracks. Targeted at providing meditation and relaxation or contemplation, more than the typical entertainment or shock-value. Goto http://youtube.com/davideliasvideo

*** 2010 Pioneering DSD Disc ***
Revolutionary HD approach to audio -- David released the world's first unsigned DSD Disc (Sony technology) as a DVD download. Ultra high definition of the award-winning audio reference caliber "Window" SACD is now online to download and play in the PlayStation3 or other equipment including Korg MR portable recorders and mastering machines, Sony Vaio computers and new Sony SACD players (XA5400ES).

More DSD Disc info and purchase at www.davidelias.com

**** 2009 - Live in San Gregorio ***** The large band of local heros including Roger Powell (Todd Rundgren/Utopia) on keyboards get behind original unreleased materal and create the magic many have come to love from the live performances (over 1000 since 1995).

===== BIOGRAPHY ======

David’s original work and contributions as a pioneer in the unsigned artist’s world of self-produced CD’s put him in front of the folk community nationally and worldwide at a very early Internet age (1995). He achieved numerous and frequent #1 charting on various large musical web communities such as MP3.com, Besonic, SoundClick, Mixposure, and IndieHeart.com (currently #1 artist for most plays) as well as others.

He has performed since 1995 out of the SF Bay Area for over 12 years and more recently in Hawaii (Big Island). Shows range in personnel from solo acoustic to large band (7+). These have frequently included festivals and benefits as well as local venues.

Not restricting his exposure to online outlets (breaking ground with CD Baby in 1998 and eventually Amazon, iTunes and 50+ others) David also attracted the discriminate audiophile community as an innovator in hi-def 5.1 surround sound recordings (SACD’s “The Window”, 2003 and “Crossing”, 2005). This met with industry recognition for excellence, including the Brutus award from Positive Feedback Online for both SACD’s and 4 different final nominations in the Beverly Hills Surround Music Awards, including "Listener's Choice".

David’s songwriting achieved early recognition from the likes of Billboard magazine and hundreds of reviews and comments online from fans, musicians and industry professionals. He has been compared to many great songwriters ranging from John Prine to Jim Croce to Nick Drake to Tom Petty to Dan Hicks to Arlo Guthrie to Bruce Cockburn, Paul Simon, early Dylan, Neil Young, among numerous others. His productions continue to be recognized for their outstanding articulation and impact, both lyrically, musically and sonically. He has indeed been referred to as both musician’s musician and a songwriter’s songwriter.

It is somewhat challenging to try to characterize the scope and impact of David’s work either chronologically or in a complete fashion. Working online as an independent artist for 15 years, he has been part of the dawn of many new discoveries in music and DIY approaches to sustaining art. Performing imore than 1000 shows, since 1994 and teaming up with dozens of different casts of characters from the deep roots of the Irish and Scottish to the quietude or rants of Americana and folk to the eclectic, bluegrass, rock and pop realms of those such as Jane Siberry (Issa), Sally Van Meter, Matt Flinner, and Roger Powell, David has spun many homegrown musical tales for the environment, local education and businesses, benefits galore, art shows, fairs and festivals, warehouses and lofts, beach parties, pubs and eateries, music halls and local cafes not to mention his own 10 released recordings and endless other collaborations. Perhaps it is summarized best as one fan online wrote: “…music for the heart and soul”.

• Independent singer-songwriter musician with first self-produced CD “Lost in the Green” released in 1995/96