David Hates James

David Hates James


electro-folk-rock songs. some are all electro, some are all folk, some are all rock, and some are a mix.


I draw my inspiration from a mixture of folk, french and swedish electronic music, country (real country not pop-country), and metal. my music shifts genres between these depending on the period i wrote it. i find music can be ruined when overly complicated and therefore i structure my songs around simple melodies.


No officially released albums, tracks have been available for download online

Set List

The show's I have played are usually 30-45 minute sets. I can tailor to play longer or shorter. A typical set list would include (not necessarily in this order):

Sonho Meu Part II
It’s Allright
For What It’s Worth
Sonho Meu Part I
Dirty Dickin
Bed Bugs, Etc