David Hunt

David Hunt


David Hunt sings and writes folk-bluegrass music with a fresh perspective on life. Easy listening, refreshing lyrics and a velvety smooth voice. His songs are poignant and on occasion, funny! David often intersperses his music with storytelling.


David Hunt: singer-songwriter, guitarist, poet, artist. Born and raised in Indiana, David finally came home to Oregon at the age of eleven. At fifteen, he joined a performance troupe and taught himself to play the guitar. They performed in communities and schools across the country, sharing positive messages of hope, love and unity. Over the years, David has travelled across three continents performing his heartfelt brand of folk music, as well as singing with the "Voices of Bahá" choir in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Mozart KoncertHaus in Vienna.

In 2003, David released his first album, The Earth and The Eagle. His style of music has been compared to James Taylor, Paul Simon and David Wilcox, all of whom have been inspiring influences for David. Shortly after his debut album release, David completed his degree in Music at Berea College, KY. His latest album, Live @ Erica's, was released in the fall of 2006 during his third solo cross-country tour and has been very well-received.


Battle Lines

Written By: David Hunt

There’s an invisible line between us
It’s drawn on the pictures of the sand and stones
And the bottom lines of the contracts
And the color of the skin and the shape of the bones
And all the innocent cries for freedom
Become the weapons in the wars we wage at home
Because when no one can find agreement
They say you better just fight to right these wrongs
They tell us where to draw the battle lines
In the sand and stones
Armies march across these lines
Over other armies’ bones

One day’s win
Is only good ‘til nighttime falls
You will fight again
And lose it all

And that’s why we draw the invisible lines between us
They’re written in the faces on the TV screens
With only one eye to deceive us
You get the left and the right and nothing in between
You’ve got the black tie, the tie dye,
The baseball cap guy,
The spotlight only shines
As long as you can criticize,
It’s a tug-of-war with a four year rope
And a million muddy hands
And one false hope
They tell us where to draw the battle lines
From the TV boxes
Stand your ground in the party lines
At the ballot boxes

One day’s win…

And that’s why I draw the invisible lines around us
They’re written on the moment before you move
You want to change the world with your actions
Is it the love or the anger that you’re listening to?
‘Cause an invisible line runs inside us
It’s drawn on the veins around your heart
You want to tear down every evil thing
Or build up something good
And make a brand new start
So tell me where you draw the battle lines
Tell me where you draw the battle lines
Where do you draw the battle lines


The Earth and The Eagle (2003)
Live @ Erica's (2007)

Tracks can be heard at http://www.david-hunt.com

Set List

Typical set can last from 40 minutes to 90 minutes.
The variety of songs depend on the audience, a typical set would include the following songs:

- Bluesleeves
- Half is Better
- Wide World
- The Perfect One
- Sometimes
- Battle Lines
- Everything's Younger
- Would You Believe
- Confession