David Fenley

David Fenley


Lufkin, Tx born soul driven songwriter. Combines east Texas lyrics with the delivery of a Joe Cocker or Otis Redding. Might even surprise you with a beat box behind the guitar.


David is an entertainment workhorse. For almost a decade he has been playing great music across Texas and the US.

Until recently David had not completed an original project. His show was mainly cover songs "that you forgot you loved." He also prides himself on doing other peoples songs in such a way that he often hears they are better than the original. "I try to do songs the way I think the original artist might play it now...after they are sick of playing it the same way for years."

Spanning from oldies by Otis Redding or Johnny Cash all the way into a re-make of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," David's show is a must see if in the San Antonio area.

Also, with the new release of his first full length record titled "Pocket Full of Dirt" you will soon be able to hear his music on the Texas radio stations and on the web.

Check out David Fenley. You are sure to experience a fun show unlike any other acoustic experience.

Also look for his new side project...a full band called Poor J. Brown, another Texas soul full band actually working under the genre of Afro-Americana.


Pocket Full of Dirt-2008

Airplay soon

Set List

Wide variety. Originals are a blend of singer/songwriter, texas folk, and straight in your face soul. Cover songs range from old to new, from country to rap, and all in between. Dare you to stump him.