David E White

David E White


Thought provokingly rich in metaohor, accoustic rock with influences of Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, John Mellancamp, and Gordon Lightfoot.


David E White acoustic sets draw the audience in with stories to encourage the heart. His stated purpose is to inspire people to pursue life with passion and purpose, and he does this with sincerity and sensitivity...blended with just enough humor to keep it light.

This is important, as David's life story is not so light. He lost hs father to a pedestrian/vehicle accident when he was 7 years old, and just 5 short years later, his mother pass away.

David writes his songs from a deep well of emotion, and loves to sing of hope, encouraging others in their journey.

David currently plays at churches, camps, coffee establishments (only the best coffee!) special events and communities throughout Saskatchewan.


Tell Me Why

Written By: David E White

I’ve been haunted by a question; it demands all my attention / How am I standing in this space / You seem to be moving, Seem to know what you’re doing / Looks to me you’ve got this cased / If you don’t mind – could you spare the time / To tell me why we’re here / Maybe it’s just a notion, but I can’t buy evolution / Too much detail in sight and sound /
Only leaves me with creation, to explain the formation / Of every mystery I have found / If you don’t mind – could you spare the time / To tell me why we’re here / No way to explain the choice - No way to explain the voice / Each fingerprint like a grain of sand /

What Does it Take (To Break Your Heart)

Written By: David E White

Searching for something – cannot see / Looking for more than just a memory
Walking together – through shifting sand / Holding tightly to the other’s hand
What does it take to break your heart / To feel a longing – to be complete
To a know a love – unselfishly /To be created – but walk away
Tears flow when you’ve been betrayed / When shadows darken – block the sun
Anguish tortures a love gone wrong / Leaves you standing – all alone
Silence echo’s


CD - Song for You - 11 originals
CD - The One I Run T0 - 11 Originals
CD - The Journey - 12 Originals
CD - Live at the Chapel - 7 Songs (3 Originals)

Set List

Sets are typically 45 - 60 minutes in length

Sometimes I forget
Cool With ME
Tell Me Why
The One I Run To
No Man's Land
I Need Your Grace
What Does it Take (To Break Your Heart)
Don't Walk way
I Choose
No Fun At All