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"Proving they can Haack it"

Proving they can HAACK it
By Tony Solano - The Daily Iowan
Published: Thursday, September 9, 2004
Just one year ago, David Haack was a solo musician with a demo album trying to get his foot in the door. Not only did his foot get in, but the door was pushed wide open, allowing him and the rest of the David Haack Band to step comfortably inside. Friday night at the Q Bar, the group will celebrate the release of its first full-length album, Not So Far.
"I wish we didn't have the name that we do now," Haack said. "All of us respect being in the David Haack Band, not because of David Haack at all, but because we are a band now. It's so great to be able to lose myself in the band."
In December 2003, Haack returned to his home town of Ankeny, Iowa, to surround his acoustic guitar and lead vocals with electric guitarist Ryan Pearson, bass player Colin Peterson, and drummer Patrick Baker to form the group.
"The name issue really isn't an issue anymore," said Peterson, who, at age 23, is the group's oldest member. "Even if we were something like the Silly Nillies, it's totally irrelevant. We are a band, and everybody's been able to gel really well."
Not So Far was originally scheduled to be a six-song EP, but when the band began recording at Catamount Studios in Cedar Rapids, it discovered that it had time to add songs and create a full album.
Haack said the members were well-prepared even though the members lived in different cities throughout the state and thus could only practice once a week. He thought the distance helped the productivity and settled any nerves during the long recording sessions.
"When you look at a group such as the Beatles, what eventually killed it is that [the members] were together all the time and couldn't get out of each other's faces," Haack said. "We never had that problem when we were recording. I don't even remember getting into a fight."
Being ahead of schedule allowed the band to add the short instrumental opening track "Intro" and two solo songs from Haack, "My Friend" and "Back Again." Haack and Peterson agreed that "Intro" was one of their favorite tracks because it set a tone for the album by starting slowly and building toward the end, paralleling the way the band has come along in the past year.
"When we play that song, we're all facing each other. It's a song for us, and I think it's a great snapshot of where we are right now," Peterson said.
The band pulls its influences from the Beatles, the Doors, Dave Matthews Band, and Radiohead. Its music can resemble John Mayer at first listen, yet the combination of other influences and the strong contributions from all the members sets it apart from such a categorization.
Haack said that although he enjoys the "radio songs" of the album, such as "Divided," "Not So Far," and "Someday," his favorite track is "One Chance" because it is an example of how his writing style has changed now that he writes for an entire band. In the solo version of "One Chance," he was quite rhythmically active on guitar, but now, the band members have integrated so well that Haack is able to back off.
Haack and Peterson said they were pleased with the way the album turned out. Haack added that the first time he and Pearson heard the album the whole way through, it brought tears to their eyes.
"The only down side of recording is that it's always going to be the same on the album," Peterson said. "The songs have already changed since we recorded. Recording is almost incomplete because it's just [a] couple of weekends, and every band I've ever been a fan of I've liked live more than I liked on CD because it always adds something different."
The David Haack Band has become a regular at many small venues throughout the state, and it is now working on playing outside the state. The Q Bar was selected as the location for the release show because of the respect the band has for the Iowa City music scene and the electricity the crowds bring.
"We've played at places bigger than the Q Bar that just weren't as much fun," Peterson said. "It has a professional atmosphere, and we always have a good time there."
Gaining a following has not been easy, the guys say, but through putting up fliers downtown for every show and getting to know the people who come to their shows, the group has used word of mouth to its advantage.
"I have a great time meeting anyone that comes to a show. It's so cool to meet people who want to come hear what you're doing," Haack said. "I want to keep building that friendship base, not a fan base."
Recognition is something that is finally becoming a reality. Haack said that other than being constantly confused with UI alumnus Ashton Kutcher, he was once told by a friend who lived in a dorm that on one of the doors in her hall, some women had taken the fliers from downtown and created a David Haack collage.
He said the name of the album, Not So Far, symbolizes that despite being excited about the album, the David Haack Band has not come very far yet and has only touched on the success it can have in the future.
Not So Far will be available at the Den, Sam Goody, and the Record Collector, and it will be distributed Friday night as part of the $10 cover charge at the Q. The release party will start at 10 p.m. with opening band Ephraim Zenh.
E-mail DI reporter Tony Solano at:

