Dave Herring

Dave Herring


dave is an eclectic artists. there is no one style to his music; rather his style is a combination of many styles. his band is unique in that they aren't what you'd typically expect from a worship band. this outside the box thinking has made them very sought after.


to sit down and write a bio about yourself is a fairly difficult thing. some artists chose to have others write their bios, and real clever artists write their own…in third-person.

its difficult because its to be short (but not too short), and interesting (but sort-of vague), and at the same time compel you to feel as if “you know me” and will care enough to listen to my music. the bio is for strangers or old acquaintances to say “yeah, i know and understand that guy.” it may give us something to talk about at a show. it may even be reason enough to be my friend on facebook.

i’m really nothing more than a simple musician. i play multiple instruments, but none of them incredibly. i sing and can even sing harmonies, but my voice isn’t something worthy of american idol. i write songs, but most of them are about normal things. i have a home studio where i produce all my own music and play all my own parts, but its nothing fancy. if i had to pick what i love doing the most, it would be writing. i play many instruments and record all my own parts so i can have total creative control over my writing. is that selfish?

i’ve played music in every place imaginable. i’ve done acoustic concerts across europe. i’ve led worship at churches, camps, and conferences small and large, from delaware to florida. i played hip-hop-fusion at the famous norva venue in virginia. i’ve played jazz in clubs in germany. i’ve played in the hippie-central of manitou springs, colorado. i’ve played reggae on the streets of haiti, as well as all over the southeast. i’ve done shows in bars, clubs, and coffeeshops everywhere. it never gets old.

i’ve never really had a normal life. people generally like to complain about their childhood – i think its irrelevant. sure, my family is nuts. they’ve made terrible decisions throughout my life, and each person suffers the consequences of their decisions. i realized though, that i am no different than them. none of us are. we all make terrible decisions, and suffer consequences. its part of life – part of growing.

its growth that i write from. spiritual growth. growth in healing. growth in encouragement. growth from a positive mindset. life is all about growth. growth happens best when we’re looking towards it in anticipation, like waiting for the sunrise over the ocean.

the late bob marley said – “one good thing about music // when it hits, you feel no pain.” that is powerful truth. music is not meant to harm us. it was created to lift us up…to soothe us.

i've been soothed by many artists. what makes an artist great is their passion and personal conviction. if i had to pick 3 that share this, it would be paul baloche, andrew peterson, and bob marley.


God Be Glorified

Written By: Dave Herring

God Be Glorified

We'll praise you in the valleys
Lord, we'll lift your name high
we'll praise you from the mountains
All across the spacious sky

We'll praise you when the day is long
God we know you are the same
We'll praise you with a new song
Lord we'll glorify your name

We'll sing to you as one, singing

God be glorified
God be glorified
We will lift our voice to you and sing
Together in our lives
God be glorified
Forever we will praise the name most high
Singing God be glorified

We'll praise you for the beauty
of Creation's majesty
We'll praise you for the joy
Of the captive you've set free

We'll praise you for salvation
That's in you and you alone
We'll praise you all the nations
Will join hands and sing along

Hallelujah praise your name
Hallelujah praise your name
On this day we will proclaim
All the glory to your name


Look to the East
The Perfect Candidate
Prologue EP

both acoustic singer/songwriter albums on itunes.

Set List

Depending on the gig. If its a singer/songwriter gig, I perform a mix of my originals as well as from various other Christian singer/songwriters.

If its a worship gig, then I play worship songs from various artists as well as a few of my own.