David Fredrick Lochelt

David Fredrick Lochelt


Philisophical yet simple. Intricate yet passionate. Sad at times yet sarcastically funny and clever. Forty years of music full of personal adventures from the life of a bad boy drop out, army veteran & world traveler. Detuned guitars, harmonica in a rack, poetry americana.


40 years of playing music has offered me an incredible education. I have a PHD. in dues paying and road wear. At times I was ready to give in to the thought that my parents were right. That I would do nothing and go nowhere. However I somehow managed to stay alive and get to the point where I became quite proficient in my trade and somewhat interesting and even funny.
I started writng songs when I was 14. The pen still moves and the thoughts still flow. The melodys still lust after the poems and the soul still bares itself. I love music and I still love to play. I like to taylor a fine tune and tell a great story. I get high on the salt of the earth and I don't demand much in return. I'm still a "going to be" not a "has been".
When we play you can understand what we're saying both lyrically and instrumentally. You can drift in and out without getting your ass whipped and we'll talk to you and look you in the eye.


A West Texas Love Song

Written By: David Fredrick Lochelt

Maybe things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would be by today
In my plan I was twice the man and my portrait had more color
You know plans are like unruly children
Outcomes are just a bet
Life turns out to be a gamble I ain’t broke even yet

Is a middle-aged crisis a hormonal disorder or is it a moment of truth?
Is it wisdom that sees the aging dilemma is it a resurrection of youth?

Count your blessings some will say hey I do my homework everyday
But my mind is such that it wanders I never got good grades anyway
I think it’s funny how knowledge can mislead
It just boils down to how hard you will work so you can justify your needs

I hitched a ride in New Mexico it was Juanita in stolen Lexus
She was drunk and drove too fast went off the road in Texas

Top Ramen for breakfast, Top Ramen for lunch, Top Ramen for dinner for about 10 months
The monosodium glutamate made them all go blind
Now there’s a lawsuit
There’s a million dollars
Buy a hell of a seeing eye dog put diamonds on his collars

She knocked down a fence and the cattle went out on to the highway
I was rounding them up when Juanita took off with my guitar in her trunk

I reached for the moon but my fingers got stuck in my next door neighbors pony tail
We got married but got a divorce we couldn’t decide which house to put up for sale
But I still like her, we still have sex
I call her Juanita and she calls me Tex

Juanita, Juanita the troubadours declare the rivers of want that flow in your hair
Juanita, Juanita of the hearts that you claim be kind & be gentle to the one that bears my name

Damned Lucky

Written By: David Fredrick Lochelt

I came through the system a bit tattered and torn
Maybe too rebellious, definitely too forlorn
Money eludes me but love it includes me
I’m lucky, lucky that way

I have reoccurring nightmares, my fear sneaks into my sleep
Hell I might as well tell you Viet Nam kicked the crap out of me
But I wake up in a soft sober bed, knowing that crap’s just in my head
I’m lucky, lucky that way


Lucky… to have strength beyond my character
Lucky to have friends that showed me how to
Lucky to see through this veil of dishonesty
And lucky, damned lucky to have you

What’s worth what their asking if you can’t afford the time
If a kiss is only pocket change then life aint worth a dime
Me I play the grasshopper’s part
Whistle in the dark and lead with my heart
I’m lucky, lucky that way

Repeat chorus 2x


Written By: David Fredrick Lochelt

I was hot, I was tired from working and I stopped to
Get something cold to drink I was thinking maybe that
I would say something funny to the girl at the counter but
My hands were so dirty

I was young I was full of something I should have bottled
And saved for a day like today when I wanted to confront the
Idea that a man can work until he says that’s enough
Not some pain in his back

I’ve got to say good-bye to that cowboy who we thought was
Eye/I catching fireflies and lighting up the lives of young ladies and old foremen
Who never saw a man work that hard

That old lamp on the nightstand illuminates the rider of the purple sage
And old guitars lean against the wall waiting patiently
For strong loving fingers to caress their necks

Two paragraphs of make believe the book lays open on a chest
Who pushes snoring echoes into a land built on the backs
Of colored faceless warriors wounded by the greed
Of those who never listen


Wake up at 5:30 no alarm is heard only the dawning of America
Calling all its workers with the hope of someday knowing
That we’ll laugh and sing and hold the ones that are grateful
That we gave ourselves away

And sure enough the answer to a nagging thought
Comes rumbling down a weary road sounding like a
Tractor pulling lines of reason on a face that spells
Hope every time it smiles

Chorus (2x)

Set List

Three hours original material. May be modified into any time schedule.