David Glaser

David Glaser

 Annapolis, Maryland, USA

David Glaser is a Folk/Americana songwriter and recording artist known for his unique voice, his instrumental skill, and his powerful songs. David's style, playing and singing bring to mind such greats as Richard Shindell and James Taylor. "...sweetness, like a Baltimore summer Sunday." - David Morreale (Host of Baltimore Folk Series SNAFU)


"David's songs are like the gentle tap of a velvet hammer on the bell of your heart." - David Morreale (Host of Baltimore Folk Series SNAFU)

An award winning songwriter and instrumentalist, David Glaser has been recording and playing live music from the 70's forward, either as a solo artist, a band member, or a side man (see www.davidglaser.com for pictures & bio). In recent years David has been making his presence felt as a solo artist in the acoustic/folk songwriter scene. You may have seen him on the Main Stage at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival (Kerrville, TX) or Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (Hillsdale NY). David's 2nd solo CD, "Cars & Lovers" (2009) played well on Folk Radio with the popular titles “Picture in My Car” and “House in Baltimore”. David's songs are lush and evocative, and are delivered with the solid stage presence of a seasoned, accomplished performer. His versatile guitar, mandolin, and harmony singing skills have made him a sought after side man and studio musician. He has performed regularly with Lowen & Navarro, Dan Navarro, Ellis Paul, Laurie MacAllister (Red Molly), Stephanie Corby, and Bob Sima, among others. David's newest CD, "Caffeine & Nicotine", is completed and will be released shortly. David is currently working on an all cover CD of songs written by his friends, and a live-in-studio "best of" CD for release in the immediate future, as well as an all-new original CD.

About "Caffeine & Nicotine" (2017):
David's latest offering is another themed project, with songs inspired by his family, life and times - with most containing some reference to coffee and/or tobacco. The songs' subjects touch on love, addiction, aging, poverty, soldiering, and life on the road, just to name a few. The project includes co-writes with good friends Jonathan Byrd (Chapel Hill NC), Karen Mal (Austin TX) and Kim Miller (Wimberly TX). The CD is finished and release is imminent as of this writing.

About "Cars and Lovers" (2009):
The February 2009 release by singer/songwriter David Glaser is centered on the intertwined themes of the highway and the heart. This ten song genre-bending collection shows David’s range as a writer, and as a player, incorporating elements of blues, folk, rock, and country into a delicious Americana stew. Spicing up the flavor even more are inspired guest vocal performances by fellow songwriters Chris Trapper and Karen Mal, and exciting instrumental work by Ryan MacMillan (drums, Push Stars, Matchbox 20), Mike Hardwick (pedal steel, Eliza Gilkyson) and Eleanor Whitmore (violin, Slaid Cleaves, Kelly Willis).

Kerrville Folk Festival - Main Stage Performer

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival - Main Stage, Workshop Stage and Children's Stage Performer

Mountville Follk Festival - Main Stage Performer
Susquehanna Music & Arts Festival - Main Stage Performer

Praise from David’s contemporaries:
“He sings straight from the heart ..” – Dan Navarro
“’House in Baltimore’ is masterful..” – Buddy Mondlock
“David opens the door into his heart, where honesty is everything.” – Jonathan Byrd
“David Glaser delivers melody-driven masterpieces” – Stephanie Corby
"A kick-ass multi-instrumentalist!" - Telisha Williams

Current performance schedule and preview tracks posted at www.davidglaser.com and http://www.facebook.com/pages/David-Glaser/45491472139


Picture In My Car

Written By: David Glaser

I keep your picture in my car
sometimes I have to drive so far
I made a compass of your likeness
it guides me back to where you are

I keep your picture in my car
from Coney Island to Del Mar
It’s nice to know that you’re beside me
no matter where you really are

I keep your picture on the dash
as I pass through these little towns
And if I should drive too fast
you tell me to slow it down

I keep your picture in my car
my guiding light and shining star
‘cause in my heart that’s what you are
I keep your picture in my car

I keep your picture in a frame
Its’s made of plastic, scratched & old
but I see your smile and say your name
it might as well be made of gold

