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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF
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DAVID HEIN @ Eaglewood Folk Festival

Pefferlaw, Ontario, Canada

Pefferlaw, Ontario, Canada

DAVID HEIN @ Eaglewood Folk Festival

Pefferlaw, Ontario, Canada

Pefferlaw, Ontario, Canada

DAVID HEIN @ Eaglewood Folk Festival

Pefferlaw, Ontario, Canada

Pefferlaw, Ontario, Canada

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Singer songwriter, David Hein had a lot to celebrate on Wednesday night and celebrate he did by playing to a room full of cheering friends, family and fans at Toronto club, Healeys. This was the release party for his latest CD, "North of Nowhere" as well as the eve of day one of his North American tour.

Hein opened with a solo acoustic number and the first thing that struck me was his wit, charm and down to earth presence. He then called on his band to join him on stage to play numbers from his new CD as well as a few fitting covers. Hein's well crafted songs are a narrative of real-life stories about road trips and cityscapes; of past loves and his coming of age.

Hein's North American tour starts in North Bay, Ontario and takes him through western Canada to British Columbia, through various states in U.S.A. and back to Ottawa for his final date. "You are probably wondering how I will get to all these places," he said to the crowd. He then thanked "Rent-A-Wreck" for sponsoring his tour by providing him with a bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

Hein will be traveling solo with his acoustic guitar but for this show he was backed up by a solid band consisting of lead guitar player, Dan Surman, bass player Jeff Daze and drummer, Clarke Allore. Throughout the evening, Hein also called upon a couple of guest musicians including his former bass player, Shawn Doyle as well as Jay Moonah from local band "Uncle Seth" who played a wailing harmonica.

Opening the show was acoustic pop-duo, "Flickershow." I got to Healeys just in time to catch their last song which caught my attention because of the tight vocal harmonies. But just as I finished paying for my beer and turned to focus my attention on the stage, the band finished their set. I plan check out a full "Flickershow" set in the near future.

I was planning on making it an early night and leave as soon as David Hein got off the stage but the last band, "Boulay" gave me plenty of reason to stay. Front man, Ray Boulay was absolutely captivating and I was amazed by the quality of his voice and the diverse range he sang with. Ray was also backed up by a group of hard-rocking talented musicians who played unyielding in-your-face rock with plenty of hooks. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for this band.
- Liz Lulu - Spin Magazine

The Jim Henson Company - Rita Peruggi, Producer,

The show opens with David and his guitar, and an infectious smile that continues throughout the evening. From the moment he starts the first song "My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding" it is apparent that you are in for a treat. I don't think I stopped grinning throughout the entire show. Between David's infectious smile, the funny and touching lyrics and the wonderfully talented cast it is extremely hard not to enjoy yourself - and that is what is so wonderful about this show. It has heart and soul, something which is lacking in many productions these days.
- BroadwayWorld.com

The play's musical numbers speak for themselves, a good choice since his memorable and often hilarious songs are true crowd pleasers.
- Eye Weekly

For me, the best part of the show was the songs. They are funny, touching and beautifully sung, and often touch on very relevant and important material. I couldn't contain my laughter during "You Don't Need a Penis" and "Don't Take Your Lesbian Mom's to Hooters" and found myself very impressed with the politically charged "A Short History of Gay Marriage in Canada."
- BroadwayWorld.com

With delightfully catchy numbers you find yourself singing in the shower, it is exactly what Toronto has been waiting for.
- Torontostage.com

Easily one of the best shows I have seen this year. It is solid from beginning to end, has excellent pacing, and it is beyond hilarious. I was not expecting to love it as much as I did.
- Plutonica.net

David Hein portraying himself in the touching autobiographical account that gives the production extraordinary flavour. There is no mistaking the honest place in which the narrative originates as he takes playgoers from song to song on an acoustic guitar and four piece band.
- Torontostage.com

Hein is all charm as the singing narrator. He and his wife Irene Carl Sankoff wrote the delightful book, and Hein composed the songs, a tuneful mix of country, folk and rock. Some of the lyrics are absolutely hilarious.
- Paula Citron, Classical 96.3

David Hein is so affable and lighthearted throughout, you'd like to bottle his enthusiasm and sell it on e-Bay.
- Scene Changes

Hein is a charmingly casual actor-singer-narrator. He gets a real glow going.
- The Globe & Mail - Various

World Song Contest - Billboard

The Frequency Show - Val Turner

The Mirror Newspaper recently ran a story on longtime Riverdale resident Jim Cuddy and how his gruelling cross country tour in support of his new made-in-Toronto CD, the light that guides you home, stopped off for two nights at the Danforth Music Hall.

This week, we have the story of another local musician, David Hein, who also recently wrapped up a cross-country tour in support of his new made-in-Toronto CD, North of Nowhere.

It was there, however, where the similarities ended.

