Edward Gallagher

Edward Gallagher

 Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Tempting with passion and sincerity, alluring with melody. Acoustic rhythmic tones, harp wailing in the background breeze. A musician, storyteller, and patriot for poetic peace. A lover and dreamer. Unsigned DIY recording artist who wants to play for the Austin cats.


Inspired by an impromptu conversation with the band Deer Tick at the Paradise Rock Club on November 11th 2010, the artist formerly known as David Elohi returned to his Sonicbids account determined to give an application to SXSW one more chance. The following biography is geared towards that end: a performance on stage in Austin, TX during the SXSW music conference. This has been the musical aspiration of Edward Gallagher since March 2003 when he wandered off from a physics conference and found himself out on 6th Street.

Here is the story of a boy who one day decided he didn't want to go to school. It was Electromagnetism II and Quantum Mechanics that did it to him. Ultimately, Edward Gallagher chose the path leading towards a career into solar cell research, but not before he started playing the guitar. And not before he started wailing on the harp, and putting stories into musical form. It landed him on open-mic stages, and eventually his own headlining gig at the Tavern at the End of the World.

The ultimate goal of this artist for early 2011 is to head out from Boston in a direction south by southwest en route to Austin on a small tour in support of a SXSW performance. This artist would then follow up a week's worth of music in Austin with a Physics conference in Dallas, TX (Edward will be presenting a talk on Monday March 21st at the American Physical Society's annual conference, where he'll talk about membranes and chirality).

The ultimate accomplishment in a SXSW performance would be to find a supporting cast from one of the hundreds of bands that descend onto Austin and deliver an entertaining and engaging musical performance the likes of which Robert Zimmerman, Johnny Cash, Lou Reed, The Boss, and Young Neil have done surrounded by a set of musicians by their side. However, a simple seat at a small coffee house with the chance to lend a heartfelt and entertaining musical performance would mean the world to this artist. In particular, a type of performance that could be described as:

"Edward Gallagher takes to the stage like a folk character from the 1960s. Whether he's hammering out the notes on a melodic love ballad, or pointing fingers in poetic poignant protest, Edward Gallagher has a unique ability of striking a chord between the pertinent and the innocuous in his music, and its translation to the stage lends itself naturally to a new representation of the folk genre. His is a live performance shrouded with an overall theme of appeal and balance that is entertaining, lively, and fun, and is well-suited for any music festival side stage, singer/songwriter session, family event, anti-war gathering, or civil rights protest."

The tracks appearing here on Sonicbids are the latest versions of works in progress. Often rough and unpolished, almost always unapologetic, and typically recorded in one take, these versions are ultimately nothing more than an experiment in DIY musicianship. Everything, from the recording equipment to the production itself is taken up in house by Edward Gallagher. This will all change in the very near future, and recording for an LP, tentatively title "The Lonesome Death of David Elohi," begins in early 2011 with Mike Davidson http://www.mikedavidsonrecording.com/


Requests for additional tracks... General inquiries and questions... can all be made via email at musicedg@gmail.com


Dear President

Written By: Edward Gallagher

Dear Mr. President,
My friend is gone and dead
And there ain't no woman or man,
who's gonna bring that boy back from the dead

He went fighting with his head and his heart.
He went dying to save the stars.

Dear Mr. President,
My friend is gone and dead
Damn you Mr. President,
for sending my friend down to his death.

He went fighting with his honor and his heart.
He went dying to save the stars.

There's not a day I go...
All day long, I want you to know...

Dear Mr. President,
I called to tell you,
my friend is gone and dead.
Its not as if, I think you would care, sir...
I just wanted you to know,
I was wishing that you were the one...

There's not a day I go...
All day long, I want you to know

Song of the Penguins

Written By: Edward Gallagher

Once upon a time, the Big Oil companies went and did a little surveying of the land....
They traveled down to the southern most part of the world,
and there they found a wealth full of black gold.
So they grabbed the pipelines, and they grabbed the trucks....

There was only one little problem: the Inhabitants.
See, the Penguins, they called Antarctica home...,
and they lived there peacefully.

So those black gold diggers, in their devious ways,
had to come up with a plan to make the Penguins go disappearing....

