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David Hayden

Hemet, California, United States

Hemet, California, United States
Band Blues Funk


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David Hayden

November, 2006

Hometown: Hemet, California
Years experience 43
Gig The Blue Marvellz

Gear: Fender Deluxe Precision Bass, Custom 5 string, Godin Z-Bass (with Zeta pickup system), '57-style Precision Bass (Mighty Mite body and neck with Fender hardware and electronics), Gallien-Krueger 1001RB-II head, Gallien-Krueger Neo112 1x12 and Neo115 1x15 cabs

Why I started playing: I was the singer in a band when I was 14 years old. We needed a bass player, and rather than add another guy, I took up bass.
Why I play bass today: I love locking in with a good drummer, driving a hot arrangement, and seeing the crowd react. It still gives me shivers. I'll never stop playing bass. I love playing the same thing over and over (sort of).
Light bulb moment: Seeing Jack Casady with Jefferson Airplane right after the band released Jefferson Airplane Takes Off [BMG, 1966]. His amp was loud enough that I could really hear his playing. I was floored; I'd never heard anything like it. I got backstage and chatted with Jack. We talked about the pickups on his Fender Jazz Bass, and I realized there was more to understand about playing bass then just playing notes. It set me on the quest for tone. - Bass Player Mag.


David has written and recorded 9 Ambient recordings. "Atmospheric Pressure" (1991) "The Dreamer and the Dreamed" (1991) "Four Stages of Quantum Recognition" (1993) "The Opening Heart" (1994) "Natural Bridges" (1995) "The Art Of Breathing" (1996) "The Dark Night Of The Soul" (1998) "Behind the Cybermask" (1999), "Halls Without Walls" (2005)

David has also written and recorded with Eddie Gale (Jazz trumpeter) 2 CDs "High Tech Jazz" and "Deepspace Meditation". David has also written and recorded with Joan Chiasera (Classical & Jazz Violin), CD "The Dark Side", With close friend Tom Aragon as The Sound Of Light, CD "Dance Like No One's Watching", & CD "In Two Places At Once", a Techno Dance ensemble, as well as Jessica's Attic, CD "Disclaimer", an avant-garde atmospheric / rock group.

"Lost Highway" with The Crossroads Band in 2001

"Road Work Ahead" with The Blue Marvellz in 2004

"Gyspy" with Gyspy in 1985

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David Hayden: Bass and Voice: David has been playing bass since he was 15. In 1970 he joined The Syndicate of Sound and began playing local music venues. In 1976 "The Syndicate" changed it's playlist and added a steel guitar player along with changing it's name to Wichita. They played for 2 years at The Saddle Rack in San Jose and after an extended stay at Gilley's in Pasadena Texas in 1979, they returned to an audition with the Bill Graham Agency and became the back-up band for country singer and story teller Bobby Bare, touring the US and the world for the next two years.

In 1982 David began teaching himself the art of recording, by 1983 he started Visual Sound Recording. In 1992, David built a full on 24 track Recording Studio with Dave Shogren (of The Doobie Brothers), called Subsonics.

In 1994 David sold his share of Subsonics to be a Mastering Engineer exclusively, mastering over 200 Pop, Jazz, Gospel and Hip Hop CDs. David's studio, Visual Sound Recording, is now a Mastering, pre and post production facility.

In 2006 David was involved in a project with Sacramento Musicians Nick Larson (voice and harmonica), Tom Aragon (guitars) & "Sparky" Smith (drums). David wrote, recorded and sang backup for the songs "Deal With The Devil", "Changing", and "I Forget You Every Day"

"Route 95" and "Downtown, After Hours" are from a project with Jazz great Eddie Gale. The players are Eddie Gale: Trumpet, William Nichols: Piano, David Hayden: Bass & technology

UPDATE: David has been working on a CD project with Phil Diiorio of San Diego. Some of the songs are: Dreams Will Come, Love Crashing Down, Nasty Weather, I Think Of You, I Believe, The Light & Chemical Imbalance. David & Phil have a complete CD (15 songs) and have done some gigs together. Phil plays all the guitars and sings lead while David plays Bass & does the background voices (and all the recording).

I'm now working with "A Musical Night At The Movies With POPCORN"

a performance group that's a tribute to the Movies....

I'm also now working with Tiger Avenue Band a 5 piece classic rock show band. Tiger is from my home town of Hemet.