David Fair

David Fair


David Fair is a breath of fresh air to the Pop Alternative/Rock World Music Scene. Expressing an honesty that is touching audiences wherever he performs.


David Fair, Nashville’s native son, is redefining two words: Artist and Entertainer. As an Artist, David is blessed with a diverse musical background, beautiful voice, and the ability to write lyrics that are grounded in the reality of life’s drama , no matter how raw. Born to a musical and songwriting family with strong Christian values, David spent his youth surrounded by music. His love of Folk music is what piqued his interest in pursuing a musical career . At age 15, David formed his first band, "Walt – Dizzy.” Their solid southern hard rock sound, paved the way for them to land gigs, opening up for bands such as Steppenwolf as well as headlining local shows throughout the South, where they developed a strong following. While still a teenager, David next joined the hard rock metal ban, Medicine Mann, as lead singer and co-songwriter, touring the south and opening for such bands as: Quiet Riot, Skid - Row, Warrant, Twisted Sister, and I Mother Earth. After relocating to San Francisco in 1999, he had the opportunity to open up for Artists such as Carlos Santana (Santana), and Eric Martin (Mr. Big). In 2001, David released his first solo album, which contained several stand out tracks like Crazy and I Am Certain. In 2003 he returned to his roots in Nashville… things had come full circle for him, both personally and professionally. In 2008 his performance of I Am Certain, written by his father, Joe Fair, topped the Independent Artist Christian Chart and reached 2 on Cashbox Magazine as well. David is currently promoting his latest EP titled “You Never Know”, which is also the title of the first single. The track is a collaboration with Big Vinny from Trailer Choir, an emotionally moving track that captures the fragility of life, and the importance of savoring each day with no guarantees for the future. David Fair , making music worth taking the time to hear.
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You Never Know

Written By: David Fair/Co-writer-Big Vinny

Theres a white cross on the side of the road
Sweet sixteen Emily Rose,
She worked all summer, just to buy that car,
She left her mama's house she didn't get that far

You could live a hundred years, or just one day
It can take you by surprise, with no warning
Life is so precious as fast as it comes it can go,
You never know
You never know

Old man Dawson, sittin' on his front porch swing,
Sippin on sweet iced tea his wife always made
She came out looking for his smilin' face,
But the Good Lord took him with,
Amazing Grace

You could live a hundred years,
Or just one day,
It can take you by surprise with no warning,
Life is so precious as fast as it comes it can go,
You never know
You never know

As they lay the roses on them,
And they put 'em in the ground,
They'll be a million angels singing,
when they play the trumpets sound,
I can hear them now

You could live a hundred years,
Or just one day,
It can take you by surprise with no warning,
Life is so precious as fast as it comes it can go,
You never know
You never know


My Hometown EP-May 2008
Produced by CJ Boggs and David Fair
Mixed by Scott "Gusty" Christensen and CJ Boggs www.mixmyband.com
Mastered by Ted Carfrae www.tcmmastering.com

Lead Vocals-David Fair
Drums-Christian Teele
Bass-David Garcia

My Home Town
Written by David Fair, Phil Roselle and Anthony Krizan
-Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Phil Roselle http://www.myspace.com/philroselle
-B3, Jon Coleman
-Backing Vocals, Colby Rose http://www.myspace.com/colbyrosemusic

You Never Know
Written by David Fair, and Big Vinny
-Acoustic Guitar, David Fair
-Electric Guitar, Scott Huff, http://www.scottyhuff.com/
-Percussion, Al Wilson (drummer with Taylor Swift)

I Like You
Written by David Fair and Billy Falcon
-Backing Vocals, Colby Rose,
http:// www.myspace.com/colbyrosemusic
-Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Phil Roselle, http://www.myspace.com/philroselle
-Piano and Keys, CJ Boggs

Lay Down By The Water
Written by Phil Roselle, Stephen J Maranaccio, and Scott Monetti
-Accoustic and Electric Guitar, Phil Roselle http://www.myspace.com/philroselle
-Piano and Keys, CJ Boggs
-B3-Jon Coleman
-Choir:M.E. Wilson, Colby Rose, Rachel Jane
Johnson, Kelley Nelson, Tyler Despres, and CJ Boggs

Life is good

Better Day 3:47 David Fair

All Fall Down 4:44 David Fair

Crazy 4:09 David Fair

Drive By Your House 4:44 David Fair

Hope and Dreams Come True 4:18 David Fair

Holdin On The Reins 4:22 David Fair

Run Fast 4:13 David Fair

Cool 4:04 David Fair

I Love U 4:18 David Fair

Life Is Good 4:47 David Fair

I am Certain 4:58 Life Is Good David Fair

You can listen to David's music on http://www.songplanet.com/artists/bands/3678/

Also, on the Independant Artist Charts

Set List

A typical set list for David Fair would include mostly originals written by David himself, along with several cover songs in the mix.
A typical set list would look like this. Each set is about 45 minutes long.

"You Never Know"-David Fair

"My Hometown"-David Fair

"I Like You"-David Fair

"Better Day"-David Fair

"Stuck On You"-Lionel Richie

"Crazy"-David Fair

"I Am Certain"-Joe Fair(David's Father)

"Your Love"-Outfield

"All That Matters"-David Fair

"Run Fast"-David Fair

"Life is Good"-David Fair

"California"-David Fair