- Daily Iowan

"Playing the almost game"

Playing the almost-famous game in Iowa
By Tony Solano - The Daily Iowan
Published: Wednesday, March 3, 2004
Getting famous ain't easy; just ask the David Haack Band.
Named after and pioneered by the 21-year-old Haack, the band, made up of four Iowa natives, is in the slow process of trying to get noticed by major record labels and building a following.
"When I'm trying to promote myself, I don't tell people that I'm great, I just tell them to come see us because I think they'll like us and I know they'll have fun," Haack said. "Then hopefully, next time they'll bring more friends."
Last November, he signed a deal with Alternative Spin - a company out of California that helps musicians and bands get major-label record deals - in hopes of taking his demo album, Triple, to the next level. The deal required him to have a full band, so a month later, he and electric-guitarist Ryan Pearson completed the group by adding bass player Colin Peterson and drummer Patrick Baker.
"My writing has changed now that I have a band that I trust," Haack said. "The songs on the demo are really rhythmically involved on my part because I was so used to being a one-man band. Now, I can write things, and take the song in a certain direction, and then back off because we're able to react and relate to each other so well."
Despite his writing the lead sheet for all the songs, Haack said creating songs is very much a collaborative effort. With the members scattered throughout Iowa, they only get together to practice once a week, but gelling hasn't been a problem, as they continue to perfect and add to their 16 original songs.
"We do a lot of work on our own time," Peterson said. "David records the vocals and guitar by himself and gives us a CD. We then take it home and practice, and when we get [together] the next week, we run through it and usually by the end of practice we're either confident with it or we know it's going to need a lot more work."
Haack said he gets his inspiration from Paul Simon, the Beatles, and Keller Williams, but the most influential musician has been Dave Matthews. Although he and the rest of the band enjoy Matthews, they try to keep their distance from the Dave Matthews Band and its sound; even changing the band's name from David Haack to the David Haack Band caused some indecision.
"I've always wanted to call us David Haack & the Bass Stylings of Colin Peterson, but I guess that was too long," said the 22-year-old Peterson, who has known Haack since high school.
The band will play at the Q Bar on March 26. Haack and Peterson agreed that it was their favorite venue to play in the state.
"Iowa City has the best music scene in Iowa by far," Peterson said. "When you're in a college town, it seems like you've got a lot of students who want to find that local band that they can dig and hang out with - hopefully that can be us."
Katy VanDamme, a UI junior and bartender at the Q, said the band was really upbeat and drew a great crowd at its Feb. 7 show.
In May, the band hopes to travel to Los Angeles to audition for several major record labels, but until then, it will continue to focus on creating a fan base in Iowa and throughout the Midwest.
For more info on the band or upcoming shows visit http://www.david.haack.net.
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- Daily Iowan

"Haack Flys Home"

Haack Flys Home

By Casey Austen

The David Haack Trio will soon be returning to Iowa for a homecoming tour. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it exciting to see people from Ankeny live up a little bit of stardom. The David Haack Trio is a very talented group of guys from our own town. The band has already produced one CD, “Not So Far”, and tours around Des Moines whenever front man David Haack is here.
Haack’s CD, “Not So Far” is a pretty easy listening kind of rock. The kind you sit back and enjoy with a cup of coffee at a local coffee house (which is, in fact, the best way to hear the David Haack Trio). “A Simple Dream” is one of the best songs on the CD. One of the more rocking songs, it could easily be seen as a song about Haack’s fight to make music. At the other end of the specrum is “Back Again”, a slower song. The flute solos throughout the song add to the sad theme. This song is probably one of the best tracks, lyrics wise. “All alone and on again/ I can’t seem to get it right in the end, and here again/ in the end time will forgive” is one of the beautiful lines the song boasts. Haack’s guitar skills are almost as impressive as his smooth, clear voice. He is a well rounded, very talented musician.
Colin Peterson is the bass player of the band. “The tour is to promote the new CD,” Peterson said. The new CD is going to be recorded over the holiday break, and is set to come out sometime in 2007. “It’s also a chance for people to come hear him play, because he isn’t here very often.” The big reason behind the tour and the new CD is kicking off from the success the band had this summer. The David Haack Trio opened for Billy Ray Cyrus in Nashville.
“I think that everybody loves to play for the audience. We all love to get onstage and see our friends in the audience, or new people just having fun. It’s nice to connect with them,” commented Peterson.
The David Haack Trio will be playing on December 22nd at Java Joe’s. The show is for all ages, and free. No other shows have been confirmed yet, but the band plans to have shows at other places around Iowa.

