David Gemoll (DXG)

David Gemoll (DXG)


emotions in their truest form are imperfect, uncertain and raw; i wanted to capture that truth in song. these songs are complex sonic landscapes, nurtured by a unique style fueled by emotion. i believe my music is a guitar driven audio experience like no other...


"why did you quit your 'real job' to play guitar?"
david gemoll:
“The question is really; 'Why did I quit playing guitar to pursue a ‘real career’ in the first place?' no one can explain why they abandon their dreams, they can only explain why they don’t abandon their nightmares.”

if you are wondering "who is David Gemoll?" I am just a man filled with fear, hope and love; if you want to know more look through the window created by these songs.

i write, record, produce, design & manufacture everything in my home studio. music on a budget is not stress free.

i use Sonar with a PC running Windows. I have a 2.5 TerraByte disc array where the music is stored. at 10mb a minute for stereo audio, 100+ songs can take a lot of space.

muddy waters, jimmy page, edward van halen, jeff beck, todd rundgren, tommy bolin, ian anderson (jethro tull), miles davis & weird al yankovic

what sets me apart? i believe music today is "too perfect"; i am a perfectionist, but not at the cost of sincerity or authenticity.

i also believe music today is copying artists of the path, very little is unique...especially lyrically.

i am not opposed or against singers; just have not crossed that bridge yet.

i have a saying "what do i have to say that hasn't already been said by Robert Plant, Paul Stanley or David Lee Roth?"

what is my story? i spent my twenties chasing the dreams of others...after standing 10 hours away from death, at the hands of a virus, i began the process of taking my life back.


sinner - EP

in addition to 100 plus songs in pre-production

Set List

currenty do not perform live