David Fountain

David Fountain


My music is the result of everything that I've ever seen, heard, or felt. When writing and recording, I consciously attempt to create songs that have a timeless feel. My goal is to write songs that stand on their own merits, regardless of instrumentation or arrangement.


Multi-instrumentalist and singer David Fountain was born into a musically-inclined family in Conyers, Georgia in 1980. Nights were often centered around the family’s worn-out upright piano, where he fell in love with close harmonies. This love would serve him well in college, as a member of Emory University’s (Atlanta) No Strings Attached. In 2000, the Contemporary A Cappella Society named him one of the 5 best college-aged singers in America for his work with the group.

After graduating from Emory, David moved to New York City for graduate studies in Music Technology at NYU. While there, he formed the Steely Dan-influenced Willie Mays Haze and went on to share the stage with Dickey Betts, The Spin Doctors, State Radio and The Radiators at renowned venues such as Kenny’s Castaways and The Knitting Factory in New York and Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT.

The band disbanded in late 2006 and Fountain found himself roaming the country, from Connecticut to Cape Cod to Colorado. In the foothills of Boulder, inspired by the solitude and overwhelming beauty of the landscape, Fountain started writing the songs that would become his debut release, “The Happy Tastes Like the Sad”. He moved back to Georgia and began a career as a solo musician.

Wearing its influences (George Harrison, Big Star, Magnetic Fields) proudly on its sleeve, “The Happy Tastes Like the Sad” is a stunningly sincere debut that covers a wide range of musical territory, from jazz (“St. Sore Eyes”) to Tin Pan Alley (“Someone Who Loves You”) to soul (“Lost at Sea”) to country (“Damn Situation”). The album was recorded at Nickel and Dime Studio (Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins, Sister Hazel, The Coathangers). A tour of the Northeast, including a prime show at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC, will take place in mid-November.


Someone Who Loves You

Written By: David Fountain

Well the rain washes away
The remains of the day
When you're in the arms of someone who loves you

And the pain of your restless years
Will be forgotten and your fears
When you're in the arms of someone who loves you

If you feel a little spark
Don't be scared it's just your heart venting
All the love that you save for me

Someday you might find
Arms stronger than mine
But don't mistake might for right

And when you're 93
You'll read your own biography
In the arms of someone who still loves you

You'll turn around and smile
For the arms holding you are mine
They're the arms of someone who'll still love you
Someone who'll love you

Damn Situation

Written By: David Fountain/Ben Halperin

Blue-eyed girl with a summer smile
Been too lonely for a little while
And it's the same damn situation

Sunday morning and it's shot to hell
The telephone's ringing like a chapel bell
And it's the same damn situation

Oh I love you
Oh god damn I need you
Oh I want you
But I can't believe you

Blue-eyed girl you've got your head in the clouds
I tried to love you but you're way too proud
And it's the same damn situation

You broke my heart and you wrecked my mind
But you can't fool me a second time
Cause I've been in this damn situation

I know you're feeling kind of pitiful
Yeah cause you're just like me
I know you too damn well
Now the scope of this ain't biblical
It's only you and me
The choice is yours but the story's mine to tell

I sang for love I sang for joy
I sang out all the sins of a blue-eyed boy
And it's still the same

Lost at Sea

Written By: David Fountain

When we slow danced in the kitchen
As the melody faded away
My hands on your hips would linger
Long after the band had no more to say

All I have now is a voice and a song
A moment of your time and I won't keep you long
But on the horizon something evil does stir
And I need you to stay here with me

I'm lost at sea

Like the expressions unchanging
In pictures you cut from an old magazine
I froze for just a moment
Found the world spinning on without me

All my charts and my maps do no good
I'd guide my way by the stars if I could
But every day just brings another rain cloud
Til I find my way back to your shore

I'm lost at sea
Nowhere to be
Holding onto the hope
Something strong out here can carry me
And tied to my mast, the sins of my past
They keep threatening to pull the whole thing down on me

Well I'm alive and I'm free
But I'm lost at sea

St. Sore Eyes

Written By: David Fountain/Jonathan Sparks

I must confess, I'm lost and I'm a mess
Though I try not to obsess
I'm caught in between the good life and the evil dream
So let me get this off my chest:

You say "It's better to lose somebody
than to never ever love at all"?

St. Sore Eyes
I don't believe the words you've spoken
Did you never have your heart broken in your life?
St. Sore Eyes
Oh it's time to take some chances
And leave your empty words behind

Now you seem to be
The kind of person that would choose his words more carefully
So pardon my dismay
You just don't ring true today
Why can't your sad sore eyes see

That a love never known and never grown
Is better than one set free?

If the future's predetermined
Then what's the point in trying
When you already know what I'm gonna...

Waste Not, Want Not

Written By: David Fountain

Waste not
Want not
Feel not
Love not
And don't worry bout changing your mind

Feel when you can't see
Know that you don't know
Feel all you can feel
But no more than what is needed
Take all you can hold
Breathe all you can take
Touch, touch but don't hold
Hold on but don't let go

I'm not inclined to believe
But I'd like to think that there's something more
Than what our feeble eyes allow us to see
So just try to breathe

Things will be close to your heart
Then gone in the blink of an eye
Beware of feelings that linger inside
Just try to breathe


2007 - The Happy Tastes Like the Sad (solo)
2006 - Pretending as a Monster (Willie Mays Haze)
2001 - Orbiting Venus (Dave and Paul)
2000 - Amen (Dave and Paul)
1998 - Almost Friday (Uncle Cha Cha)

Set List

The set list varies depending on the length of the set and the nature of the show, but a typical concert is about 80% original music and 20% covers. The covers can range from jazz standards to 70s power pop to modern indie rock.