David Essig and Rick Scott

David Essig and Rick Scott


Roots music legends Essig & Scott combine guitar, dulcimer & vocal harmonies in songs of life, love and loss seasoned with the literate wit and considerable kindness. Acoustic roots with one foot on the mountain and the other foot in the swamp, with influences of bluegrass, R&B and ole time country.


David Essig and Rick Scott released their CD collaboration DOUBLE VISION in February 2009. Their release tour continues with shows in BC and Alberta September through December 2009, and festival performances in summer 2010.

This is roots music in the tradition of the Canadian singer/songwriter with one foot on the mountain and the other foot in the swamp, with influences of bluegrass, R&B and ole time country.

Trish Clair-Peck on violin and Shelley Brown on acoustic bass perform on the CD and on selected dates.

After crossing paths on festival main stages for over 35 years, Essig and Scott now live 500 metres apart on tiny Protection Island in Nanaimo, BC.

Veteran producer/engineer David Essig recorded DOUBLE VISION at his home Watershed Studio and played 18 instruments on the CD. He has released 17 recordings as an artist and over 70 albums as a producer. www.davidessig.com

This is the first adult recording in a decade for dulcimer ace Rick Scott, lead singer of legendary BC trio Pied Pumkin and an internationally acclaimed family entertainerwhose 7 childrenÂ’s recordings have earned three Juno nominations and countless awards. www.rickscott.ca

DOUBLE VISION features environmentally friendly packaging and a 16 page lyric booklet designed by Valley Hennell with photography by Milena Essig and Mark Kaarremaa.

he CD is distributed by Outside Music and CD Baby.

CBC Radio 2 Canada Live recorded Essig and Scott's March 2, 2009 show for fall broadcast - hear it at http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/cod/concerts/20090302essig

Tour details www.myspace.com/davidessigrickscott.


The Promise

Written By: Rick Scott

You remember you were younger
and you found you had a song
For the first time in a long time
you felt that you belonged

Chances are taken
opportunities made
you try so hard
just to make a grade
and no one heard
the words you said
when you took that vow
oh somehow
this was going to be your life

You remember down on Main Street
when that first coin hit your hat
it was nothing
it was something
and you knew that there
was no turning back

You stare so long into the light
pretty soon it takes your sight
And all that you recall
is that on that night
when you took that vow
oh somehow
this was going to be your life

Now you're older
and you're wise
can you tell us what you learned?
I dont know but I suppost
That you've just got to play it
till it burns

And that is the blessing
and that is the curse
it will make you happy
and a whole lot worse
God only knows that you
did not rehearse
when you took that vow
oh somehow
this was going to be your life

Willie P

Written By: David Essig

I can still see you walking
through London in the night
in that crazy fireman's raincoat
that never fit you right
& we'd sit down on some park bench
Queen Victoria don't you cry
we've got the 5 star in our bellies
and the music in our eyes

IN a beat-up house in nowhere
you pulled out your first songs
and I flipped on that old tape deck
and we let it run till dawn
sent us stumbling to our senses
and your heartstrings wrung us dry
we were heavy with the beauty of
the music in your eyes

Sometimes you'd bet on ponies
that would come into the bar
they promised us a long ride
but they never took us far
away from all of our problems
they gave us bad advie
they put rhinestones in our pockets
and the music in your eyes

And the years poured out like bourbon and we walked on different roads
but I wrapped your words around me like a beggar in his robes
and when summer squalls will threaten to darken all the skies
I will find my tender refuge in
the music of your eyes

Wirtten by David Essig, 2007
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
"After heaing the news that my dear friend Willie P had died, I walked for days in the ancient city. It is a portrait of Willie in the early years of the London, Ontario folk music scene."


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Set List

All songs on the CD plus additional traditional and original repertoire. Sets are flexible in length.