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Who Knows?

Written By: David Hepburn Watson

Who Knows?

Copyright David Hepburn Watson 2005

Who knows what the wind blows –
Could be money in a letter – that would make you feel better
Or a diamond ring, or a song to sing, la la la.

Who knows if the sun will shine
Or the storms will gather, which would you rather:
To see or be blind and resigned to the future?

All it takes is time, all we have is time, better luck next time

Who knows if the dam will burst?
We can count our blessings, we can learn our lessons,
We can bide our time for the man to sign on the line

Who knows if the sky will fall?
Does the fortune teller or the magazine seller,
Does the man with the papers and the calculator?

All on borrowed time, all just wasting time, all we have is time.

There is no shadow of a doubt
It won’t matter if you’re in or out
It won’t matter if you’re up or down
The wind will catch you when it comes around

We’ll all know when the time is right
When the moon is waning and the tides are high
When the sky is cloudy and the sun is hot
The wind is coming for us ready or not

This Girl

Written By: David Hepburn Watson

This Girl

Copyright 2005 David Hepburn Watson

You think you’ve got me where you want me

Like I’m just waiting for your smile

You think if you call then I’ll come running

Mister, you’ll have to wait a while

- This girl doesn’t need your approval

- This girl don’t need to check with someone else

- This girl is just too busy for romancing

- This girl has got her finger on the pulse

You think you’re always where it’s happening

You think you’re setting down the style

And where you lead the rest of us will follow

Too bad you’re missing by a mile

- This girl has got a whole scene going

- This girl don’t need to leave her side of town

- This girl has got the style and the substance

- She’s got the power to bring the big boys down.

This girl………

This girl knows what she’s doing

This girl is self-possessed

This girl knows where she’s going

This girl has got to be the best

You think that you’ve got all the answers

That we’re all waiting for your cue

Take your advice, we all would be much better

When we’re all just the same as you

- This girl knows a thing or two that you don’t

- This girl can make her mind up on her own

- She knows it’s mostly just a matter of opinion

- You pay the price, then you take it home


You need to take a step back

You need to look real hard

Open up your horizons

Get out of your own backyard.

For all we say, we’ve got a lot in common

We’ve got the touch, we’ve got the drive

You’ve been too quiet, now it’s time to hit the party

Join in, it’s time to come alive

- This girl is moving to a faster dance beat

- This girl is singing an original song

- You’d better listen ‘cos the key is changing

- Better come over, learn to sing along