David Holtzclaw

David Holtzclaw


An eclectic acoustic duo with soulful vocals and original songs that defy catagorizing.


Our duo is steeped in Roots, Americana, and a touch
of jazz. Influences are many, and include; David Wilcox, Jonatha Brooke, Stephen Stills, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Buffalo Springfield, The Beatles, and
Ricky Nelson. We have a unique union of percussion
and acoustic guitar that presents the songwriting in
a whole new light.



Written By: David Holtzclaw

Souvenirs - David Holtzclaw 2002

You are my prized posession
I put you on a shelf
I’ve built a wall around you
To keep you for my self

You give me constant pleasure
I want all the world to hear
I love you like an Elvis souvenir

It’s true he was the king my dear
My devotion’s mighty strong
If you say I love you tender
We can not go wrong

One day I’ll paint your picture
The sentiment’s the thing
A velvet love expression
You’ll hang beside the king

Souvenirs,make you feel like crying
Souvenirs,remind you of the day
Souvenirs,will try to remember
Why you used to feel that way

Between the bible pages
Or up the attic stairs
My memories live forever
I want to take you there


My CD is still in the demo stages, but I do have several songs that are getting airplay on a college
radio station in our area. It is WSGE 91.7- Gaston College
Radio in Dallas, NC. The tracks are, "Souvenirs","Song For Cindy","You Took Me By Surprise", and others.

Set List

Most of our current set list consists of original tunes, but also I enjoy doing covers. We cover, David Wilcox, Lyle Lovett, Paul Thorn, CSN, Shawn Colvin, and Tim O'Brien. Our sets are typically about
45 minutes.
Typical Set List-
Leave The World Behind
The Key
Ordinary Wine
It Always Will
Cardboard Heroes
With Your Hands
You Took Me By Surprise
Your Arrival
The Only Thing Worth Saving