David Henman Band

David Henman Band

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Our band is comprised of 3 professional musicians that take their music very seriously. Our music is roots oriented with a classic rock twist. We strive on perfection and are very well rehearsed. We have just celebrated a one year milestone of complete original written and performedof music.


Quite simply, our music is original and ear catching. We are constantly getting complimented on how refreshing our music is to the ears. We try everything in our power to stay away from traditional bar standards.


We released a "home demo" cd in Feb '07 just o introduce some music to our friends, families and colleagues in the misic business. A single soon followed for Mother's day called "Mother Of Mine". We are currently mixing our debut commercial release called "Life On A Stick".

Set List

We generally play th 3 sets for any gig. Our set list average 45 minutes to an hour with a few extra minutes alloted for the last set including an encore.