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In Another World

Written By: David Fee

In Another World

Boy you hit the jackpot
Yeah, she was quite a crackpot
But then, who cares
When the whole world turns to stop and stare

She’s a picture to come home to
Even when she’s on the phone to
Her astrologist, her dealer, or her lover
Does it matter?

But in another world, in another world, in another world
You might have fallen for

The other girl with the lovely smile
Nobody wants to paint her
But those gentle eyes
Could show you places you’d never find on your own
Colours fade at the beauty parade
I’ll give you £2.20 for the choices you made
And a kiss on the lips to the girl you knew so long ago
She’s older now
Are you wiser now?

Come the day you lost the lot
When your Jackpot lost the plot
The police are there
The whole world comes to stand and stare

Now there’s no picture to come home to
You spend your morning on the phone to
A lawyer, a builder, and her mother
Should you bother
Did you love her?

I know you’ve tried (you’ve tried), you’ve cried (you’ve cried), you’ve beaten yourself up inside
Oh we all take a life time to see the light that shines

In another world, in another world, In another world
You might have fallen for......

The other girl etc............In another world.

Grapevine (Free wine)

Written By: David Fee

Grape vine (Free wine)

Grape vine, free wine, wanna know the story i can fill you in

she left, I’m down, picking up the pieces trying not to sin

I’m still breathing, most of the time it’s

Grape vine, free wine, why did she leave me, what was she thinking?

she’d say “I’ll drive”, was it all because of the drinking,

I’m still wond’ring, most of the time it’s....

Shoobobadoo, shoobobadoo, shoobobadoo, shoobobadoo

shoobobadoo........shoo, shoo, shoobobobadoo

Grapevine, free wine, gotta stop whining get myself a drink,
she’s out my life, keep saying that I won’t sink but

I’m still drowning, most of the time

Feeding my infatuation makes this situation go away again.
Drinking from that ruby fountain helps me climb this mountain
here we goes again, and again, and again and again and again and again

Grapevine, free wine, gotta find space , time to think
Just one lifetime, I can’t... live it like this
Grapevine, free wine, turn back the clock, but it’s over
I’ve cried, I’ve sighed, the booze....didn’t bring her closer

Grapevine, free wine, wanna no the ending, return to sender
she left, I’m fine, but I heard from a friend that she’s on a bender

I’m still guilty, most of the time

it’s shoobobadoo (grapevine free wine) etc