I keep your picture in my car
From Niagara to Lamar
It’s nice to have you there beside me
no matter where you really are

it’s good to know you’re right there with me
I keep your picture in my car

Lie To Myself

Written By: David Glaser

if i had to choose between myself and you
would i be brave and pass the test like heroes do
I could stand by you and take a bullet through the heart
or run away and so avoid the messy part

the knights in shining armor we all want to be
could slay the evil dragons in my fantasies
But i am just a coward dressed in hero’s clothes
when the chips are down i don’t know where my courage goes

honestly - i don’t think that i know how
to tell the truth - Can I be honest with you?
Truthfully - I am my own worst enemy

when I lie to myself
lie to myself more than anyone else
lie to myself
more than anyone else - I lie to myself

I think of all the times that i have run from you
when facing facts just seemed too hard a thing to do
I’ve replayed all our conversations in my head
but I can’t rewind and fix the stupid things i said

living in the culture of the credit card
we all need bigger houses & brand new motorcars
the things you buy defining who and what you are
i could give it all away and just keep one guitar

Cars and Lovers

Written By: David Glaser

I saw you in the showroom all shiny and new
surrounded by all the new models like you
and your chrome and your leather and your paint job captured my eye
and I had some time, so I asked the salesman if i could take a test drive

so we drove through the backstreets of my little town
and i revved up your engine and put your top down
and the feel of your wheel in my hands and the wind on my face
was the promise of all the places we’d go
and all of the roads we would take

Cars and lovers - made for each other
so many highways and so far to go
i couldn’t see - a breakdown was coming
that would leave me out walking alone in the cold - with no ride home...

I shook hands with the salesman and drove from the lot
to my home in the shiny new car that i’d bought
then i washed you and waxed you and i checked the air in your tires
and i promised to love you and keep you long after your
factory warranty expires

but sometimes you get busy and put off your chores
now there’s stars in your windshield and dents in your doors
and the glamour and amorous feeling - started to fade
and i wondered about your book value
and thought that it might be the right time to trade

Repeat Chorus

but the leather will crack and the finish will fade
then it’s off to the junkyard where you will remain
until somebody claims you and fixes you up
repair all the damage and sweep up the dust
and if nobody finds you’ll stand there and rust
in the wind and the sun and the rain - never to be loved again

so i cleaned out your glove box and under your seats
signed all the papers and handed over my keys
and i stood on the curb as the wrecker hauled you away
and i swear that you looked just as beautiful then as you did
on that very first day


Written By: John VanDyke and David Glaser

I went to see Virginia - I went to see my blue
I could not stand another day away from you
but your mountains were clouded
and the rain was coming down
oh, why can’t your way be found

Back when I was younger - many years ago
I thought by now I’d be a little farther down the road
but I found too many reasons to stop along the way
but I’ll find that road again someday

I’ve been going in circles and I think it’s insane
it might take a little longer, but I’ll see you again

but I’ll hold out and I’ll stay out
and it might not be soon
but I’ll walk among the shadows of you
yes I’ll walk among the shadows of you

Caffeine Nicotine

Written By: David Glaser

Caffeine Nicotine
Daddy at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette
drinking black coffee watching black & white TV
Momma at the stove with her apron on
she says breakfast is ready now who wants some
and Daddy says babe I got everything I need

He loved Caffeine and Nicotine
early in the morning he could be so mean
but it’s alright - he hasn’t had his coffe yet
he’ll be ok - soon as he smokes a cigarette

Standing at the bathroom mirror getting ready to go to work
Curlers in her hair and red lipstick on her cup
Better get moving now she’s gonna be late
but she just can’t seem to get her face on straight
‘til she gets the other half of what she needs to wake up

She loved Caffeine and Nicotine...

Pop’s in his bent wood rocking chair listening to the radio
Yellow stained fingers from 40 years of Lucky Strikes
He always told me to stay away from those
He said I’ve got 2 vices and 2 alone
And he swore he’d quit ‘em but the time was never right

He loved Caffeine and Nicotine...

