David Harbuck

David Harbuck


My music is what happens when Southern Rock & seventies pop meet today's country!


Born and reared in Savannah, Georgia, David has always kept music at the center of his life.. At five, he discovered Elvis, and he spent his early teen years learning to play the guitar and dreaming of the big stage. David left home at seventeen, saw a few continents and a couple of oceans courtesy of the US Navy and � after six long years as a jet engine mechanic � finally made his way back to his hometown.A string of jobs that he describes as �all the jobs you never wanted� taught David that he didn�t want to be a cell phone salesman, an exterminator, or a landscaper.

What he did want was a spot on that stage, so in 1989 David finally became a full-time musician. David spent the early 90s fronting several local bands (Take 3, Cry Wolf, and Southern Comfort) before hitting the stage as a solo act in 1993. In 1994, he released his first CD, �9 Songs & A Picture.� �Troubadour� followed in 1997 and a Christmas collection, �Mistletoe Melodies,� was released in 2000.

In April of 2005, David�s daughter Brittany was killed in a motorcycle accident. She had just completed her freshman year at Georgia Southern University where she was a Creative Writing major. Determined to honor both her memory and her tremendous love for his music, David has poured his heart into his latest project, �Naked In The Rain.� Profits from this CD will benefit the Brittany �Ally� Harbuck Memorial Scholarship Fund at Georgia Southern University.


1.9 Songs & A Picture
2.The Troubadour
3.Mistletoe Melodies
4.Naked In The Rain

Set List

I do standard sets 45 min on 15 off for bars & restaurants. one and a half to two hours for university
engagements or private parties. But money and stage time are negotiable.I do mostly original material with the occasional cover song in the mix. I cover James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, Steve Miller, CSN,
The Verve, Tom Petty, Garth Brooks, Eric Clapton, Violent Femmes, Dr.Hook and many more. Cover list supplied upon request.