Cuddy, of course, along with old North Toronto Collegiate high school buddy Greg Keelor, is the co-leader of one of Canada’s most venerable and popular bands, Blue Rodeo. With a name and reputation that has been well earned over the years, as well as a well-received new hit solo CD, Cuddy played to packed venues throughout the country to rave reviews and travelled in the relative comfort of a tour bus. As Cuddy noted, his schedule may have appeared grueling, but it was only grueling to the tour bus driver who had to drive to the next town through the night after the gig had ended.

Hein, who counts Blue Rodeo among his influences, on the other hand, is still very much paying his dues.

His tour, by contrast, was the economy class version. It started with a bang at Healey’s in Toronto back on Oct. 18 with the official North of Nowhere CD release party.

His new CD mines a similar vein to that staked out by Blue Rodeo and that other superstar local group Barenaked Ladies, whose co-leader Steve Paige helped out at last weekend’s annual Riverdale Share charity concert at the Danforth Music Hall.

For the tour, Hein headed out solo, armed only with his acoustic guitar and transportation donated by Rent-a-Wreck.

“It’s a great little, bright yellow VW Bug with ‘Rent-a-Wreck’ tattoed all over it,” he said, in a phone interview during his tour stop in Medicine Hat. “They’ve given me the car and gas to travel across the country so they’ve been very generous.”

His accommodations were seldom paid for, instead he secured lodging from the bars he played at, or among friends and families, or from willing billeters in the folk music circuit, or just take-a-chance “couch surfing.”

His travels – which would certainly make for a good road movie some day – are extensively recounted on his blog (www.davidhein.net).

“It’s an amazing way to see the country and have a ton of adventures.”
He concedes that November/December can get pretty chilly in Canada, but quips “there’s not a lot of other touring acts on the road right now.”

The gigs varied wildly from relatively packed bars in North Bay, Thunder Bay and Prince George, for instance, to crossed wires and near scratches in Kenora, Saskatoon and Spokane.

Hein along with wife Irene bought a house this past summer in the area of Danforth and Woodbine avenues.

“It’s great to be right above the Beaches and close to all the restaurants on the Danforth,” he said.

Of course, he was already familiar with the area having played the nearby Renaissance Cafe “hundreds” of times.

“It’s one of the warmest, friendliest places to play,” he said. adding he hopes to arrange a gig there early in the New Year.
- East York Mirror

The Chicago Sun Times - Mary Houlihan

It was a small crowd but he wowed them. Singer songwriter David Hein stopped by the Kizmet Cafe monday night, arriving in a small, yellow Rent-a-Wreck bug.

"They were kind enough to sponsor me for my cross-Canada tour," hein told the audience. "The bug has low front bumpers which make an excellent snow plough in this weather," he joked, referring to the heavy snowfalls during his trip from Edmonton.

His newly released CD, North of Nowhere, has a unique sound that some reviewers describe as "an acoustic rock road trip."

Certainly, the lyrics were born of his adventures, he said.

The artist worked thorugh several tunes during his two-hour show, including tracks off his new CD, some covers and some requests. Then there was a song, Another Time of Year - a slow tempo ballad - written for his wife who stayed behind in Toronto while he toured.

Hein has a a real down to earth stage presence and a kind of "country boy" charisma reminiscent of the late John Denver.

Hein is blessed with a strong, clear voice. His range and versatility allows him to slip easily from one music genre to the next. The solo acoustic guitar gigs though are something new for him because he usually has his band along for the ride.

"The David Hein band had a very fertile year this year - two drummers and my bass player just had babies... which prompted my solo tour," he explained, "so I'm going to need a percussion section."

That prompted hand clapping and toe tapping from the audience.

Introducing "Subway Sparrow," a song the artist wrote while waiting around the subway, Hein said, "I'll start off things sweet and slow." And he did.

During his North of Nowhere tour, Hein has hit many major cities in Canada and the U.S., as well as smaller towns. From Prince George, Hein was headed to Vancouver and on to Victoria, the last Canadian stop on his North of Nowhere tour. - Teresa Mallam - Prince George Free Press

Most musicians don't have "apprenticed in a Muppet music recording studio" in their press kit, but then most musicians arent' David Hein. Hein was performing at the Kizmet Kafe on November 6 as part of his 'North of Nowhere' tour that sees him taking a car from sponsors Rent-a-Wreck to locales across North America, including Thunder Bay, Toronto, Kansas City and New York, the city in which he cut his songwriting chops writing and recording for Jim Henson studios, Disney, and Sesame Street. He also has a number of industry accolades - he has won the International House Songwriting Contest and received an honourable mention in the Billboard World Song Contest. He puts all this experience to good use in his live show and on his debut album, "North of Nowhere."

He was alone at the Kizmet, explaining that his bass player, drummer and replacement drummer have all had babies in the last year. It is clear that his songs are designed for an electrified rock and roll band, but his songwriting is such that it easily translates to an acoustic-and-vocal set-- think the Barenaked Ladies meet the Trews. His talent shone through most during his performance of 'Bigger,' a song that he describes as being about 'me vs. New York City.'