Charlie's Place

Written By: David Glaser

Charlie’s Place

Red was the color of Charlie’s little place
red like the sun going down
when i read in the paper that Charlie passed away
I remembered the day they tore Charlie’s Place down

Don’t you know they tore Charlie’s Place down
The dozers came and razed her
and they paved that hallowed ground
she was a beautiful ramshackle
a bluegrass tabernacle
and there’ll never be another in my town
(3rd time: now she’s gone and Charlie’s in the ground)
Don’t you know they tore Charlie’s Place down

Blue was the color of the young girl’s eyes
blue as the Chesapeake Bay
I played blues my guitar sunday nights at Charlie’s bar
That girl she came to see me and I stole her heart away
Repeat Chorus

Black is the color of progress and change
Black like the widow’s veil
The asphalt is black on the parking lot out back
of the building they erected after Charlie’s place failed

Concrete River

Written By: David Glaser

Concrete River

I wonder where you are tonight, I wonder if you’re driving
on a winding concrete river in a raft of glass & steel
The darkness interrupted by a lonely bright oasis
a full tank and a coffee, and you’re back behind the wheel

long is the road that lies between us
and many are the days since you’ve been gone
may the angel on your shoulder guide you safely through the night
And may the concrete river bring you home
May the concrete river bring you home

I wonder where you are tonight I wonder if you’re sleeping
and what melodies and visions glide across your silver screen
Maybe curled up in the back seat a few short hours til morning
parked there at a rest stop on the interstate of dreams

Repeat Chorus

I wonder where you are tonight I wonder if you’re happy
I say my little prayer and send it out across the miles
I hope you have a special place and people there who love you
And I hope you’ll make it back to them before too long a while

Repeat Chorus


Caffeine & Nicotine - release pending
Cars & Lovers - 2008
Reunion - 2004
Father's Day - 2002
Guitars From Mars - Live on Planet Earth - 1995
VanDyke & Glaser Band - Rain Dance - 1991
VanDyke & Glaser - Live at Middleton's - 1990
Karen Mal - The Space Between - 2007 (co write - "Everything About You")
Charlie Roth - Tavern Puzzles - 2007 (co write - "Tavern Puzzles")
Teresa Storch - Stream of Concrete - 2008 (guitar and mandolin)
Bob Sima - Periphery - 2008 (guitar and mandolin)
Bob Sima - Songs From the Bright Side - 2012 (electric guitar and mandolin)
Greg Klyma - Rust Belt Vagabond - 2008 (vocal)
Marci Geller - Open Book - 2012 (electric guitar and mandolin)
Linda Nelson - Wilderness - 2005 (guitar and vocal)
Linda Nelson - Might - 2009 (guitar, mandolin & vocal)
Linda Nelson - Waiting on the Moon - 2011 (mandolin, octave mandolin)

Most titles on this list are available online at CD Baby or iTunes.

Set List

30 minute opening set:
Everytime I See You (Cars & Lovers)
Lie to Myself (Cars & Lovers)
Filling a Box (Reunion)
Elvis Presley Boulevard (Reunion)
Concrete River (Unreleased)
Picture In My Car (Cars & Lovers)

60 minute feature set:
Everytime I See You (Cars & Lovers)
One Foot Out the Door (Cars & Lovers)
Cars & Lovers (Cars & Lovers)
Filling a Box (Reunion)
Elvis Presley Boulevard (Reunion)
Caroline (Unreleased)
Texas Every Time (Cover - Jonathan Byrd)
Concrete River (Unreleased)
Everything About You (co write w/Karen Mal, unreleased by me)
Reunion (Reunion)
House In Baltimore (Cars & Lovers)
Picture In My Car (Cars & Lovers)
Lie to Myself (Cars & Lovers)

The above 60 minute feature set can easily be extended to a 75 minute feature set by adding one more cover and 2 more DG songs, such as:
The Young Slaver (Jonathan Byrd)
Below a Marble Stone (Trevor Mills)
Ireland's Green Shores (trad/Tim O'Brien)
Polly on the Shore (trad/Fairport Convention)