"Where do the Penguins go swimming in the night?
The coast of Brazil, where I heard its nice....
You can sip martinis from sunrise to dawn...,
and look at the fine Brazilian women out dancing on the yachts....
I got two men working for me out in the yard
Not a man works like a Brazilian, from here to far...."

"I am a cool Mr. Penguin,
I don't fish in the sea.
I live a life of luxury.
I am a cool Mr. Penguin,
I don't need no fish in the sea.
I live a life of luxury..."

So all was good in the magical wonderful land of Brazil.
The Penguins grew accustomed to living the life,
of luxury and pleasantry....

But then Big Oil decided they needed more,
so they looked to the Brazilian shore...
They came up with a plan, talking about an Energy Crisis,
'Oh my, things will never be the same...'
They convinced the little minions out in the land, and together they all sang,
'Drill Drill Drill...'

So together they and the politicians presented their case to the Penguins,
and the Penguins said,
"Wait a minute..., wait a minute.., wait a minute, Man...
We know where you can get more Oil.
Back in Antarctica where we used to live, there is a bunch of Oil, hidden under the ocean floor
You gonna dig for mighty long, but you'll find it, we swear...."

Now, the Penguins had not been back home, in five long years.
And they didn't know that Big Oil had already destroyed their home,
so they bought in, and decided to show them, where they could find the oil flowing...

"Look at the old politician up on the Hill
Talking about an energy crisis, its time to drill
Go to Antarctica, where its so cold, you shiver
But its got your oil, its under the rift...
You gonna dig, dig, dig all day long,
but then you'll find it under the ocean floor,
while I sit thinking to myself, I could be here or that hell.
I like it right here in my Brazilian wealth, because..."

"I am a cool Mr. Penguin,
I don't fish in the sea.
I live my life of luxury...."

So when the Penguins got home,
what they saw they did not like.
Their home had been destroyed,
and they didn't think it was too nice.
So they decided to go back to the land of Brazil
But when they got back there,
that home had been destroyed too

"Look at the old politicians up on the Hill,
They got me thinking,
its time to kill.
They took my home, they led me on,
and I will fall down dead before I am wronged.
Well, I'm not gonna sit here and take it no more
I'm off to start an Environmental War.
Head down, here we go....
I will fall down dead before they take my home."

Eighteen 77

Written By: Edward Gallagher

The riders of the government,
they want me dead.
They say I am a crazy redskin Indian.
Atleast thats what I think they said.
I stopped listening in 1877.

The writers in the media,
they want me dead.
They say I am a crazy terrorist,
threatening the innocent.
Old Queen, she screaming, "Off with his head..."
I stopped listening in 1877.

Somewhere in the records of the government,
is every love letter that you've ever read.
Electronic servants coming in deciding,
who I am and who I think I am...
Electronic servants coming in deciding,
who, what, and when....

For Those With No Feet

Written By: Edward Gallagher

Little Sammy Striker,
he dreamed a horrible dream
And woke up with no legs and no feet

The Doctor called in,
"Boy, what have we done?"
"Doc, I got no legs and no feet."

So he worked out on an upper arm strength
To compensate for no feet.
When someone shouted run,
"Man, I knew I was done,
because I got no legs and no feet.
I got no legs and no feet."


Little Sally Livid,
she's out speaking tones,
of which I cannot repeat.
For fear that the drones, will take to the street
And take my tongue and my teeth
"The opposition's bite,
its so frail and so nice,
when they got no tongue and no teeth."
Its hard to shout run when you are under the gun,
and you got no tongue and no teeth.
when you got no tongue and no teeth.


Set List

Performer is prepared to play up to an hour with original material.
All set lists are determined for performance setting and overall atmosphere/mood of the gig.

Heyah Wayawa
Ol' Glory
Eighteen 77
Believe in Me
A Prince's Fairy Tale
Shadow Leads
Soldiers to War
Taxman Blues
Dear President (Bush)
'Lil Johnny
Song of the Penguins
The Power of Love
(working versions of all songs not appearing on this EPK can be requested at david.elohi@gmail.com)

Covers have included:
Redemption Song (Marley)
Masters of War (Dylan)
Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues (Dylan)
Needle and Damage Done (Young)
I am a Patriot (Little Steven)