New York is a recurrent them in his work, as are first loves, lost loves and the rock-and-roll lifestyle. In this it is evident that he is a student of classic pop, and this was also clear in his covers: a country version of Green Day's 'Basket Case,' a snippet of Katrina and the Wave's 'Walking on Sunshine,' and an excellent rendition of Christina Aguleira's 'Fighter.' Mixing these up with his own music and friendly audience banter makes Hein one to watch. - Andrew Kurjata - Over The Edge (UNBC)

Emergenza.net - Bridget MacPaper


Live at C'est What (2004)
North of Nowhere (2006)
Fastrax presents David Hein (2007)
David Hein Thinks You Should Buy This CD (2008)
My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding (2009)



An award-winning singer/songwriter originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Hein has recently written and is starring in the hit Mirvish musical, "My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding". He has released 4 CDs, worked in a Muppet Music studio, been played on CBC, and toured North America in solo house concerts, huge festivals, and rootsy bars with his four-piece band. He is known for his laugh out loud songs, completely improvised songs-on-the-spot based on audience suggestions, and for his brilliant, free festival-themed comics books which are handed out at each show.

His debut studio CD, "North of Nowhere" was produced by Juno-award winning producer, Joe Dunphy (Skydiggers), and was followed by a North American tour sponsored by Rent-a-Wreck. In 2007 he was sponsored by Puretracks to release 10,000 promotional CDs of his music. He has played at festivals across North America and recently performed as part of Mitch Podolak's Home Routes series of intimate house concerts. In 2008, he was nominated for Best Folk in the Toronto Independent Music Awards and he has won several songwriting awards for his music. Terry Irons, from the Susquehanna Music Festival, called him "one of the highlights of the festival. A great performer. I highly recommend David Hein for any event."

In 2009, David wrote and performed in "My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding" - a musical based on his mom's true story. The show sold out, garnered rave reviews and was immediately picked up by Mirvish Productions, a major Toronto theatre producer. Now extended five times, MMLJWW has played to over 50,000 people, garnering rave reviews and bringing folk music to an entirely new audience. Jian Ghomeshi from CBC’s Q called it “"Very funny and timely! It would be great for people across Canada to see this" and the Toronto Star raved, "A tuneful, terrific, hilarious show. I absolutely loved it. There's lots of good things to celebrate, starting with Hein's own super-charming persona as the narrator and the clever, catchy tunes he's filled the show with."

WINNER, Susquehanna Festival Songwriting Contest
WINNER, International House Songwriting Contest
CANADIAN FINALIST, Mountain Stage New Song Contest
"BEST FOLK" Nomination, Toronto Independent Music Awards
FINALIST, Susquehanna Festival Songwriting Contest
FINALIST, Emergenza Battle of the Bands
FINALIST, Chart Magazine's Indie Startup Songwriting Contest
FINALIST, Paragon Songwriting Contest
FINALIST, Great Lakes Songwriting Contest
SEMI-FINALIST, UK Songwriting Contest
SEMI-FINALIST, Mike Pindars Songwars
SEMI-FINALIST, 100% Music Songwriting Contest
HONOURABLE MENTION, Billboard World Song Contest
TOP 5 SONGS, Songwriter Universe

Kingfest Music Festival, Brandon Folk Festival, Indie Week, NXNE, Canadian Music Week, Susquehanna Music & Art Festival, Oakville Harvest Festival, Downtown Milton Festival, Ottawa Folk Fest.

"Before the festival started I had never heard of David Hein, he was selected as a finalist in the songwriting contest which is booked by another committee. After he performed he was one of the highlights of the festival. He outsold many of my Main Stage artist and I booked him for 2009 before he even left the site. Not only was he a great performer but he added to the festival experience for the attendees. As the producer of Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival I highly recommend David Hein for any event."
- Terry Irons, Producer, Susquehanna Music & Arts Festival

"Unquestionably, David Hein was the hit of the Brandon Folk Festival. His complementary comic/activity book had people's attention before he even stepped on stage. His wry sense of humour captured the attention of the entire audience, young and old, and his well written/arranged songs garnered great appreciation from other musicians. David lead an afternoon workshop, co-hosted a jam session, filled in tweener slots on the mainstage, and on top of that his song Jetpack was the theme of an extended jam at the musicians after party. His ability to fit into all these situations was noticed by many people and greatly appreciated by those organizing the festival. Undoubtedly, David would be an excellent addition to any festival. We certainly plan to have him back."
- Matt Duboff, Artistic Director, Brandon Folk Fest

"An acoustic mix of sounds that cross over rock, country and folk, showcasing his talents as a songwriter and vocalist. Hein has a real down to earth stage presence and a kind of "country boy" charisma " - Terese Mallam, Prince George Free Press

"This Saskatoon singer-songwriter is known for his high-energy acoustic rock songs, which are defined by catchy hooks and solid lyrics. He has earned comparison to the Canadian group Blue Rodeo." - Mary Houlihan, The Chicago Sun-Times

"Hein's music and friendly audience banter makes Hein one to watch." - Andrew Kurjata, Over The Edge, UNBC