David Forest

David Forest

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Forest's lyrics are in the style of the great singer-songwriters of the 60s&70s (Nick Drake, Cat Stevens, James Taylor). His music holds the heart of a Fleetwood Mac or C,S,Y&N, and his stage performance might make you think of a young Freddy Mercury, Billy Joel or Elton John.


Growing up in New England I can remember countless car trips up to the White Mountains and lakes of New Hampshire listening to these epic mix-tapes which included Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Rolling Stones and Creedence Clearwater to name a few.

These artists and their songs became the essence of my developing musical soul - and made the weekend get-a-ways and camping trips to-this-day some of the most special memories I carry in my heart.

"Dreams That Aren't Mine", my first solo EP, was born out of me literally waking up one day in my 20s and wondering where the hell I had gone. I felt lost and didn't know whose life I was living or who I was trying to please. I think a lot of people lose some of their truth, that authentic ecessence that makes them so special, as they travel through adolescence and into adulthood. Writing "Dreams" reminded me that I'm a whole lot more than what culture/society/people want me to be - and it has led me to reclaim that child who rocked out to those fucking timeless songs in those long car-rides, and to recapture my essence. I'm still on that journey...


"Dreams That Aren't Mine" earned honorable mention in the New York Songwriting Circle in 2009 for the EP's title track. Billboard Worldwide Songwriting Contest honored "Famous" as one of the top songs of the competition and recently "Time Lord" placed as one of the top 5 Folk songs in the 2010 Song of the Year Competition.

Other David Forest endeavors include developing the lead role of Daniel in "Touched", Kristin Hanggi (Rock of Ages) and Ben Decter's (composer Off the Map) new musical. David played piano for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the “The Night Man Cometh” musical episode, and has co-written with a number of artists, songwriters and producers including Trifonic, Right the Stars and Warren Huart

Music continues to be a colorful treasure hunt for David Forest as he takes Thoreau's suggestion to heart: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.”



Written By: David Forest

Don’t wanna deal with cars or dogs or bills today
Just wanna light up a smoke and blow it all away
You see my life always brighter in my head
And these days are getting lost, alone in bed

I wanna control what I just don’t known
Don’t wanna believe what my eyes can’t see
Just wanna pretend that everything’s alright
Send me a message, write me a note,
I’m not coming around, so you can leave me alone

And let me whine

I wanna be famous
I wanna break free
I want the whole world to fall in love with me
I wanna pretend that everything is all right
I want admiration; I can find it at the top
I want to make up for everything that I’m not
I wanna pretend that everything’s alright.

There’s nothing in this world to make me happy, (oh no)
It’s an elusive gift that cannot be defined,(but its on my mind)
By someone else’s life, or words, or action
It’s generated by a well that’s runnin dry
So I’m gonna turn up the music and lock all the doors
Tune it all out, put my face into the floor, convince my mind

I’m gonna be famous
I’m gonna break free
Gonna watch the whole world fall in love with me
I’m gonna pretend that everything’s all right (cause it’s all alright)
I’m gonna look up, even when I feel down
I’m gonna get tough, gonna turn it all around
I’m gonna pretend that everything’s alright

I’m either one man saving the universe through sound
Or a piece of shit the world revolves around
Don’t want to face my problems but I know I should
This isolation never felt so good

Don’t wanna deal with cars, or dogs, or bills today…

Just wanna be famous
Just wanna be free
Just want the whole world to fall in love with me
Just wanna pretend that everything is alright
I want admiration, I can find it on top
I wanna make up for everything that I’m not
I’m wanna pretend that everything’s alright

Now that I’m famous
Now that I’m free
Now that the world knows its all about me
I can pretend that everything’s all right
I can get up, be myself and unwind
Don’t have look back, I get to let it all shine
And I can pretend that everything’s all right
I just want to pretend that everything’s all right
I don’t have to pretend that everything’s all right


Dreams That Aren't Mine EP - David Forest (First solo release) November 2009

"Growing Distance Part 2" Trifonic - (Single, co-writer, TV placement)

Set List

Dreams That Aren't Mine
Orders From A Throne
Time Lord
Occasional Silence
Keep On Climbing
Just As Satisfied