David Herndon

David Herndon


Acoustic Driven Indie Rock. Following the influences of Damien Rice, Derek Webb, and even Bob Dylan - David Herndon's passionate vocals and intricate guitar is delivered in a most intimate way.


At an age when most men are settling down, David Herndon is just getting started. At 29, with a wife, 2 small children, a family dog, and a full time job David decided to become a full-time Independent Musician.

"Into Danger/Out of Rescue," released January 29th on Rebuilt Records. An appropriate title to coincide with his lifestyle change. To keep with David's atypical-ness, he decided to write a book to accompany the EP.

"To me, music is just another avenue to transport a message. The last thing I want to do is put more 'noise' out there. I wanted to give a piece of art - something unique and something that makes you slow down and think about things. This project is more about challenging people than it is about simple entertainment."

David's changes were not finished yet. In addition to releasing a new CD and book, David decided to do something original in the online world. In addition to having his website, MySpace, blog (and other standard online communities), David started a site called The Writer's Closet. Each month David writes and records a brand new song and then makes it available for free download... forever.

"I think many times musicians approach the business looking for what they can get out of it. I see it as a way to give. I have felt such joy and freedom in the decisions I have made, and I want share that with other people."

Whatever anxieties David might have had are surely by the wayside now. He has shared the stage with the likes of Bebo Norman, Mac Powell (of Third Day), and underground sensation Micah Dalton. In the past 4 months he has played over 30 venues. His online growth coincides with over 25,000 visits collectively to his websites, with over 4,000 plays and downloads. David was the Indie Artist of the Week in Moue Magazine and a featured artist on AboutChristianMusic.com and on IndieHeaven.com.

So whether you're watching him, reading him, or listening to him, you're bound to get something different from David Herndon.

And that's a change you'll appreciate.


Trying to Feel

Written By: David Herndon

Like a bird who has no wings
Like a singer with no songs to sing
Without you here the days get so long
But when you're around, I'm weaker than strong
Trying to feel like I felt before you

Like a user who's lost all his drugs
Like a lover with no one to love
So I'm left just waiting here
With all of these words but no listening ear
Trying to feel like I felt before you

I'm trying to feel...


2008 - Into Danger/Out of Rescue - Rebuilt Records

2001 - Ten Million Times and One - Rebuilt Records