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"Here Comes the Bright Light"

Amazingly effective pensive soft pop from Ireland's David Hopkins. Although he would be appropriately suited for the category of singer/songwriter...Hopkins hates the label because it "brings to mind wispy folksy troubadours and incense and hippies and stuff." The tunes on Here Comes the Bright Light are definitely not hippy music. Hopkins is a songwriter of the highest caliber...writing and creative music that comes from his heart...and then presenting it with precise skill and style. The first song to really catch our attention here is the brief yet utterly enchanting "Look At Me Mr. R." The tune features a beautifully absorbing melody, fantastic piano lines...and really shines a light on just how good Hopkins' voice is. Other standout cuts include "Why Are You Leaving Me Behind" (a beautiful piece centered around acoustic guitar), the Dumptruck-like "Don't Say Don't Stay," and the seemingly Donovan-inspired "The Spelling Song." In the world of soft pop music...David Hopkins is simply...one of the best. Excellent stuff. (Rating: 5++) - Baby Sue

"Here Comes the Bright Light"

David Hopkins' LP Here Comes the Bright Light earned my highest rating ever not because he re-invented the wheel or explored uncharted musical territory, but because he does what hundreds of sad British-sounding lads (Editor's Note: Hopkins is Irish...just for full clarification) are doing, only a hundred times better. Hopkins is good the way chocolate chip cookies are good: familiar to the senses, yet still somehow tantalizing, exciting, and

While Hopkins' bio lobbies to have him considered something other than a singer/songwriter, that is precisely what he is. The reason that catch-all
phrase has earned such a bad reputation is that not many people who claim to be singer/songwriters can actually sing or write a song. (If this is you, a quick
word of advice: That title does not make you interesting, so leave it for
people who can do it justice.) Hopkins nails both tasks with equal
superiority. His voice is an effortless wind at your back, or the ignited gas
the causes a hot air balloon to soar, flawless, reminding me of a slew of my
favorite voices on record (Travis-Belle&Sebastian-Radiohead), yet somehow never sounding quite like any one of them in particular. The songs are also
stellar. It was cloudy today which I am sure favored Hopkins' review, as I
found that songs like "Suzanne is Perfect," "I Could Be" and "Don't Say Don't
Stay" are an ideal soundtrack for the overcast of spirit.

Every song has something beautiful to offer, yet a track like "Why are You
leaving Me Behind" is so gorgeous with its close-mic'ed acoustic guitar
(complete with fret squeaks) and vocals straight from the honey jar that it
deserves two or three listens in a row.

I would have given this LP a perfect rating if it weren't just a tad too long.
While "John the Janitor", "She Won't Let Me Down" and "No, I Am Not Alright"
are good songs, they are three chocolate chip cookies too many in one sitting.
But stick around for the heartfelt closer "Saturday Sun." And make sure you
listen back through the record so that you can catch lines like "just like a
mother of someone who's been missing for years" that you missed the first time through.

Recommended if you want to own a great album
- South of Mainstream


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