David Garver

David Garver

 Taos, New Mexico, USA

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My Little Hurricane

Written By: David Garver

Well I woke up in the morning on the burning plane.
I had an anchor in my pocket and two Hurricanes.
A mother and a daughter spinning around.
my feet leave the bed but they don't touch the ground.

And they are so inspiring and so extreme.
I gotta fix my windows maybe once a week.
But I knew it was a blessing even though they said it was all wrong.
I fell deeply in love with a kid and her mom.

oooh.......she is my little hurricane!

And your mother and me fell in love in a thunderstorm.
And we hid out in the desert where the rain was warm.
And suddenly there was a clearing and all the stars did see,
how someone like your mom falls in love with me.

and the first step you took was in my living room.
and I gave you a star and a new pair of boots.
That star is still shining and the boots have grown worn.
I wish I had been there on the day you were born

oooh.....she is my little hurricane.

And she woke me up in the middle of the night.
she said "Dave I need some water."
She drank all the cup and kissed me goodnight.
She is my stepdaughter..

Woah.....she is my little hurricane