- Ankeny Talon

"David Haack asks “Who Am I?”"

Saturday night the David Haack Trio released their new CD, “Who Am I” to an enthusiastic audience at Java Joe’s 4th St. Theater. The Trio is David Haack as the lead singer and guitarist, Colin Peterson on bass, and Patrick Baker on drums. Joining them for the show was tenor sax man Michael Chesnik. Chesnik, an Iowa native, now resides in Japan where he plays with jazz groups. His guest spot with the Trio is one of several performances this week, mostly centering around his alma mater at Ankeny High School.

The CD Release show had a rollicking party atmosphere, with nearly every seat in the 4th St. Theater filled and lots of shuffling back and forth to the counter at Java Joe’s for drinks and snacks. Whether folks were listening attentively from their seats or mingling around the edges of the room, they were clearly moved and driven by the music.

Haack has a versatile voice that can be as searing and heart rending as Joe Cocker’s one minute and as lonesome and melancholy as Nick Drake’s the next. He especially enjoys tickling the audience with tongue-in-cheek blues songs sung with a lilt and cadence reminiscent of Ray Charles in his early days. There were times when I thought the glint in Haack’s eye would spark a fire and the feeling was not lost on the audience who whooped and laughed along with the story-telling songs.

As good as their original songs are (and the CD is all originals), I’m especially impressed by their covers. A warm and faithful version of Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind (featuring a gorgeous solo by Chesnik) was followed by a cover of I Want You/She’s So Heavy by the Beatles that came straight from the gut. Other crowd pleasers included a Led Zeppelin song and Hard to Handle by the Black Crowes.

You should be seeing the CD around town starting this week and you can find the David Haack Trio on Facebook and MySpace for more information.

Some photo highlights: (Click on any of these photos to go to the Flickr set for more.) - Kelli G. for White Poison Industries

"David Haack Trio on White Noise"

The David Haack Trio’s latest CD, “Who Am I” came out April 25. All the tracks on it hit iTunes later this month. But because we love you, we’ll let you listen to it here first. Click on the White Noise music player to your right.

The CD plays like a musical diary. David clearly put a lot of thought into the CD as a whole, not just individual songs, so listen to it from start to finish. Pay close attention to Haack’s guitar work. It really shines on this album. Colin Peterson’s bass gives a solid, almost retro feel, especially to the rock tracks. Master of rhythm Patrick Baker’s drums rumble and his high hat pitter patters all the way through. Catchy originals come straight from the heart and David’s vocals reveal his vulnerable side.

David Haack Trio, “Who Am I” on White Noise at WhitePoison.com. - Kelli G. for White Poison Industries on May 4, 2009


Triple, Not So Far, Who Am I



David Haack is a 27-year-old blues/rock singer songwriter based out of Des Moines, IA and Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in Ankeny IA, and attended college at both the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Iowa, before heading out to Los Angeles to pursue full time his life long ambitions of music and acting.

To date, David has gained notoriety through various TV appearances (Hannah Montana's guitar player "Davie") and film roles ("Poughkeepsie Tapes" and "Flying By"). He has also toured with music superstar Billy Ray Cyrus on a leg of his 2006 tour, in addition to performing with him on such TV shows as "Good Morning America" and "SoapTalk". David also had a song featured in the soundtrack to "Flying By" off his 2004 release, "Not So Far".

The heartbeat to David's guitar playing and vocals comes from his right-hand-men - Colin Peterson on bass, and Patrick Baker on drums. Together, they form the David Haack Trio, and have been playing together since 2003.

The band's most recent release is 2009's "Who Am I", which was produced, engineered, and mixed by David.